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Jack Cali’s is an eliquid brand based out of, yep you guessed it, California, and if the name doesn't give the game away then I'll tell you that the juices that comprise the Jack Cali's range are not only influenced by their home state, but named after places, areas and people connected to California. Jack Cali's is a brand I have been watching for a while, as it's intriguing flavour blends have been earning rave reviews and huge popularity stateside, and when Spiritus Vapes offered me the chance to review the range, naturally I jumped at the chance!

Jack Cali's is the result of a year's worth of intense development, research and testing by expert mixologists based out of California, with the resultant 8 juices embodying the spirit of California itself. They are mixed using only the finest grade ingredients, and the highest pharmacopoeia grade Nicotine, Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycerol. All of the Jack Cali's range are blended to a 60 VG 40 PG mix, with the exception being Bixby which contains 96% VG.

Fancy a taste of California at home? I sure do, so let's dive in and see what Jack Cali's has to offer!


An earthy, light wood tobacco breathing warm fruit notes of tobacco and raisin. Tobacco. That evil thing we’re all trying to escape from. If you’ve tried other tobaccos, you probably know to avoid them. Going in, we realized that if we were going to make a tobacco flavour, it had to be second to none. We took away everything that makes most tobacco flavours terrible. Instead, this tobacco breathes warm fruit notes, an earthy light wood and a pleasant plum and raisin taste. It’s warm and alive, fresh leaf and full of flavour. If you’ve stayed away from tobaccos in the past this is a must try. We’ve designed this tobacco to taste great as a sub-ohm vape you never would have expected.


Well I can safely say that Eureka wasn't a vape that hung around my collection long, as it was so delicious and catered to my palate so well that I couldn't put it down, and next thing I knew it had all gone! 

One thing that made me apprehensive at first was when I noticed raisins in the flavour profile. I hate raisins. Can't stand the little buggers. However they seem to intertwine with the light tobacco and plum exhale so well that they become an integral part of this excellent juice. There's a real fruity zest to this tobacco vape thanks to the plum and raisin and it compliments it perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this to someone that wasn't previously a tobacco fan, as eureka is light and sweet enough to appeal to just about anyone.


A high VG shot of fresh organic blueberry flavour that really zings. The high 96% of VG gives this juice a smooth, clean shot of fresh, organic blueberry flavour that really zings. This is rocket fuel for a cloud chaser. No chapstick taste, just good flavour. Named after the Bixby area of Long Beach, home of the sub-ohm champions.

Bixby is straight up smooth and sweet blueberry, the smoothest blueberry juice I've ever had the pleasure of trying, rounded off with a tangy sweetness that's oh so good. It's a very high blend of VG, and many tanks will struggle to wick it, so you want to set Bixby aside for use in an RDA and just enjoy the intensely smooth clouds this juice brings to the table!


A totally peach perfect flavour with a warm cream finish. Visalia is a city situated in the agricultural San Joaquin valley of California, known for its fresh fruit. With this as our inspiration we have crafted a totally perfect peach flavour with the taste of fresh cream to follow, making this a delicious vape.


There are many peaches and cream juices out there, however many only manage to capture the taste of tinned peaches and cream, rather than sweet, ripe peaches dunked in delicious thick cream. Visalia however, manages to provide a very juicy and sweet peach inhale, that delivers the flavour of the fruit itself, and on the exhale I pick up deliciously thick and moreish cream, with the balance between peach and cream just perfect. It really is like dunking fresh chunks of peach into thick helpings of cream, and best of all without having to worry about any calories!


The sunny taste of melon and honeydew with a fresh, milky undertone. Solano, the county that is named after the brave indian chief, offers an equally brave flavour. The sunny taste of fresh, juicy melon paired with sweet honeydew delivers a refreshing flavour that is perfect for an everyday vape. Its smooth, milky undertone will brighten up even the most flavourless of tanks.

I’ve got a real weakness for melon based vapes, and Solano delivers a melon vape bursting with realistic tasting melon on the inhale, followed up with a creamy milk undertone. The melon really is stunning, with a juicy honeydew flavour that lingers on your tastebuds and really provides a fantastically flavourful vape that appeals massively to me. Solano is a juice that didn't last me an evening, I happily kicked back with my Snapdragon RDA and just enjoyed the outstanding flavour this juice bought to me!


A strong, dark and deep Americano coffee with a hint of vanilla. Berkeley is known for its artisan coffee shops and with this juice it’s like being served by a true barista. We deliver an Americano coffee with a slight vanilla hint to finish off the vape, leaving you wanting more. Friends and co-workers may worry about how many cups of coffee you have a day, but you can never have too much of Jack Cali’s Berkeley…

Until recently, I'd never got along with coffee vapes, finding them either too strong or artificial, and often not tasting anything remotely close to the real thing. Berkeley captures a dark coffee bean flavour that is rounded off with an undertone of vanilla, that makes for a smooth and very tasty coffee vape. Berkeley is one I truly enjoyed, and it's actually made it onto my list of juices I can't be without, I have found it to be a great way to start off and finish my day!


Apple Hill

A fruity pie of apple and raisin with the taste of sweet, earthly pastry, plus a hint of tobacco. Fruit notes of raisin and apple, paired with a pastry crust that is smooth and lovely to vape. Aspirationally, the flavour is designed to conjure up, home, warmth, and comfort food. Think of a dark den, plush in antique leathers, with a fire roaring, a whiskey in your hand and your dog at your feet. You, sir, have arrived. You live on Apple Hill…

Now we are talking, Apple Pie, I love a slice of the real thing and I love vaping apple pie flavours too. Apple Hill is apple pie with a twist, a real warming apple pie vape with an apple and raisin inhale, thick pie crust in the background, and a light twist of smooth tobacco in the background. I really enjoyed the tobacco twist to this vape, it really blends well with the pie crust and makes for a pretty unique and special apple pie vape!


A refreshing cool taste of blueberry, sparkling like the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Refreshing, fresh taste, like the clear blue waters of lake Tahoe on a November morning. Wake to the greenery of the mountain and the white slopes begging you to gear up, grab your board and shred. Blueberry is paired with a koolada, similar to menthol, but not. It’s subtle and enhances the fruit of the blueberry without giving you a headache or too sharp a taste on your tongue.

There's a very similar blueberry to the one present in Bixby, a sweet ripe blueberry flavour that tastes just like a mouthful of the real thing, but this time there's a strong cooling sensation paired with the Blueberry that refreshes your palate ready for the next inhale. It's a great palate cleanser and a really tasty one at that!


A homestyle warm recipe of Apple and delicious pastry crust. Reminiscent of a homestyle recipe, with the taste of warm apple and delicious pastry crust. This is a smart apple flavour, with technology running through its veins. It begs for lower ohms, and as you give, it delivers. This vape is one of a kind…

We Vape

Cupertino offers a more traditional Apple Pie styled vape over Apple Hill, and it's one that is definitely more for the apple pie purists that are seeking a straight up apple pie vape. On the inhale I get sweet baked apple notes, and there is a thick pie crust to top Cupertino off. It's definitely get served warm, I found it to perform best at high watts, with it shining in the Aeolus Lite at 55w. If you want a no frills serving of apple pie, there aren't many that do it better than Cupertino! 


Jack Cali's is such an incredibly well rounded line of juices, you'd be hard pressed to not find one here you like. The sheer quality of these juices have made them a staple of my own juice rotation, and a range of juices I'll be re ordering for a long time to come. There's enough here to cater for all tastebuds, with delicious fruits, tobaccos and dessert flavours on offer, all expertly blended and very tasty indeed.

It brings a sunny taste of California to your palate at home, and trust me, this range of delicious juices definitely isn't going to let you down, bursting with rich and vibrant flavour and enough variation with the range to keep you coming back for more time and time again. The Jack Cali's range is one that I highly recommend, and it's one of my top discoveries of 2016 already!

Many thanks to Spiritus Vapes for sending the Jack Cali's range through for me to review, you can purchase the outstanding Jack Cali's range amongst other top drawer UK and US eliquids at spiritusvapes.com, don't forget to use POTVSV as your discount code for 10% off and free shipping on your order!

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