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MoMo Loco Lola Short Fill E-Liquids

MoMo is a UK based E company whose products we have covered before. Their latest offering are Cola flavoured E-Liquids!

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MoMo Loco Lola Short Fill E-Liquids

Meet Lola...Crazy for Cola! Loco Lola Eliquid, another big brand made by Momo Eliquid!

MoMo is a UK based E company whose products we have covered before. Their latest offering are Cola flavoured E-Liquids! All of their juice only uses the highest quality sourced ingredients and is mixed to a 70VG/30PG ratio.

The juice comes in 100ml short fill PET bottles with removable nozzle lids and child proof top caps. Keep in mind the bottles contain only the required flavour concentrate, VG and PG, so they are fully TPD compliant. To achieve 3mg nicotine strength the bottles need to be topped up with 18mg QuickNic or its equivalent (sold separately).

Adding nicotine is a straightforward process but I did find some of the lids a bit awkward to remove, so make sure you do this over the kitchen sink. Once you’ve added your nicotine, replace the nozzle lid and the top cap, then give the bottle a good shake. I found I could vape these E-Liquids right away.

The labels on the bottles are bright and colourful with all of the typical information clearly shown.

I vaped all three flavours in my CSMNT RDA fitted with a 0.5ohm dual coil build, wicked with Japanese cotton.

Black Cola

Lola's twist on her signature cola, a refreshing blend of blackcurrant and blackberry carbonated with a splash of iced cola.

Have you ever wondered what Ribena and Cola would taste like? Well wonder no more because technically this is what this juice has to offer! Personally I found it to be highly enjoyable, but in my opinion the blackcurrant and blackberry (that’s a bramble to us folks from up North) does tend to result in the cola not being quite as noticeable. Not that I actually minded that mind you and to be fair it’s definitely present, but does tend to get pushed into the background, apart from providing a general overall fizzy quality.

I think if the blackcurrant was the sole other ingredient apart from the cola the flavour might taste a little tart, so the addition of bramble or blackberry if you prefer helps to tone that down. There is a slight cooling quality to the juice present which provides a slightly chilled taste.

Even if you’re not a massive fan of cola, providing you love fizzy fruity flavours you should definitely get on with this!

I found the throat hit to be medium with the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was great but typical of a 70VG mix.

Lola’s Cola

Lola's signature crazy cola soft drink fizzed up with a kick of sharp lemon. Served iced.

In my experience the funny thing about cola E-Liquids is that you never know exactly what you’re going to get. Quite often I wonder if it will be a Coca-Cola or Pepsi style experience or a cheap and nasty no frills cola, or something more akin to fizzy cola bottle sweets.

In my opinion this juice tastes a lot like a good quality supermarket diet cola because it doesn’t possess that overly thick and syrupy consistency that traditional Coco-Cola offers. The cola is not overly sweet but is immediately recognisable the moment you take your first vape as a cola. This overall flavour is enhanced by a pleasant additional sweet and moderately sharp lemon flavour in the mix, which doesn’t dominate or become obtrusive. Just like the previous flavour this juice has a straight from the fridge quality but in no way is it a menthol.

In my opinion as cola E-Liquid flavours go this is definitely a good one and would make a great all day vape!

The throat hit was mild to medium with the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was very good but consistent with the mix ratio used.

Lola’s Crush

Lola's tangy, zesty citrus soda. A blend of oranges tangerines and lemon, served sparkling, sweet and iced.

A combination of orange, tangerine, lemon and cola is probably the best description for this E-Liquid. It does taste a bit odd because in a way it’s like someone got carried away combining orangeade, lemonade and cola. Fortunately no one flavour especially dominates so you do get some nice variety when vaping. I think if you’re bored of standard cola then this might be worth trying out.

Personally it was my least favourite but it did have some nice qualities, the tangerine flavour was especially lovely. In some respects it confused my taste buds somewhat and upon reflection I would have preferred it without the cola, which I felt was an unnecessary addition since the orange, lemon and tangerine would have been a fabulous combination. Of course my tastes are not your tastes so I’m sure some of you will definitely love this rather eclectic combination. Once more there is a slight cooling quality present in this juice.

I found the throat hit to be medium with the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was really good and will certainly not disappoint.


If you’re a cola E-Liquid fan then there’s certainly a lot to enjoy in this particular range! Price is something of a bargain and 100ml will only cost you £15. Of course you will need to buy a bottle of QuickNic along with the juice, but they still offer very offer good value for money. You can purchase these juices directly from Momo or from a variety of other stockists.

Many thanks to MoMo who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. You can purchase any of these juices directly from MoMo.

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