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KNDI E-Juice is a brand new range of E-Liquids, and the first range produced in house by Custom Vapes UK, one of the largest retailers within the UK vaping industry!

At present the KNDI E-Juice range consists of three e-liquids inspired by popular sweet treats, and these three e-liquids are White Chocolate, Lemon Bonbon and Cotton Candy. Each of these three e-liquids are produced from the highest quality ingredients, and are available in 50ml zero nicotine short fill bottles. The KNDI E-Juice range is mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, and is available from Custom Vapes UK for £15 per bottle with free shipping included!

KNDI E-Juice was extremely popular with visitors to the recent Vaper Expo UK, with a lot of buzz and positive feedback around it, so let’s have a look at what the range has to offer...

White Chocolate


A nostalgic creamy white chocolate bar that will transport you right back to your childhood!

As a child, Milkybars were one of my favourite treats from the local newsagents, and I still remain a big fan of white chocolate to this day. KNDI E-Juice White Chocolate features plenty of thick and delicious white chocolate from start to finish, with a milky smooth finish. I found it to be an absolutely stunning e-liquid that suited my tastes perfectly, and my review bottle was gone in a matter of days! This is definitely an e-liquid I’ll be re-ordering time and time again!

Cotton Candy

A cloud of the fluffiest cotton candy mixed with a splash of fresh strawberry milk!

An uncanny flavour note of cotton candy is present on the inhale, which I found to be both light and very sweet at the same time! It is very cleverly done, and reminds me of the texture you get from cotton candy purchased at a funfair. I actually got quite a strong undertone of milky strawberry flavour too, which blends in with the cotton candy notes perfectly. This is a sublime e-liquid absolutely packed with flavour!

Lemon Bonbon

An electrifying tangy lemon bonbon hard candy infused with a refreshing secret twist!

I definitely got the candied lemon bonbon flavour with this e-liquid, there’s plenty of it here in spades but it never seems to become too overpowering, it is very sweet however! I also detected what felt to me like a slight hint of some sort of cooling agent on the exhale, which takes the edge off the sweetness somewhat, and prevents it from becoming too overwhelming. A delicious and refreshing e-liquid for sure!


After vaping these three exceptional e-liquids, I do feel that Custom Vapes’ first foray into producing their own in-house e-liquids is destined to be a very successful one. I felt that these three e-liquids were mixed extremely well, and provided an accurate experience of their respective flavour profiles.

The 70/30 VG/PG ratio used with these e-liquids produces plenty of vapour, ideal for use with sub ohm builds, without impacting on the great flavour of these e-liquids. Flavour delivery is very smooth, and I hugely enjoyed vaping all three of these outstanding e-liquids!


Many thanks to Custom Vapes UK for the KNDI E-Juice review samples, these can be purchased from for £15, with free shipping offered on the KNDI E-Juice range for a limited time! 

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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