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Jinx E-Liquid Shortfills

We got to try the awesome new shortfill range from Jinx and also got to find out if we are Blessed or Cursed along the way!

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Do you believe in luck? How about fate? I try to be rational, I believe we are in charge of our own destiny but that doesn’t stop me from avoiding walking under ladders, saluting magpies and being generally suspicious of black cats. I doubt it makes any difference at all, but some people seem to be naturally lucky and others seem to live a cursed existence. Personally, I think I tend to be lucky but maybe I’m just a bit of an optimist! One way my lucky streak makes itself felt is through vaping. I am lucky to have found Potv early on, I am really lucky to have become part of a great team of like-minded vape nerds, and I am super-duper lucky to get to try some amazing e-liquids and then share my thoughts on them with you!

I have been sent the brand new range of shortfills, intriguingly called Jinx, which carries the tagline “blessed or jinxed”, rather enigmatic but it all became clear quickly. The label art is very clear, giving you the name and flavour clearly along with all the usual info. But here is where things get fun as on the side is a scratch off panel. Armed with a coin, I set to work scratching the silver layer away to reveal my fate…”Sorry…JinX”. Oh well, I had four more tries so I grabbed my lucky penny again and started to scratch. This time I got lucky and under the scratch panel was a bronze winner logo and a code so off I went to claim my prize. This is very easy, just fill in your code on the website (there is also a QR code on the bottle) and a basic form, and once submitted I discovered I had won 10% off. Nice! I then rushed through the other scratch panels to find another loser, a silver winner, and a gold winner! Now I don’t know the odds for being a winner with each bottle, but I reckon I really did get lucky here as I won another 25% off and a nice cash prize. Looking at the prize lists, you have a chance to win anything from discounts, gift vouchers, new vape gear, cash prizes or games consoles so it is definitely worth giving it a go.

Jinx Shortfill E-liquid Range winners and losers

But now we have the fun bit sorted, it is time to get serious as prizes are awesome but it’s no good if the contents of the bottles aren’t up to scratch. I was sent the full range of Jinx shortfills which come in 100ml bottles (with space for your nic shots) and are all 70vg/30pg.

Blueberry and Cherry

“We’ve brewed up a future vape classic with this tempting concoction. Blueberry and Cherry are bound together in a cooling blast of tangy fruitiness. Both fruit flavours take control from inhale to exhale, constantly alternating to keep your taste buds guessing.”

Anyone who knows me, knows I am slightly obsessed with the hunt for good cherry e-liquids. It has been my mission for nearly 11 years now and very few have come close, so it was with anxious excitement that I cracked this open and had my first tentative sniff. This was a very promising start, strong blueberry and juice cherry came wafting up my nose. No holding back now so I quickly filled my tank and got vaping. This is good, really good! The initial smell translated into a thick berry taste sensation. I was really surprised how strong and full the blueberry was and I would say it is the more dominant flavour which is followed up by the rich sweet cherry. I really didn’t expect so much flavour, but this filled every tastebud. Top notch juice!

Jinx Shortfill E-liquid Range Blueberry and Cherry

Pineapple and Grapefruit

“Looking for a tropical e-liquid that will take your breath away? Then you’re eyeing up the right vape juice! Tropical Pineapple hits your taste buds like a tidal wave, occupying your whole palate with dazzling fruitiness.”

I really like pineapple but grapefruit? This sounded like a strange combination, and I must admit that grapefruit would not be a flavour that I’d usually be keen on trying. That would be a massive mistake as it turns out that it is a really great flavour when mixed with something sweet. The pineapple is a very sweet variety, it reminded me of those pineapple cube sweets that you can get from ye olde sweet shops and is not a fresh fruit type of vape. The grapefruit is tart and tangy and this really makes for a wonderful sweet and sour juice and all in all, it is a really inspired combination. This is one where it really pays to dare to be different.

Jinx Shortfill E-liquid Range Pineapple and Grapefruit

Raspberry and Rhubarb

“Fresh and fruity. If you’re looking for all day vaping nirvana, you’ve found it!”

These are two of my favourite flavours and I often used to mix up my own raspberry and rhubarb juices when I used to DIY. My attempts were never as good as this though. Both flavours are fresh and bold, and they weave in and out of each other beautifully. One inhale and the raspberry feels stronger, the next the rhubarb takes control, they are just two flavours which really work well together and this juice lets them both really shine.

Jinx Shortfill E-liquid Range Raspberry and Rhubarb

Banana and Apricot

“Savour chilled Banana and Apricot notes. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never turn back!”

The banana is definitely the boss here. I would say it is more of a candy banana, not one of your five a day, so if you like foam sweets, you are in for a treat. It is strong and the apricot gives it more of an interesting flavour in the background, a light tropical vibe which is just enough to make things interesting. I am not sure I would have been able to pinpoint the flavour if it wasn’t clearly stated on the label but that doesn’t really matter when it tastes as good as this.

Jinx Shortfill E-liquid Range Banana and Apricot

Blackberry and Pear

“One of our smoothest creations; but beware, this e-liquid is anything but predictable. On the first inhale you’ll be enchanted by the smoothest Pear flavour imaginable; it’s almost dessert like in its buttery sweetness!”

In every juice range that I am sent, there is always a bottle or two which leaves me less excited to try, and this was the one that I was kind of indifferent about testing. Often these juices turn out to be the biggest surprises so I really should have learned by now not to judge a juice on face value as this turned out to be a real treat. I don’t usually enjoy overly floral flavours and most blackberries tend to be just that, to be fair this one is also quite flowery but for once, it was in a nice way. I think the fact it tastes like good blackberries probably explains things. Pear can also be a bit bland but in this case, it is the perfect complement to the berries. It also has a bit of a Vimto feel to it which I love. This turned out to be a very addictive juice indeed.

Jinx Shortfill E-liquid Range Blackberry and Pear

Final thoughts

The Jinx range is a really strong line up, full of vibrant flavours and so much fruity goodness. It is very rare to find a range as consistently good across full selection, but these managed it with ease. It would probably be easier to choose my favourite child than it is to choose my favourite Jinx juice, each one is as good as the last or the next. They are all very sweet, so if you don’t like a sugar hit, they may be a little too powerful for you, but they really hit the spot for me. The best part though is that although they are super sweet, they are surprisingly kind to your coils and wicks. Normally with this level of flavour and sweetness, I would be reaching for my coil building kit for every refill, but these seem to be absolutely fantastic in that department. The added bonus of having the chance to win some great prizes is brilliant but to be honest the real winners here are the juices themselves. They deserve a spot in any vapers juice stash.

If these tickle your fancy, you can order them direct from Jinx or from E-liquids.com for £14.99 a bottle. Many thanks to Jinx for sending these over for review, and don’t forget to drop in to the forum to let us know if you are “blessed or Jinxed”.

Jinx Shortfill E-liquid Range and a little light reading

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