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Livin Large Shortfills

Tim grabs life by the horns and fully embraces Livin' Large, a great new range of shortfalls from our friends at Vape Club

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Do you like to live large? Well today I’ll be reviewing the Livin’ Large range which was sent to me by Vape Club. This is the new range from Large Juice who have several excellent flavours already out there, and all their liquids are designed and manufactured in the UK. To me when I read Livin’ Large out loud it sounds like something Liam Gallagher would have said in the 90s about one of his nights out. Instead this is a new range of fruity liquids with a couple of colas thrown in for good measure. All the liquids are 50ml shortfills with room for a nic shot and they are all 70VG/30PG so we are looking for large flavour and large clouds, ‘ave it!

Cherry Cola

“Delivers a classic soda flavour with a fruity twist. Sweet tasting cola notes are blended with ripe cherries and a fizzy finish on exhale”

I’m a big fan of cherry cola as a drink so I was interested to see how this one turned out, and who doesn’t want a fizzy finish? Well, me as it turns out as I’m not a huge fan of liquids with a fizz but fortunately there isn’t much of an actual fizz to this one. There is however a really nice cherry cola here, the cola is more of a traditional one than one of the big brands and that’s to it’s credit. The cola is predominant with the cherry sitting in the background offering a lovely compliment to the cola. There’s a hint of coiling thrown in which really lifts this and makes it a lovely smooth and tasty vape. Imagine being fourteen, playing football in the park with jumpers for goalposts and then afterwards drinking a cool, slightly flat, cherry cola and that’s what you have here.

Livin Large Shortfills Cherry Cola

Strawberry Lemonade

“A sweet and summery e-liquid. Sugary strawberries are fused with a citrusy lemonade that balances this flavour with it’s fresh, sharp notes”

I do love descriptions sometimes; I wasn’t aware you could have non citrusy lemonade so I’m glad they’ve cleared up which kind it is. The strawberry here is definitely sugary but almost artificial, imagine a strawberry Ribena and you’ll get the idea. No R Whites here for the lemonade thought, this is traditional style all the way with a nice sharp tang to it which adds a bit of bite but doesn’t dominate. It’s really nicely balanced and overall quite subtle and smooth with a hint of cooling which adds a bit of refreshment to it, imagine combining a traditional lemonade and some strawberry Ribena and that’s exactly how this tastes, it’s a decent flavour.

Livin Large Shortfills Strawberry Lemonade

Original Cola

“A classic soda-inspired vape. This e-liquid blends together notes of syrupy tasting cola and a subtle fizz noticeable throughout this vape”

The soda stream must have been broken for the one I got but that’s not a criticism at all as I think the lack of fizz is what makes this interesting. There is a hint of fizz but it’s only a slight one and I think it’s all the better for it. What you have is a really good traditional style cola with a bit of spice, a hint of that syrup and a dash of cooling. We aren’t talking one of the big brands colas here, we are talking a proper old school one and all the elements combine delightfully to give a really good quality taste. If it was a drink, I would definitely drink it, and it’s just as good as an e-liquid as it’s really well blended and tastes great.

Livin Large Shortfills Original Cola

Blackcurrant & Apple

"Blackcurrant & Apple shortfill e-liquid by Livin’ Large is a classic flavour combination that delivers sweet and sharp notes. Juicy blackcurrants are blended with the taste of crisp apples."

Blackcurrant and apple is one of my favourite combinations in a drink especially during the summer, I always have bottle of, well round my way they call it dilutey juice so you get the idea. There’s lovely juicy blackcurrants in play here with the apple blended in really well and again a hint of cooling just to lift the experience. After vaping, you're left with a delightful juicy mouthfeel which had me smacking my lips together then going back for more. Take a Braeburn apple and squeeze all of it’s juice into a glass of Ribena and you’re getting close to this one. This is juicy, it’s flavourful, and for me is an absolute delight, a proper summer ADV.

Livin Large Shortfills Blackcurrant & Apple

Mango, Pineapple & Coconut

“A fruit medley blending together tropical notes. A fragrant mango mingles with tangy tasting pineapples and a mellow coconut flavour is noticeable throughout this vape”

I’ll be upfront here, I love mango, I could vape mango all day, but I think the exact opposite about pineapples. They have pines on them for a reason, to warn people that you shouldn’t open them and eat which we ignore at our peril. There’s plenty of both the mango and the pineapple, and as you vape it seems to sway from one to the other as to which is more dominant. The mango seems to be at the forefront on the inhale with the pineapple taking the driving seat on the exhale. The sweetness of the mango combines really well with the tartness from the pineapple but the shame is that I really can’t taste much coconut at all. Maybe the slightest hint of it sits at the back and just helps smooth it all out. It’s not one I will continue to vape as I don’t like pineapple, but if you like this combination, I would recommend it as it’s full of flavour, and the juiciness left me licking my lips.

Livin Large Shortfills Mango, Pineapple & Coconut

Grape & Strawberry

“A sweet tasting shortfill delivering juicy fruit notes. The crisp taste of green grapes is combined with notes of ripe strawberries creating a vape with a sugary finish.”

Sweet is definitely the word of the day here. The grape takes centre stage in this and is a punchy, sweet, juicy white grape which is then backed up by the strawberry which sits more in the background. The strawberry tastes like a combination of a ripe strawberry and a candied strawberry adding yet more sweetness. It’s really well blended and it all comes together nicely in a tasty vape, but it’s a bit too sweet for me personally.

Livin Large Shortfills Grape & Strawberry

Apple & Cranberry

“A blend of tart fruits that create a fresh tasting vape. The flavour of juicy apples is complimented by a delicate cranberry note.”

What a refreshing combo. The apple is nice and juicy, and the cranberry adds a hint of sweetness which balances well. It’s never overpowering or too sweet and a hint of coiling just adds to the experience. It feels lovely and full, and leaves your mouth watering for more. Take some apple juice out of the fridge, add some cranberry juice, and then vape that and you’ll get the same experience (that’s not actually recommended of course!) as this. Very tasty indeed.

Livin Large Shortfills Apple & Cranberry

Grape Lemonade

“A unique blend of sweet and sharp flavours that create a summery liquid with a fizzy exhale. Crisp notes of green grapes are paired with zingy lemonade”.

Have you ever looked at a glass of lemonade and thought “what this really needs is added grape”? No me neither, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all I could think of was that duck song where the duck walks up to the lemonade stand and keeps asking for grapes. The main ingredient here is the grapes, sweet green grapes which are nice enough, and then the lemonade takes the back seat and a hint of cooling which isn’t ever overpowering and never gets in the way. The flavours are there, but this one never quite blends right for me, it all feels a bit separated and I’m not sure the flavours compliment each other all that well.

Livin Large Shortfills Grape Lemonade

Blue Raspberry

“A nostalgic sweet shop vape. The sweet taste of raspberries is paired with a sour note to create this recognisable flavour”.

I am not sure what kind of sweet shop they went to as this does not ring any bells with me. At my sweet shop, you could get a decent 10p mix-up, a quarter of cola cubes or some candy sticks suspiciously designed and packaged to look like cigarettes, and that would be about your lot. Anyway this one is definitely going to divide opinion as I can say this tastes absolutely nothing like the description at all. For a start there’s more cooling here than in any of the other liquids, and there’s a soft minty freshness to it along with a hint of raspberry. It’s smooth, it’s cool, and it tastes like blue mouthwash with some raspberries thrown in. It’s a great palette cleanser but it’s not what I would call blue raspberry at all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it as I actually do really rather like it.

Livin Large Shortfills Blue Raspberry

Strawberry & Kiwi

“Fuses a sweet berry flavour with a tropical twist. Notes of juicy strawberries are complimented with a tart taste of kiwis for an exotic vape”

Hmm kind of an odd one this, there’s definitely strawberries but they aren’t as sweet and ripe and juicy as I would have liked, they are more like a chew sweet than a fresh strawberry. The kiwi isn’t what I would describe as tart, more of a smooth compliment to the strawberries which stays in the mouth after you vape along with an almost powdery finish. It’s not quite as juicy as I would have liked, but the tastes are nice enough. It’s well blended and to be honest it’s alright but not great.

Livin Large Shortfills Strawberry & Kiwi

Watermelon & Strawberry

“Pairs a fresh tasting watermelon with ripe strawberries to create a vape ideal for anyone looking for a sweet fruity blend”

This one is a little uninspiring. The watermelon is the main flavour here but it’s quite muted and doesn’t really have any depth to it. The strawberry struggles even more, the lovely juicy ripeness is missing and you can taste a vague strawberry type flavour in the background. There’s nothing here that is pronounced or has any depth at all I’m afraid, it’s all really rather flat and disappointing.

Livin Large Shortfills Watermelon & Strawberry

Pineapple & Lime

“Fuses together a zingy citrus flavour with a syrupy tropical fruit note. A juicy pineapple flavour is complemented with a sharp lime taste”

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this one as I’m not really a fan of pineapple, but I love anything lime flavoured especially if the lime has a bit of bite to it. This one is exactly what it says on the tin. The citrus from the lime is more prominent up front, but it’s a nice smooth lime without that citrus bite, it’s smooth and is helped by a touch of cooling. The pineapple compliments the lime by balancing the flavours out, and the description of syrupy is spot on and it provides a nice, smooth tropical vape. If you like the description then you’ll like this one, I wasn’t expecting much from this but it surprised me as it’s very nice vape.

Livin Large Shortfills Pineapple & Lime


So, are you going to be livin' large? If you decide to, then the whole range is available from Vape Club for £8.99 for a 50ml shortfill or 2 for £15. Across the whole range, none of the flavours taste synthetic or artificial, and on the whole they are blended really well. Some of the flavours struggle to have any depth or prominence in the way they should have but there’s not what I would call a bad liquid among them as care has clearly been taken over these. They all have a cooling element, but in most cases this adds to the experience, and cloud chasers will be happy as you always get a nice smooth inhale and you’ll exhale great plumes of vapour.

Some were not great and some will divide opinion (I’m looking at you Blue Raspberry), but there are some really good flavours in the Livin' Large range, and if you like the sound of them then I would definitely recommend you give them a try.

Livin Large Shortfills range

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