Marina Vape: AQUA Cream Review by Toby Kilroy

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Marina Vape AQUA Cream Range

Marina Vape AQUA Cream Range

The AQUA Cream range from Marina Vape features four liquids with a dessert theme.

Being a fan of dessert e-liquids, I was keen to get stuck in!


AQUA Cream Surge


Classic strawberry milk

Strawberry milk flavour e-liquids have been attempted by many manufacturers, however, most fail to get that “real” milkshake flavour and end up creating something with an overly sweet, chemical flavour. Not so with AQUA Surge! The strawberry in this juice tastes natural, akin to a milkshake you might pick up from a good American restaurant that is laced with fresh strawberries, fresh milk, and a splash of vanilla ice-cream. The whole flavour profile comes through nicely and combines to create a very comforting, satisfying vape.

Having tasted numerous strawberry flavours before I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried this one, it’s a keeper and I will definitely be reordering more!


AQUA Cream Vortex


Vanilla custard, honey and cinnamon sugar


Now that is flavour combination, I couldn’t wait to fill my tank with it! Afraid of let-down, I tentatively took the first lungful and immediately felt a sense of relief and excitement. THIS is my kind of flavour! It’s beautifully done and is not scared to lay on the flavour in a big way. The cinnamon is punchy but not overly so and the aftertaste of a blend of brown sugar, vanilla and honey is beautiful. I think this flavour is set to be a bit of a “fan favourite” and I can see it selling out fast.

By this point in the review I was starting to get excited. So I quickly moved on to the next flavour…


AQUA Cream Cyclone


Milky fruit cereal


There was a time that I used to really enjoy cereal vapes but for some reason they fell off my radar a while ago. With this in mind I was looking forward to trying this liquid. Would it rekindle my love of cereal vapes? Well, the answer is: a little. The flavour of this liquid is very Fruit Loops, which from the description is exactly what they were going for. The sweetness is there but it’s not overpowering. The base cereal flavour definitely comes through well and gives the impression of tucking into a bowl of the aforementioned breakfast staple. For me, I will always prefer the non-fruity versions of cereal but the quality of this mix is undeniable. This is one of the problems with reviewing eliquids, taste is a very personal and subjective thing. I would say, if you like fruity cereals, try this, you’ll probably love it!


AQUA Cream Lush


Lemon cream

I’ve never been the biggest fan of lemon flavoured vapes, they always taste a bit like cleaning products to me. It was for this reason that I left this one until last. At this point I might say that “lemon cream” doesn’t do this flavour justice. Think lemon cake with icing! It’s not the sour lemon that you sometimes find on homemade lemon drizzle cakes (but there is some there!), but more the smooth lemony goodness that you get from a Mr Kipling Lemon Slice. I think of all the flavours, this was the one that surprised me the most. I didn’t get the cleaning product lemon just lemon cake (and a good lemon cake at that), lemon lovers, this is for you! Cake lovers, this is for you! Everyone else, give it a go, it’s surprisingly tasty and moreish!



Well, Marina Vapes have done it again! Another range of great flavours that pack a good punch and satisfy the sweet tooth of any vaper. I think with the range of flavour profiles they have produced, it should be relatively easy to find something for everyone.

Don’t just take my word for it though, these little beauties will be available to purchase from, so what are you waiting for, register your interest now and get a special surprise on your email when the website is live!

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 Toby Kilroy
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