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Mother’s Milk Obsidian Limited Edition by Suicide Bunny

We all know of Mother’s Milk - a staple brand for almost every online and B&M store these days. I hadn’t tried it until a couple of weeks ago. And then we were sent this - a juice more expensive than Five Pawns. Steeped for over six months - and a cost of £1 per ml.

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We all know of Mother’s Milk - a staple brand for almost every online and B&M store these days.  I hadn’t tried it until a couple of weeks ago.  And then we were sent this - a juice more expensive than Five Pawns.   Steeped for over six months - and a cost of £1 per ml.


Suicide Bunny should need no introduction.  Their eliquids caused quite a storm when they were introduced over here last year, with many shops running out of stock quickly.  Since then their popularity has grown massively and they are a staple in many shops. 

On VapeClub’s site Mother’s Milk is their most rated liquid with 84 customers having taken the time to share their thoughts with fellow shoppers.  It clearly has a loyal following and a deserved reputation among the UK’s vaping community. 


The packaging for this limited edition is amazing.  It comes secured in a solid, flip-lid box with a magnetic catch which snaps firmly into place to keep its precious contents secure.  Inside, the box is well packed with a medium firm foam inner with cut outs for the bottle, the signed, numbered letter and the drip tip is enclosed in its own little cut out.

The bottle is frosted in a black coating with a gold version of the Mother’s Milk figure on the front.  There are no plastic seals or defects on the bottle at all.  Some may not find the black and gold the classiest in the World but the bottle and packaging are a cut above any other eliquid presentation I have seen.  As you can see from the picture, the bottle should come with a tamper-proof seal to show that it hasn’t already been opened and the bottom of the bottle has a nicotine strength sticker which is also mirrored on the edge of the box.

The box also contains the limited edition signed letter from Pip to her fans. The black and gold theme is continued here and the bottom of the letter gives the hand-numbered edition of the item.  The one we were sent was labelled 1321/3500.  The Obsidian edition is available in 0, 3, 6 and 12mg strengths so likely to be 3,500 bottles of each strength available I expect - I’ll leave the extrapolation of that in to the total market value of this batch of juice between you and your calculator!

The drip tip is a decently wide-bore - the same diameter as the stock drip tip of the Subtank Mini but slightly shorted.  It is made from a hard plastic material with a gold bunny embossed on it.  The gold bunny looks like it would easily rub off but the quality has shown through again - I tried to scratch it off with my finger nails but the bunny wouldn’t budge!  So this should be fit for everyday use as long as you don’t mind breaking up your collector’s piece…

The Juice

The letter from Pip starts:

 “Dear Friends,

Enclosed is a special aged blend of one of my most popular flavours:  Mothers Milk. This batch has been steeped in a special way over the last six months to create a very decadent, rich, divine flavour.”

So I bought some Mother’s Milk a week before I was sent this and it is a really nice juice, no doubts about it.  As I mentioned in my Aspire Atlantis review, too many mentions of strawberry Nesquik when this juice was mentioned had put me off, but to me the taste is nothing like that.  Mother’s Milk is good, creamy strawberry that is just-right-sweet to me.  As you can see from the comparison photos, the Obsidian Edition is a lot darker - as you would expect from a well steeped liquid.  The colour reminds me a lot of Five Pawns Gambit, which I absolutely love, the colour is rich but that is nothing compared to aroma.  The smell of this juice on uncapping is amazing, I do mean truly amazing.  It is stronger than the standard edition and could easily be sensed before the tamper seal was removed.  This was one juice I really could not wait to try it once the box had been opened!

I have tried the juice in my usual NatureVape mini set up and also in the Aspire Atlantis.  The juice tastes fantastic in both.  This is a high VG ratio juice, 70 VG / 30 PG and you can tell.  It is gloopy and the NatureVape tanks just about keep up with it. As you would expect, the taste is magnified in the sub ohm tank and vapour production is excellent. 

The taste is certainly fuller in the Obsidian Edition, creamier and there is a hint of biscuit there as well which gives it a moreish edge that I just don’t taste in the standard edition.  If you love Mother’s Milk then this should leave you grinning from ear to ear.


Clearly if you don’t like Mother’s Milk, or have never tried it then this isn’t for you.  At £10 per 10ml of liquid it is the most expensive eliquid I have seen to date.  But then it is more than that.  The drip tip, the lavish packaging and the collectors angle mark this out as more than a black and white (gold) cost calculation per ml.  Pip has cleverly created an item that some vapers will simply need in their life, no questions asked.  And I am happy to say that if this is you then I doubt you will be disappointed on taking delivery of this item.  It is quality.

If you love Mother’s Milk and are interested in a version of it that has that extra something then the Obsidian Edition is definitely worth a try.  As a collector’s piece, a little bit of vaping history, it offers something extra to the Suicide Bunny fans out there.  As a gift for a special someone or something special just for yourself then this has got to be on your radar.  The packaging is well thought out and executed and the juice smells and tastes amazing - a cut above the standard Mother’s Milk.  In the obscured bottle and packaging and kept away from extremes of temperature this should last a good while. 

Don’t just take my word for it though, there are plenty of others out there who have stated how much they love this version, several of which can be seen on VapeClubs own page - Mother’s Milk Obsidian - VapeClub.


VapeClub have kindly donated one of these superb packages for a lucky PotV reader to win in the nic strength of their choice.  Not only that!  They have also offered three lucky runners up to win a standard 30ml bottle each of Mother’s Milk.

VapeClub are one of the top juice retailers on the market and are always getting great new juice ranges in and often send out special offers and promotions to their customers - so show them some love and sign up to their newsletter here.

You can enter the competition to win this exclusive box set of liquid and more by answering the simple question on this page.  Good luck vapers, this one is certainly worth winning!

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