Karma shortfills by Dispergo Vaping Review by Michelle (Purplefowler)

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Karma by Dispergo Black and White

Karma shortfills by Dispergo Vaping

Hello, I’m Michelle and I’m a flavour junkie….

Well that’s the formalities out of the way, time to crack on! But first a little preamble, so please indulge me for a moment (or just skip down to the pictures if you just want the good stuff!). I love flavour and I love vaping so I am always on the hunt for good juice lines, but sadly so many ranges fall short or are just plain lazy in their craft so I am always genuinely excited when an interesting brand comes along. My hopes were very high when I read about the karma range. It comes from the master mixers behind the Jack Rabbit range and the Rachel Rabbit range and, if you have been paying attention, you will know that these went down very well indeed with my fellow reviewers. So when these came up, I put my name down and waited with baited breath and a freshly coiled tasting set up for them to arrive!

Now just a little bit about how I tested these juices. First I give them a little sniff, first impressions and all that jazz. Then I load up my flavour tank, which at the moment is the wotofo profile unity rda with a nexmesh coil running at 55W. I go through at least a few tanks at various times of the day and with several cups of tea. This gives me all the detail I need and this tank really highlights the strengths and any weakness in the blend. Finally, I run a few tanks of a more basic stock coil rig so I can see how a juice performs with an average system. After all, not everyone is a vaping nerd! Right, that’s the boring bit out the way, on to the review!

Karma by dispergo White

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Karma White

“ripe strawberry, blended with watermelon and refreshing cucumber”

First the sniff test, hmmm interesting! This smells surprisingly rich with a deep strawberry in the main, followed by a hint of watermelon and then at the end comes the cucumber. It was definitely an intriguing start and made it clear that this was no simple three flavour mix. 

Time to fill up and tank! I thought the strawberry would be the predominant flavour, but I was surprised as the blend is so good that no single flavour shouts over any of the others. The watermelon and cucumber are refreshing and clean, and the strawberry draws it all together. The cucumber is the real surprise, it tastes exactly like……cucumber! Seriously, go to your fridge, cut off a chunk of cucumber and take a bite, that is what you get in this juice. I never thought it would be a flavour I’d choose but it is so good. The really fun thing with Karma white is how it interacts with whatever you are eating or drinking. With a cup of builders tea, the cucumber comes to the fore. A chocolate hobnob (other oat based biscuits are available!) brings out the watermelon, and after dinner I find the strawberry steps up to the spotlight. It’s actually fun trying it with different food pairings. This is a really fun juice and you could say it is a karma chameleon (I’m so sorry!).

Finally we get to the sensible stock coil tank and things change again. It becomes a much more consistent affair with the strawberry shining through as a more dominant taste backed up in equal measure by the watermelon and cucumber. It’s perfectly balanced and highly vapable.

Karma by Diapergo Black


Karma Black 

“Dark black currants, juicy and tangy raspberry blended with sweet red cherries a touch of aniseed”

Same as before, we start with the sniff test. Oh, those are some sexy berries, really juicy and guaranteed to get your mouth watering. Then just as it starts to fade, the slight hint of aniseed says hello! This is really mouthwatering and I couldn’t wait to fill up and get down to business.

Fresh wick, primed and ready, and off we go! First thing that hits is the strong, tart blackcurrants perfectly balanced with the juicy tang of the raspberry. It is smooth but has a really satisfying throatiness that is kind of hard to describe, not harsh in any way but it really does work every single tastebud on its way down. There is also a very slight floral note but it is subtle and works well. This is followed by a mellow hint of sweet cherry which is more of a bridging note which mellows the initial flavour hit and leaves a subtle and natural sweetness. There is nothing artificial about it which is a major plus for any cherry flavour. Then just when you think you are done, the aniseed comes in. This is a tricky flavour to get right as it is really easy for it to become overpowering, but this is just perfect, fresh, smooth and a great palate cleanser. It just dances on your tastebuds and I was left smacking my lips with anticipation of the next puff. 

This is really a juice that needs a bit of power to bring out the nuances. If you are using a stock kanthal coil, you will not be getting anywhere near what this fantastic juice has to offer. The flavours merge in to one rather muted experience and I was a little disappointed. Do yourself a favour and vape this in your best flavour set up and you will be well rewarded.

Final thoughts

These are two outstanding juices, expertly blended and definitely designed with the flavour chasers in mind. They are very different from each other, but both most certainly have their place. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone who likes to treat their tastebuds to exceptional flavour. 

Vape Dinner Lady

Many thanks to the magicians at Dispergo for sending them over for review, it has been a real pleasure. 

Karma by Dispergo Beegeesus


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 Michelle (Purplefowler)
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