Morish Puff Popcorn E-Liquid Range Review by Sam H

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Moorish Puff Popcorn E-liquid range

Morish Puff Popcorn Range

Moreish Puff by Cherish Vapor has proven to be a very popular e-liquid range in the UK. They offer new, unique flavours which are released every month, varying from shakes to sherbets. All flavours are available in 25ml, 50ml, and 100ml shortfills.

Until today I had never tried a popcorn vape. I'm a big fan of sitting in and watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn, so why not cut out the calories and vape it instead! 

Sweet Popcorn

"The classic popcorn reimagined in vape form, as a fresh, fluffy popcorn flavour is complimented with a smooth sweetness"

As we all know, sweetened popcorn is a thing. The taste of this juice is just like eating the real deal! It's sweet but not too sweet, a really nice popcorn flavour on the inhale which leaves a nice sugary taste on your tongue which keeps you coming back for more. 

Salted Caramel Popcorn

"A twist on classic salted popcorn as some fresh popcorn is blended with some sticky creamy salted caramel"

Salted, sweet and savoury all in one go! I've had salted caramel in other vapes before, and all it seemed to do was overload my mouth with a sweetness that muted the other flavours. This is a really nice salted caramel flavour mixed with an authentic popcorn taste. A really well balanced juice. 

Peanut Butter Popcorn

"A flavour like no other, fresh popcorn is blended with some smooth creamy peanut butter for a vape for the ages!"

Peanut butter with popcorn? Yes you saw that correctly! This is a flavour that just works. The peanut butter isn't overpowering at all. As the description says, it's a smooth, creamy peanut butter and it goes really well with the popcorn, giving it a satisfyingly nutty inhale. 

Raspberry Popcorn 

"Who knew fruit and popcorn would work so well! Sweet raspberries are combined with fresh, puffy popcorn for a delightful vape."

Again this was another flavour that I was intrigued by. I will admit that when I first tried this one, I did so with caution not knowing what to expect. These are two flavours that I would not think would go together at all, but this is my favourite liquid from this range. A sweet and juicy raspberry on the inhale and the savoury popcorn on the exhale, this really does work very well indeed. 

I have really enjoyed reviewing these juices. It is a flavour profile that I wouldn't think of trying but I'm very glad that I did.

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 Sam H
Article by Sam H
I was a 30 year old 40 a day rollie smoker. I could not walk for 10 minutes without coughing and struggling for breath. I dabbled with vaping initially but never found the right kit that worked for me. I have now been smoke free for 2 years and I can walk miles without getting breathless. I can now enjoy my fairly active lifestyle without inducing a coughing fit.