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Mr Zing Short Fills

Mr Zing is a brand new range of fruity and fizzy e-liquids that were showcased at Vaper Expo late last year, proving to be very popular with vapers who tried them out!

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Mr Zing is a brand new range of fruity and fizzy e-liquids that were recently showcased at Vaper Expo in October 2017, proving to be very popular with vapers who got to try these out.

The Mr Zing range presently consists of three e-liquids, Strawberry Shock, Bubble Blast and Orange Punch, with all three of these flavours available in zero nicotine 50ml shortfill bottles.

Strawberry Shock

Mr Zing's Strawberry Shock is a sweet ripened Summer fresh strawberry and hint of sour lemon flavour with a super summer fizz!

I’m a sucker for a good strawberry e-liquid, and Strawberry Shock from Mr Zing is a very sweet and highly enjoyable one! The inhale provides a blast of very fresh and sweet strawberries, almost like strawberry dunked in a very generous amount of sugar, and this gives way to a fizzy sour lemon on the exhale. Fruity, fizzy and above all- delicious!

Bubble Blast

Mr Zing's Bubble Blast is one of the best bubble gum juices you'll ever taste. Sweet old skool style bubble gum with an after-fizz! 

Bubble Blast is a strange combination, but it is a combination that comes together very well indeed. A very realistic tasting bubblegum comes in on the inhale, even providing the texture and mouth feel of bubblegum itself, which mixes together with a nice and light fizz on the exhale. It’s an e-liquid that I wasn’t sure I liked at first, but the more I vaped it the more I began to love it!

Orange Punch

Mr Zing's Orange Punch is a combination of freshly squeezed Florida orange with a fizz!

I’ve been vaping quite a few fizzy orange flavours recently, but the vast majority of them haven’t provided the mixture of fresh and fruity orange flavour with fizz that I had been looking for. Mr Fizz Orange Punch provides this in droves, plenty of fresh and fruity orange flavouring on the inhale combined with a fizzy exhale makes this one a winner in my book!


If you have a sweet tooth, then these three e-liquids from Mr Zing are going to be right up your street, as these pack one hell of a fruity and fizzy punch that really gets my mouth watering! Without a doubt, these have got to be three of the sweetest vapes I have ever tried! 

Despite these e-liquids being very sweet, they were actually pretty kind on my coils and wicks, whereas many other similar fruity vapes that are heavy on the sweetener would gunk them up in no time at all. There’s plenty of vapour provided with these e-liquids as well, providing you with a great mix of thick vapour and top notch fruity flavour!

Many thanks to Vape Inc for providing POTV with the Mr Zing range for review, these e-liquids can be purchased from https://www.vapeinc.com/collections/mr-zing - POTV readers can get 15% off any items from Vape Inc ith the code POTV15!  Not to be used in for the purchase of unlicensed nicotine containing products or their components.

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