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Hello and welcome to another juice review by yours truly, Sacred Vape. This time around I have something rather special indeed, Mojo Vape. A fresh brand coming to market, they strive to offer a new take on on your typical fruit flavours and offer a small range of different profiles. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Mojo Vape are a UK company that strive to bring flavours that are unlike anything else currently available in the vape market. Their company policy states:

"We believe in striving to be the best in everything we do, we apply this mentality to every aspect of Mojo vape to ensure that our products meet high expectations and deliver exceptional flavour from every drop.

Every flavour is expertly crafted from the highest grade pharmaceutical PG, VG and flavours available!"

They talk a good game but how do their liquids measure up? There are a total of four flavours in the range, which I will go through below, based on my experience from profile to performance. I have been vaping on each flavours through a number of tanks to really get an idea of how they taste, so hopefully, I can reflect that experience back to you. First things first though, I absolutely love the packaging on the bottles, it looks so distinctive and striking compared to others on the market. The bottles stand out well, so full credit to them for some of the nicest designs I have seen.

All bottles contain 50ml of 0% nicotine flavouring in a 60ml bottle to allow you to add your preferred nicotine shot. The liquids are all mised at 70% VG/30% PG.

So let’s get right into it shall we, with one of the more interesting flavours in the range.


Mango & Tropical Fruit Crush E-liquid.

I went into this flavour with preconceptions about taste. I mean, tropical flavours have been done to death and there is only so many ways you can get them to mix. From the first pull however, that illusion was shattered and I got what was probably one of the most surprising flavours in a long time. The overall profile is full of tropical fruits, there are notes of pineapple, mango, slight hints of orange, peach and other tropical flavours. They all come together into a lovely bowl of fruit with each one complimenting the other perfectly. There isn’t any dominating flavour here, nothing really stands out over another. They blend together really well and offer something quite different to your usual tropical fruit flavours. There was something else I picked up on though that was quite refreshing, an almost leafy taste on the inhale. Now I know that sounds odd to read and at first it was a surprise to me. However, when the initial inhale comes and goes with each pull, it makes the overall mix of fruits get a lovely fresh taste to them. It is almost akin to vaping a fresh bunch of fruit rather than a stereotypical fruit flavour. As the inhale note quickly disappears it makes the whole thing refreshing and very moreish. Coil performance from this is nice and consistent with no additional sweetener added to the flavour.


Mixed Berry & Honeydew Smash E-liquid.

Now this was a flavour I had no expectations about. The idea of mixing melon and berries seemed a little odd to me. The end result of this mix is again a very pleasant twist on the usual flavour. The honeydew melon is very dominating in this profile, on both the inhale and the exhale. It tastes crisp and sharp with sweet notes added which gives a very nice flavour overall. However once the berries come in, they make this a very distinctive flavour. There are raspberries, strawberries and probably one or two other fruits in there on the exhale that provide a nice fullbodied flavour. None of them take away from the melon and they just add a pleasing depth to the liquid. A pleasant raspberry flavour completes the aftertaste. Slightly sweet and certainly not dominating the melon, it leaves a nice taste on your tongue afterwards. Overall experience again very positive on the coils and not overly sweet to really put them under stress.


Banana & Berry Gum E-liquid.

My experiences with banana have always been a mixed bag. I have had some that are terrible for coils and others that have performed really well. So going into this flavour I was curious to see how this one would play out. Starting with the inhale, it very much tastes like a natural banana flavour without any added sweetness. The flavour is pleasant and the banana doesn’t dominate the taste buds but rather just hangs there, consistent throughout. Moving onto the exhale, the berries start to come through and as with the Bewitch, a mix of the red berries you would expect but with a slight added twist. The after taste from this flavour adds a almost minty gum style taste, without actually containing any mint flavours. It creates the gum aspect through the mix of fruits and although that is only my personal experience with this, it gives the profile a changing tone throughout. At a guess, it will be the more natural raspberry taste creating this but it does give the overall flavour a rather unique take on your standard banana flavour. The exhale has a lot of intensity without deviating from the original banana profile. Coil performance here again is very positive without any drop in performance from any coil I put this liquid through.


Lemon & Raspberry Twist E-liquid.

The last flavour in this range is probably the most simple and it pretty much tastes how it sounds. From the inhale there is a consistent lemon flavour that is not bitter or overly sweet but more a fragrant lemon that manages to stay tasting fresh rather than perfumey and as a result, gives a lovely, light and fresh taste that doesn’t leave any bitterness on the tongue. Once you move into the exhale, the raspberry starts to come through a little more, offering again, a natural raspberry which doesn’t bring any overly sweet notes with it. It just provides a little taste that compliments the lemon and sweetens the after taste which was a lovely surprise. With this flavour, I can’t really deviate from what I have already said, the flavour is tasty, well blended and light without any dominating bitter or sweet notes and coil performance again was fantastic.


Mojo Vape may well be one of the most exciting new brands on the market, if this range is anything to go by. Rather than try and bring something completely new, they have focused on bringing unique profiles of existing mixes that stand out in quality and complexity. The flavours taste fresh and light with natural sweetness, and even at 3mg offer a nice little throat hit with all of the tanks I tried it in. My favourite by far was the Hex simply because of how natural and fresh tasting the overall flavour profile was. I had never really thought an e-liquid could deliver such an experience, so if you are going to try any of these then I highly recommend Hex. However, all of these liquids are very enjoyable and deserve your time.

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My first ever proper set up was the vision spinner 2 and nautilus mini tank. That set up lasted me around 9 months believe it or not. Until I upgraded like everyone else to the Kanger Subbox Kit and I never looked back. I have had my ups and downs over the years from bad purchases, failures and setbacks but the most important thing is that I have learned. My hope as a fellow vaper is to pass all my knowledge on and help others as they have helped me over the years.  Nowadays I am a writer, reviewer , Youtuber and long standing member of this fine vaping community. I write as a hobby and review as a fellow vaper. I look to bring unbiased and honest thoughts which I hope you enjoy though my reviews.  Just remember, vaping is there to get you off the cigarettes so enjoy it and stay safe!

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