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Monarch Supreme E-Liquid

Monarch E-Liquid is made in Costa Mesa, California. At present there are only three flavours available in the range but I am sure more will be released later.

The juice comes in 30ml glass dropper bottles with childproof caps. All the typical information you might expect is clearly marked as are the usual warnings. All three flavours currently available are mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG so you will definitely get some good cloud production.

The labels are colourful, eye catching and use a heraldic motif. All of the juice names sound suitably medieval. I tested all three juices in the Achilles II RDA which was built with a 1.0ohm coil and wicked with Cotton Bacon. My device of choice was the Lavabox DNA 200 and all the juice was vaped at 18.5W.

The Warden

The Warden by Monarch is juicy sweet strawberries balanced with a watermelon and kiwi tart.


Upon opening the bottle the initial smell that greets you is watermelon so I kind of expected the watermelon to dominate the mix, surprisingly it does not. What you get with this juice is a very flavoursome strawberry beautifully balanced with watermelon with tasty undertones of kiwi tart. I often find kiwi tends to get lost in a lot of juices and is often unnoticeable since it is typically used to mellow strawberry vapes but you can certainly taste it well in this mix. The kiwi makes this juice really interesting and rounds out the overall mix exceedingly well. All the ingredients in this juice taste very natural and make for a delicious fruity vape! The taste does tend to linger on your lips and it really is quite mouth-watering.

With this kind of mix ratio you do get good vapour production. I really enjoyed trying this and in my opinion it will make a very pleasant all day vape. If you are a fan of fruit vapes then you will definitely enjoy this! I found the throat hit to be medium in 6mg strength.


Citadel by Monarch is a refreshing combination of blueberries and yogurt topped with a light cream.

I make no secret of the fact that I don’t typically enjoy blueberry and to date I have only got on with a couple of juices that contain it. Citadel is another one of those exceptions because this juice is quite remarkable and tremendously enjoyable! The blueberry flavour is exquisite and has a charming sweetness. The flavour is very natural and the yogurt comes through beautifully balancing perfectly with the overall mix! At the end of the exhale you get a slight hint of cream which works to compliment the flavour as a whole.

I must admit I found this juice to be gorgeous and I could happily vape this all day long! Vapour production is good but typical of this mix ratio. I found throat hit to be somewhere between mild to medium.


The Prince

The Prince by Monarch is a fruity cereal covered in sweet creamy milk.

I guess I am something of a picky vaper because I tend to like very few cereal vapes but this juice is one I have enjoyed a great deal! It is a little tricky to describe because it is very different to the typical cereal e-liquid you might vape. There is a distinct fruity cereal but a very sugary one so you tend to get more of an overall sweet flavour with just a hint of cereal. I can’t work out what the fruit is because it tastes a little like raspberry but there are other fruity notes in there too and it confuses my palate but I have to say it is a very pleasant form of confusion.  The milk works well as a background note and it is very creamy but the flavour only meets you every few hits or instead it lingers in the mouth on occasion.

This is a top notch juice and I will happily vape the rest of the bottle very soon! In fact in many ways it has changed my opinion of cereal vapes so if like me you don’t typically get on with them then you might really love this!

The funny thing about this juice is every now and then I get an almost Turkish Delight flavour and since I happen to like that taste this juice gets a massive thumbs up from me!

Vapour production is just what you would expect from this mix ratio. Throat hit is mainly mild but on occasion borders on medium.



It is not typically the case that I try three American juices and end up liking all of them so in my opinion these are fabulous e-liquids that are well worth trying for yourself! It is often the case with me that a high VG juice does not have a great deal of flavour and I find I have to crank up the wattage but these juices are very different. The flavours are potent without obscuring the individual ingredients and make for a truly delicious vape experience!

Pricing is very reasonable for 30ml of American juice and they cost £15.99 a bottle.

Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent us this juice to review. You can view the Monarch e-liquid range on their website here.

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