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Just Vape It Eliquid Range

For any juice range to deliver a full fruit line up, it has to be something different or something great to warrant making you part your cash for them. We take a look at the new range from Just Vape It to see if they have pulled it off

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Just Vape It Eliquid Range

Just Vape It Eliquid Range

How much do you enjoy your E-liquid? That is a question that I often ask myself when I am vaping on my favourite juices, why exactly do I like them, what makes me enjoy them? It seems such a vague and unanswerable question, after all we just do right? It might be the taste or the colour or even the smell, we can all vary on our own opinion. So for a new company to come into the fold, they have to capture more than just shelf space, they have to catch our hearts and minds, they have to make that instant impact on vapers to have any chance of success.

Enter new kids on the block, Just Vape it.

Just Vape it (JVI) are a fairly new brand with a small selection but within that selection they aim to offer high quality flavour blends that make you want to keep coming back more and more. The JVI range is a fruit blend style E-Liquid selection which wants to prove to be different to the copy and paste brands on the market today. Offering a premium brand E-Liquid at a cheap price, JVI are a company that may well be worth keeping an eye on in the future. Offering 100ml for £14.99 via their website, there are two different ranges currently with more to come I am sure.

So how do they vape?

Although the flavour profiles of the JVI range I tried were simple recipes, I was quite excited to give them a go. The types of flavours that, if done right, could be mouth-watering combinations from the strawberry to the grape. Simple flavours with massive potential, JVI seem to be a brand that aims to get the basics right and go from there. We will talk about each flavour in particular but to start, let’s look at the design.


The JVI bottles are black with a very distinct colour design for each flavour. The bottles have a female in different styles with each flavour given its own specific name. The bottles are 100 ml with a large top cap which needs to be removed for adding nicotine as all flavours come nicotine free. Each bottle has all the necessary information including ingredients and although the label is printed, the look of them seems to be professional.

My only critique on the bottles that they use the basic top cap style rather than the new hinge style which makes filling them a little bit more difficult. You can remove the bottle nib but the hole is not big enough for adding your own nic via a syringe, only nicotine shots comfortably fit.


There is nothing better than a good strong smelling e-Liquid and on the smell test for each flavour, I got a very strong and distinctive scent from each of the more dominant flavours. The strawberry/bubblegum has a strong sweet smell with the slight touch of the strawberry, and the blue mamba certainly has a strong Heisenberg scent. It was a wonderful first impression of the flavours and a good sign that the scent of each one was strong enough on first smell.

So how do they vape? What I want to do is break down each flavour in my own experience to give you a good idea of whether the flavour would be suited to you. All flavours were used in a Smok TFV16 tank and a Uwell Crown 4 to give a lower and higher wattage verdict to the overall flavour.

Blue Mamba

"A juicy wild berry mix, combined with cooling menthol. This mimics the ever so famous Blueburg flavour."

This type of blueberg flavour has always been one of those very difficult to really get right. I am not a fan of aniseed so I can’t vape the real thing, so it is always a pleasure to try a none aniseed version. The overall flavour for this is actually quite balanced, with a lovely, smooth flavour throughout and a solid taste experience from start to finish. The blend of slight menthol with the berries gives a pleasant, sweet inhale with plenty of the fruity notes you would find in these profiles. Moving onto the exhale, and the same flavour seems to flow extremely well giving a very thorough vape experience. The sweetness seems to subdue slightly on the exhale, but the wonderful blend of the mixed berries is like swirl in your mouth dipping in and out between the raspberry and other fruity notes.

It is worth mentioning that the menthol is not overly strong on this flavour, with the cool inhale seeming to play second fiddle and the exhale offering a slight cold rather than full blown snowstorm effect like other brands. At the higher wattages, the fruit flavour is very strong with the menthol playing a second fiddle to the mix, with the lower wattage the menthol provides a cold body that seems to be a little more dominant.

Just Vape It Blue Mamba

Red Venom

"A sweet and refreshing Strawberry Bubblegum candy vape, which could easily become your new ALL DAY VAPE!"

On the smell test, the strawberry was really dominant in this flavour so I was curious to see how much of the bubblegum would show through in the profile. The overall flavour on this one is quite sweet throughout the vape, although the sweetness seems to draw from the flavours rather than being artificially added. On the inhale you get a strong strawberry flavour with a slight bubblegum undertone. The inhale is strong and sweet and quite light, with no harshness from any overly boosted fruit flavour. Moving onto the exhale, and the bubblegum does come through a lot more but it doesn’t seem to overtake the strawberry giving this profile a lovely sweet flavour. The bubblegum isn’t strong so you don’t get the flavour clash I have experienced in other versions.

The menthol in this flavour again is very subtle and light on the taste-buds, meaning you get the full sweet flavour with a cooling element that is ever so slight. This is another great touch in my opinion, as the strong flavour would be subdued if the menthol was overdone in this one. Instead what it leads you with is both a sweet and strong flavour that doesn’t overload your taste buds

Just Vape It Red Venom

Yellow Hornet

"A yummy Dessert for the ages, fresh lemons mixed with biscuit base and fresh whipped cream."

A lemon can be extremely difficult to replicate into a dessert in my experience as it hinges on what lemon is used. On the smell test, the lemon here does smell slightly florally, like a kitchen cleaner, but it does keep somewhat some of the juicy aspect of the flavour. On the inhale, with this flavour you do get a mild lemon flavour that has sharp citrus notes but without the sour aftertaste on your tongue. Moving onto the exhale, and the lemon is still rather prominent and the kinda drawback style of the lemon used means it blends really well with the other elements. In terms of the biscuit and cream however, that I felt it wasn’t prominent enough in the mix. Using it at high wattages, you can taste the base of it but it never really pops or comes alive, the lemon at both high and low wattages is definitely the main flavour. In my experience, the dessert base makes this flavour a little dry without ever coming alive. That was a little disappointing for me because I really would love a perfect lemon dessert flavour. Compared to the others in this range, it was slightly disappointing, but tastes great if you love a nice mild lemon flavour.

Just Vape It Yellow Hornet

Purple Tonics

"The Grape craze is back with this sensational Grape, watermelon & Menthol explosion!"

Finally we have the black sheep of the range, the flavour that can make or break a company - grape! I am a massive lover of grape but the flavour I want from my e-Liquid burns coils out quicker than if you just vaped pure grape drink itself. With the addition of watermelon, I was hoping it would give it much more body, and the menthol can be a winner all by itself. On the inhale, you get a lovely sharp taste of grape, the grape you actually want to taste, like the drink. It is strong enough to really come through bold, and it carries a cool undertone on the inhale from the menthol. Onto the exhale, and the watermelon comes through a lot more but it never stands out, it just offers the grape a little twist on the flavour which I really enjoyed. There is a lot of menthol in this one, not cryo levels of cold, but much more than the others in the brand.

The grape flavour is rolled back a little bit so it never stands out as too strong, but this is ideal as I found my coil performance to be spot on with this. No dry hits or burn outs from using a few tanks at a time, so they have got this grape flavour at the perfect level. A really enjoyable flavour, if you like menthol.

Just Vape It Purple Tonic


For any range to try and deliver a full fruit line up, it has to be something different or something great to warrant making you part your cash for them. In Just Vape it’s case, their fruits swap the unique for the enjoyable. The Blue Mamba and Red Venom are quality e-liquids that provide strong thorough flavour from beginning to end, with the TFV16 experience of those both being out of this world. The flavours are solid, with a great blend to compliment the different components and they even have the audacity to not overly sweeten their recipes. Purple Tonics brings a fantastic grape flavour to the market which manages to perform admirably in stock coil tanks without losing too much flavour, and the menthol blast just offers a lovely cool take on a popular flavour. The Yellow Hornet is my least favourite due to the lack of pop in the dessert side, but as a lemon flavour it still is pleasant and light without being too tangy or florally.

As fruit range, Just vape it have delivered some really strong flavours here and if any of them sound like something you would enjoy, they are well worth picking a bottle or two up. As we are coming into summer, the menthol fruit mixes are spot on for all types of sub ohm vapers, so if you fancy a cool yet enjoyable vape, Just Vape it could well be your new favourite brand.

Just Vape It Eliquid Range Just Wild!

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