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Jack Rabbit Vapes Own Range Shortfill

Having previously reviewed the Rachael Rabbit juices, I was very impressed with all of the flavours which were very well crafted and had a real premium taste to them, so I was keen to try the Jack Rabbit range to see how they compared. Find out how we got on in our review!

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Jack Rabbit Vapes Own Range Shortfill 

Supplied by Jack Rabbit Vapes for Review Purposes

Having previously reviewed the Rachael Rabbit juices (Nic Salt & Shortfill), I was very impressed with all of the flavours which were very well crafted and had a real premium taste to them, so I was keen to try the Jack Rabbit range to see how they compared. Although the flavour profiles weren’t as exotic as the Rachael Rabbit range, they are all flavours that appeal to me.

The box art and bottle labels are well designed. The shortfill caps were easy to remove with a notch under the lip for you to prise open the nozzle portion. There was a different bottle style with the Succulent Strawberry bottle, which had a screw cap and a nozzle press fit cap. This was nice to see and made adding nicotine very easy.

I didn’t receive any nic shots so opted to use my own PG based nicotine for extra flavour, though it will thin the juice a little (not recommended for leaky tanks so add VG base nicotine). 

Jack Rabbit Vapes Own Range Shortfill bottles

Banoffee Pie

Jack Rabbit Vapes Own Range Shortfill Banoffee Pie

"On the inhale you get the dreamy whipped cream with sweet caramel toffee with a touch of  fresh banana. Following this, during the exhale the hints of butterscotch compliment the buttery biscuit base.  Deliberately made to be that dessert flavour that you can vape all day, we think we have achieved what we set out to do."

This is one of those flavours many manufacturers have tried and failed to get right. I even tried a DIY mix myself and failed, so I was half expecting this to be too sickly. Thankfully the recipe is a perfect balance and neither the ‘pie’ or ‘banana’ were overpowerin. The flavour was really nice and smooth. The hint of butterscotch was a nice touch and made this flavour that little bit different. I didn’t notice any difference in the inhale and exhale, but I did find a nice banana and butterscotch aftertaste left in my mouth. The only thing I found was that the flavour was ever so slightly muted, so this one might benefit from extra steeping.

I did try this with an RDA but found it delivered more flavour in a mesh stock coil tank (Smok Baby V2 – S2 coil).

Score 7/10 Nice balanced dessert but slightly muted

Raspberry White Cookie

Jack Rabbit Vapes Own Range Shortfill Raspberry White Cookie
"Dreamy White Chocolate, creamy tones of vanilla surrounded by chewy cookie dough. Complemented by a perfect blend of sweet and tangy raspberries."  

This flavour is one I was looking forward to. The supplier description was mouth-watering, so I got stuck into it pretty fast (after one day steeping). Surprisingly, this wasn’t an instant like. It was a bit ‘meh’ at first, but after going back to it the next day, I was hooked. I think it was my overly high expectations coming into play. The flavour balance is really well done, and I enjoyed picking up the different flavour tones of this recipe though ironically raspberry didn’t come through very much. This flavour was good in both mesh and RDAs, and I definitely enjoyed going through this bottle. This is one I would buy again.

Score: 8/10 – Enjoyable mix of flavours


Jack Rabbit Vapes Own Range Shortfill Rio
"The profile for this tropical flavour is, fresh, juicy Pineapple that gives a sweet punch on the inhale, with Papaya and Mango followed by a delicate touch of Coconut and Cream to give a tropical blend to allow a taste of summer all year round."

For me, this juice was the pick of the bunch. Not only was the profile description spot on, this recipe was instantly lush. I can’t say I could detect the exact flavours coming through on the inhale and exhale, but all I know is they blended together perfectly throughout the vape. This one is an all-day vape (ADV), and I soon got through the bottle. It is one I can’t see me becoming bored and yes, it’s as they say, “a taste of summer all year round”.

Score: 9/10 – Lush Fruity All Day Vape

Mandarin Cheesecake

Jack Rabbit Vapes Own Range Shortfill Mandarin Cheesecake

"Delicately sweet mandarin provides a zesty element to create the ultimate balance between the creamy vanilla and biscuit cheesecake base. This surprisingly light e liquid is a dessert lover’s dream."

I’m not sure why, but I have never tried cheesecake flavours before, so I was keen to see if this flavour worked. It turned out a bit strange as, to get the most out of this flavour, I found that I needed a lower wattage than usual as I prefer a warmer vape. Higher wattage ruined the gorgeous flavour, so I ended up vaping this with a squonk RDTA (Vandy Vape Pyro V2), and I’m glad I did. You end up with a smooth flavour, and the mandarin clearly comes through on the inhale, and both the vanilla and biscuit on the exhale. You are left with an orange and biscuit aftertaste.

So I now know cheesecake flavour does work in eliquid, and I am keen to try more.

Score: 8/10 – Works a treat in lower power and you’re rewarded with a gorgeous flavour

Blueberry Duffin

Jack Rabbit Vapes Own Range Shortfill Blueberry Duffin
"Juicy, sweet, fresh blueberries added to a perfect mix of light, fluffy muffin and a sweet doughnut base. The careful balance between desserts and fruits makes this flavour perfect for all vapers."

Before I begin, I must admit I don’t like blueberry. I don’t hate it as such, but it is not a flavour I go out of my way to choose. That said, I’ve scoffed my fair share of blueberry muffins over the years, so I tried to be open minded when testing this one.

So I freshly wicked up my Wasp Nano RTA (a great flavour giving single coil RTA), and gave it a go. It is difficult to not sound overexcited about this one so I will just say WOW!

This flavour works on so many levels. Fortunately, the blueberry isn’t overpowering, and the sweet doughnut and fluffy muffin bond together in a perfect dessert flavour. I seriously love this one, and I now get why they chose the word ‘Duffin’ as it does taste a mixture of eating a doughnut and muffin together with a nice sweet blueberry tone. The inhale is good, but the exhale is even better and leaves an aftertaste as if you’ve just eaten a blueberry duffin – Great Recipe!

Score: 9/10 – A dessert lovers dream flavour

Succulent Strawberry

Jack Rabbit Vapes Succlulent Strawberry
"The flavour profile is designed to give a thick, sweet, juicy strawberry taste on the inhale followed by the delicate cooling effect on the exhale to give a fresh feeling. A subtle twang is experienced at high wattages to really give that true, fresh, strawberry experience."

As you can see from the taller box, this 50ml bottle came with a plain screw cap and a separate press fit nozzle and top cap, making it very easy to pop your nic shot in and fit the new nozzle – top marks for that.

Flavour wise, it’s like Jack Rabbit reviewed this flavour exactly in their supplier description. I really couldn’t have put it better myself! I have had little luck with strawberry juices, so I was really pleased to find one I enjoyed (a lot). At first I was like ‘is this a Strawberry Milkshake’, but no, the inhale is clearly pure, sweet and ripe strawberry flavour, and the exhale chills it ever so slightly, enough to make it refreshing. You are left with a really pleasant aftertaste that lasts. 60ml (inc nic shot) didn’t last me too long as I used this juice on my Freemax Mesh Pro with a triple core coil which is a thirsty tank, but it was worth it. I am glad they suggest high wattage as I could have missed out had I tried it in a low wattage setup.

Score: 8/10 – If you love Strawberries then this is the closest I have come across to the real thing

Overall Conclusion

Having previously tried Jack Rabbit Vapes spin off range Rachael Rabbit, I knew the pedigree of this juice manufacturer. I wasn’t expecting so much from this range as the RR range flavour profiles were far more complex with a chef like attention to balancing the ingredients. As it turned out, I ended up enjoying these flavours far more than I had expected. The titles don’t quite do justice to the blends, which are well balanced and have that premium juice experience.

The old cliché ‘flavour is subjective’ usually means that not all flavours will be right for you, I was lucky as all six flavours were a treat, with a couple of surprises along the way. I don’t think you can go far wrong by the supplier descriptions on this range. If they sound like something that appeals then I think you are in for a treat.

Supplied by Jack Rabbit Vapes for Review Purposes

Jack Rabbit Vapes Shortfill range

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