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Mr Good Vape E-Liquids

It started out as a way to quit smoking cigarettes once and for all, but all of a sudden it became something more. Mr Good Vape became a way of life for people who wanted to break the shackles of big tobacco and enjoy the flavour of something new.

-Gary Riddle, Founder

Mr Good Vape is an American E-Liquid company based in Southern California.  Founder Gary Riddle believes that people should be free to make their own choices regarding nicotine and should not be tied to the shackles of Big Tobacco.

We believe in the freedom of not being told what’s best for you, we believe in a freedom that allows us all to start living a better life.


Gary has brought together a team of diversified individuals from a variety of backgrounds with the intention to create the best high end E-Liquid possible using cutting edge technology. Mr Good Vape have a heavy focus on customer care and offer a great deal of transparency regarding the manufacturing of their E-Liquids.

One quick check of their website and you can quickly get full Chemical Test Reports for any of the juices in their range so you can be absolutely certain that only the best of ingredients have been used and that there is nothing harmful contained within them.  Every flavour in the range is certified to be AP/DA free. 

All Mr Good Vape liquids are now 65VG/35PG - designed to be used in both RDAs and RBAs, bottles will soon be available in 10ml for the European market.

I received five bottles for the purposes of review, the rest of the range will be reviewed and published on POTV shortly. The bottles labels are cleanly designed and attractive. The juice comes in glass bottles with child proof dropper top caps. All warning information is clearly marked and the juice is available in a variety of nicotine strengths: 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

As stated, all of the juice in this range is mixed to 65VG/35PG. I vaped these juices in my Achilles II RDA which currently has 1.1ohm coil fitted which is wicked with Japanese cotton.


Sundae Fundae

A delectable blend that mimics vanilla bean gelato drizzled with hot caramel, coated in chopped, buttered pecans banded together in a sweet and crunchy waffle cone. Sundae Fundae is a mixture late night ice cream parlour lovers crave when the sun goes down. A touch of this outstanding combination will make you go back for that double scoop.

This juice is a very smooth caramel and vanilla mix enhanced with deliciously buttery pecan notes that vie for your attention. In the background you can pick out hints of waffle which really help to compliment the mix. I found the ingredients to be extremely tasty and I could happily vape this juice all day long! The only downside I have found with this juice is that it really does gunk coils quickly so be mindful if you are using pre-made coils. Personally I would suggest you stick to using this one in a dripper.

Vapour production was very good and I would say the throat hit was mild to medium.

Pistachio Man

A combination of toasted pistachios, rich and robust Italian tobaccos, savoury dark chocolate and a cooling hint of mint. Pistachio Man is perfect for the vaper who reminisces about fragrant tobaccos of old. The liaison of fresh tobacco with the rich and savoury notes of chocolate, pistachios and mint is the perfect night cap in the back of the bar.

I really loved this juice because the tobacco was truly excellent but remarkably enough it doesn’t actually dominate the mix. The tobacco is very reminiscent of a light aromatic variety and it is balanced extremely well with delicious flavour notes of pistachios and chocolate. A touch of mint is noticeable on the exhale and it rounds out this superb e-liquid incredibly well!


Despite the manufacturer recommending this as a night cap I would have no hesitation in vaping this juice all day long but then I do happen to enjoy tobacco vapes. I personally think that due to the other excellent flavours in the mix it is well worth trying even if you are not a huge fan of tobacco e-liquids.

Vapour production was extremely good and I found the throat hit to be medium.

Dabble Dooyah

This sweet and savoury blend is a combination of fresh Granny Smith apples tossed in finely grated cinnamon and baked in a buttery pie crust finished with a drizzle of Cr​è​me Anglaise. This secret family recipe will remind you of the homemade warmth that emerges fresh from the oven. This recipe is all you need to fulfil your craving of this American classic.

This juice definitely has a noticeable Granny Smith Apple flavour combined with a touch of cinnamon and a hint of pasty. I found the apple to be very refreshing but it is a little sharp and this means the juice does tend to have a much stronger throat hit. Nevertheless it is a highly enjoyable juice and one I could happily vape all day long.

Vapour production was very good. The throat hit as mentioned was strong which was a bit of a surprise to me since I often get no throat hit at all in 3mg strength.

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Honey Baby

This golden liquid blends fresh honeydew melon with a subtle hint of Madagascar vanilla beans, fresh guava and pure honeysuckle. Honey Baby is designed around a fresh honeydew melon with the sweetness of guava bringing out the juicy characteristics of the melon, while the Madagascar vanilla and honeysuckle elevate the richer flavour of this great fruit. Honey Baby will make the most complex flavourists appreciate this subtle, yet simple approach.

The main flavour that greets you first with this juice is honeydew melon combined with delicious Mango Guava. Working in the background is an excellent Madagascan vanilla which adds a lovely creaminess to the mix. The honeysuckle is certainly present as very subtle flavour notes. This juice is highly enjoyable, very refreshing and yet another contender for an all-day vape!

Vapour production was once again very good and I found the throat hit to be mild to medium.

Heaven’s Candy

Representative of the days of childhood walking the streets with pocketful’s of hard candy from the dime store. Heaven’s Candy is a combination of grape and apple goodness. The sweetness that combines with the freshness of this bold flavour is like picking a piece of candy fresh off the conveyor belt at a candy factory deep in the backdrop of the city.

I am not a huge fan of American candy because I often find it to be a bit sweet and sickly. I can’t say I was particularly in love with the smell I got from the bottle but the juice itself is actually much better than I expected but I wasn’t overly enamoured with it. It definitely does have that typical American candy taste but I found that the apple does come across as a bit too sweet-like and I would have preferred something a little more natural tasting. The grape flavour on the other hand is really nice and that does tend to help to balance the apple out. Personally if this juice had the apple flavour from the Dabble Dooyah I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

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Of course this is all based on personal taste so if you do happen to like American candy flavours then you might really got on with it. I do think that the juice is very well mixed and the ingredients balance nicely. In fairness it simply isn’t my thing but if you like the sound of it then give it a try!

Vapour production was once more very good and I found the throat hit to be mild to medium.


In my opinion this is an excellent selection of E-Liquid with some superb flavours on offer! Only one particular juice was not to my taste but I certainly could not fault its mixing. There is a nice variety of flavours on offer and I think you will definitely enjoy whichever ones you try.  It is clear that the manufacturing as well as the flavouring of this range has been considered and executed with the vaper in mind, production methods and the final juice components are as clean and safe to use as possible.  Hats off to Mr Good Vape!  Let's hope more manufacturer's follow his lead.

Many thanks to Mr Good Vape who kindly sent these juices direct to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.  To announce the relaunch of their range Mr Good Vape have given us a ton of gear to give away.  The competition will be split into two - the first competition will land one lucky vaper the full range of Mr Good Vape eliquids in 30ml bottles, a Mr Good Vape t-shirt and a Mr Good Vape bobble head!  Just head over to our competition page to enter.  Good luck!

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