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Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club

Vape Club have sent us the Large nic salt range to try, little in size but Large in flavour!

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Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club

Supplied by Vape Club for review purposes
£3.99 or 3 for £10

The friendly folks at Vape Club were keen for us to try the Large Juice range of Nic Salts. Since Nic Salts are my thing, I naturally jumped at the chance to try them as most of the flavours appealed to my tastes

It didn’t take long to realise why Vape Club rate these juices highly. As most of us know, juices can be hit or miss, I’m forever trying new brands and not many make the cut of being worth re-ordering. So how did the Large Juice range fair?

It turns out they aren’t Large at all, they were the same size as my regular 10ml bottles, I decided not to report them under the Trades Description Act and crack on with testing all these lush sounding flavours…

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club with kizoku techmod

I decided to test every juice in the Kizoku Techmod and Limit MTL RTA as it is my benchmark setup for nic salts, if they taste crap in this then they will taste crap in everything. I mostly consumed the 10ml bottle to empty so I could decide if they made the cut of an ADV (All Day Vape).

  • 10ml Bottles
  • 50% VG/50% PG
  • Salt nicotine blends
  • 5mg, 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths
  • Designed for starter kits and pod devices
  • TPD compliant
  • Made in the UK
  • Childproof cap
  • Tamper evident seal
  • Recyclable bottle

The bottles and artwork are fairly plain but they are vibrant, and it is easy to tell the flavours from the colour scheme. The nozzles were nice and small making it easy to refill your tank/pod.

I have decided not to give a -/10 score and try a different format which is hopefully more informative, let us know if you think it is a poor choice.

  • ADV – Yes/No
  • Regular Re-order – Yes/No
  • Sweetness Scale - /10

(I messed up a few of the photos by not having the box the right way round – sorry about that).

So on to testing the flavours, the usual ‘flavour is subjective’ yadda yadda applies but in my experience good is good. Subtle flavour tones sometimes pass me by if the recipe is complex. but it’s the overall taste that counts for me, so here we go…..


"Kiwimelon nicotine salt e-liquid by Large Salts is a tropical fruit blend with distinct notes of kiwi and watermelon. Playing between sweet and sharp flavours, a mild dragonfruit adds a juicy undertone to finish."

I do enjoy melon based flavours but it wasn’t quite the dominant flavour in this recipe. The whole mix created a lush melon/exotic fruit flavour that was an instant like, it’s quite sweet but by no means sickly, the balance was just right. If I had concocted this recipe myself, I would be dancing around the room with the results. I remember being a bit pissed off as I squeezed the last few drops into the tank, the only consolation was that I had plenty of other flavours to test.

ADV – Yes
Regular Re-order – Yes
Sweetness Scale - 6/10

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club Kiwimelon


"Bango Mango salt nicotine e-liquid by Large Salts is a tropical fruit fusion, with a predominantly sweet taste throughout. Notes of banana and mango create a distinctive vape perfect for fruit lovers."

This one was much easier to distinguish the flavour, mango was easily the dominant flavour but the pinches of banana made me understand the ‘BANGO’ name. I do love mango anyway but this one was a bit special due to calming it down a bit with the banana. I felt there were other tropical fruits in there too. I found it rather sweet so not quite an ADV for me, but I still loved this flavour. This will be an occasional treat.

ADV – No (more of a treat)
Regular Re-order – Yes
Sweetness Scale – 7.5/10

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club BangoMango


"Berry Cold salt nicotine e-liquid by Large Salts is a duo of fruit flavours with a cool finish. The juicy taste of red and dark berries is present from your first vape, chilled by a layer of ice on exhale for a balanced e-liquid."

** I simply don’t like menthol but I took one for the team and tried it**

Despite my hatred of menthol, I didn’t mind this one too much. They didn’t over-do the menthol so you got to taste the berry blend which was rather tasty, it’s the icy exhale that I don’t like. The strange part was that I only put 2ml in to try and didn’t expect to use the rest up but I actually finished the whole 10ml. It's probably the most menthol I have consumed so there must be something good about it. I can imagine this being ideal for a pod.

If you do like menthol, this is worth a punt.

Regular Re-order – NOPE
Sweetness Scale – 2/10

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club Berrycold


"Orang-O-Tang salt nicotine e-liquid by Large Juice is a fruit medley with a juicy taste. A sweet fusion of pomegranate and peach is countered by the fresh-tasting citrus notes of orange and a hint of raspberry."

I LOVE the name of this juice. Orange is a tricky flavour to find a vapeable balance, so I was pleased to see that the interesting ingredients should tone it down a little, damn did they get this one right! Another instant like from the get-go, the Orange balance was good and just about dominant, and the rest of the flavours made it smooth and very tasty. I particularly enjoyed the after-taste, and the sweetness was about right for my taste too as it never felt overly sweet.

ADV – Yes
Regular Re-order – Yes
Sweetness Scale - 5/10

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club Orang-o-Tang


"Crispy Coffee nicotine salt e-liquid by Large Salts is a complex dessert blend. The dark notes of sweetened coffee are complemented by a caramel-glazed doughnut, finished off by a rich cream for a layered vape."

Coffee based flavours are some of my nemesis juices, there’s only one I’ve ever enjoyed and that was a 70/30 shortfill called Latte one, I’ve tried many nic salts and they always seem to leave a nasty chemical aftertaste, to the point I gave up trying.

So with a little reluctance, I cracked open this bottle and took a vape. It started off as an ‘I’m not quite sure what I’m tasting here?’ but I liked it! The more I vaped it the more I was trying to work out what it reminded me of, it wasn’t doughnut but it was definitely a dessert, Tiramisu is the closest I can think. Either way, I really liked this flavour. There is no nasty aftertaste, in fact the aftertaste was really pleasant. Better still, it was perfect with my morning coffee. Being a dessert, naturally it was pretty sweet, which makes it one of those treat vapes for me. I wouldn’t quite call it a pure coffee flavour, but I don’t think it claims to be.

ADV – Almost (part of each day perhaps)
Regular Re-order – Yes
Sweetness Scale – 7.5/10

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club Crispy Coffee


"Donut Worry salt nicotine e-liquid by Large Salts is a sweet and fruity dessert blend. The rich donut flavour acts as a base, combined with strawberry jam and a creamy vanilla bean custard."

Another great name! So the label says ‘Strawberry Doughnut and Custard’ and just YES! This flavour was bang on and the first successful doughnut nic salt I have found. It reminded me of the Just Jam doughnut 70/30 flavour as it leaves a lovely aftertaste like you’ve just eaten a strawberry doughnut and the custard smoothed it off nicely.

I demolished the 10ml of this in no time. Since I enjoyed this one so much, I tried 2ml of it in the new Joytech EVIO C pod which was mesh so boosted the flavour even more – LUSH was the result.

Sweetness, it’s a doughnut so sweetness will always be higher, but it’s the closest dessert flavour to an ADV but more likely a 2nd flavour during the day.

ADV – Yes/No/Maybe
Regular Re-order – Yes
Sweetness Scale - 7/10

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club Donut Worry


"Apple Nutter salt nicotine e-liquid by Large Juice is a complex blend that delivers a smooth taste. The sweet combination of apple and cinnamon is complemented by a layer of caramel. On exhale, a hint of vanilla creates a light finish."

Damn this flavour was so damn good, another instant like and possibly my favourite of the range. It reminded me of a dessert but it has been bugging me of what, damned if I can remember though. Either way, this apple blend was so flavourful and smooth. It’s pretty sweet though so another treat rather than an ADV or perhaps a rotation juice. For sure, this will be one that’s always in my rotation.

ADV – Maybe but better in rotation
Regular Re-order – Yes
Sweetness Scale - 8/10

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club Apple Nutter


"Pecanilla salt nicotine e-liquid by Large Salts features a rich and sweet combination of nuts and cream. The dark taste of pecans and the light taste of vanilla custard act as the base, with a hint of tobacco to finish."

A bit of a strange one this, not one I would have chosen to order and I didn’t know what to expect. Upon the first vape, it surprised me although I found myself confused to what I was tasting but I liked it. You could tell after the first tankful that this would make a great ADV. The more I vaped it, the more I picked up on the tobacco tones, more like a luxury cigar, but it wasn’t the dominant tone.

The more I vaped this one, the more I enjoyed it. The sweetness was one of the lower in the range, but it still gave a sweet aftertaste. Reading the label, you can pick up the flavour tones, but if this was a blank label or I was blindfolded and you asked me what I was tasting, I probably would say a nutty tobacco, but it’s more than that.

ADV – Yes
Regular Re-order – Yes
Sweetness Scale - 4/10

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club Pecanilla


"Banana Haze salt nicotine e-liquid by Large Salts is a ripe tasting fruit flavour. The distinctive notes of banana are complemented by a juicy tasting pear and rich hazelnut to finish for a balanced vape."

Banana is one of those vape flavours that needs another flavour to balance it. Generally it needs to be sweetened and, more often than not, it’s over-sweetened. I felt this one was too sweet for my tastes, I did enjoy it but not enough to vape the 10ml in one go, and I found I needed a break from it. The pear is subtle, and I would have preferred the it be more prominent and the banana less sweet. This wouldn’t be an ADV for me, in fact it’s not one for me at all.

ADV – No
Regular Re-order – No
Sweetness Scale - 8/10

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club Banana Haze


"Zest Pest salt nicotine e-liquid by Large Salts is a sharp citrus blend, for a fresh-tasting vape. A medley of lemon, lime and orange creates a fruit flavour which starts sweet but delivers a sharp exhale."

They got this one near perfect, such a refreshing citrus blend, not too sweet and with a really pleasant aftertaste. There is just enough ‘zing’ and the balance of the fruits was just right for my tastes. The lime was the one I picked up the most of, but there was none of that nasty tang due to the sweetness of the other fruits.

This was my second favourite of the bunch and I soon demolished the 10ml. It is easily an ADV for me.

ADV – Yes
Regular Re-order – Yes
Sweetness Scale - 5/10

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club Zest Pest


8 out of 10 flavours were a success for me. Now that’s the biggest surprise as I’ve rarely found one brand with such a success rate. The range was mostly sweet, which is my preference, and the odd one with less sweetness is welcome in rotation. I also found a few made ideal treat juices to have in a separate tank/pod to pick up occasionally.

Usually I cherry pick flavours to review, but being sent the whole range gave me a couple of pleasant surprises that I normally wouldn’t have experienced. The proof of the pudding is in the re-ordering and, as you can see, I will be stocking up on the majority of these flavours and 3 for £10 is reasonable too.

Vape Club made a wise choice sending this range to review, they obviously knew how good they were and now, so do I! 

Large Juice Nic Salts from Vape Club range

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