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IVG Super Juice

IVG Super Juice 100ml Shortfills

Supplied by IVG For review purposes
£10.99 each (includes nic-shots) or 2 for £20

IVG have sent us some of their latest ‘Super Juice’ range to try out, the flavour profiles sound quite promising and refreshing.

They come with 100ml of juice with enough space to add 20ml of nicotine shots (included) to make up 120ml 3mg which works out under £1 per 10ml making it great value.

The mix is 70VG/30PG which makes it suitable for sub-ohm DL (Direct Lung) vaping and high vapour production, so check that your coil will be suitable (generally the tiny coils over 0.8ohms with small cotton wick holes aren’t suitable).

88 Vape

IVG Super Juice nic shots

The top cap flips off quite easily. There’s a tiny notch and I use a two pence piece to pop it open, add your nicotine and it clips back on with a snap. Screw the cap back on and shake the living daylights out of it until it looks cloudy, the smaller the bubbles the better it mixes, I tend not to vape straight away and let the juice settle back to its natural state (no bubbles). If you have the luxury of time, I find it tastes better if left for a few days but try to shaken a couple of times a day.

IVG Super Juice with geekvape aegis mini 2

I decided to test this range with the superb Geek Vape Aegis Mini 2 (M100) and I changed the coil when changing flavours. I chose this kit due to the superb flavour and high vapour production I get from it. I didn’t have the time to polish off each bottle but made sure I tested at least 10ml of each.

Blue Dazzleberry

"Dazzle your senses with the classic blue slushy flavour, giving you the ultimate cool raspberry experience."

The Electronic Cigarette Company

This flavour was a safe bet as it’s a proven favourite for vaping, it clearly tasted like a ‘blue slushy’ ice drink, and the raspberry to blueberry balance was spot on. You taste the raspberry more on the inhale and the blueberry kicks in on the exhale, the aftertaste is a blend of the two. I did enjoy this one a lot and would be happy to use it as an ADV (All Day Vape), fans of this flavour profile won’t be disappointed.

IVG Super Juice Blue Dazzleberry

Crimson Pink Fizz

"Lemonade has never tasted so good, with hints of strawberry and tangy raspberry and your favourite fizzy kick!"

This one is quite punchy, I was a little surprised how the two flavours balanced out each other to produce a nice fruity blendthough. It’s quite a sweet one which leaves a tasty aftertaste. It reminded me more of a Fruitella chew more than a drink. I would class this as a treat over an ADV.

IVG Super Juice crimson pink fizz

Vape Club

Gummy Wonder

"A wonderful mix of all of your favourite fruity chew flavours, pineapple, blackcurrant, lime, cherry and orange, coated in a pop of sweetness."

Quite the combination of fruits all in one flavour, I’m not sure why I was expecting ‘fruit pastels’ but it wasn’t that. It was closer to those foamy type chewy things, I haven’t a clue what they are called but they are shaped like a mushroom. Either way, the flavour was bloody lovely. The inhale/exhale was similar and it was tricky to pick out any individual fruit, the aftertaste was pleasant and moreish. 10ml was ample as a treat though, but I will happily go back to this one.

IVG Super Juice gummy wonder

Mapple Mix Up

"Mix it up with fresh mango and sour green apples, socking you right in the taste buds!"

I’m not quite sure what to make of this one. As the description says, “socking you right in the taste buds!” and it certainly does that! Mango was dominant on the inhale and the sour apple on the exhale, the aftertaste was when you really got the punchy mix, but I found it quite harsh for an ADV, I think I would more use this one in a lower powered setup or RDL.

Premier Ecigs

IVG Super Juice Mapple Mix up

Midnight Berry Breeze

"Go to the dark side with the deep flavours of blackcurrant, cooled with a menthol breeze."

I had to retreat from this one as I can’t hack ‘menthol’, and it was very dominant in this one. It just reminded me of cough sweets. The blackcurrant was clear and pleasant but the menthol was too much for me, after 2ml I had to give up on it – I tried though. I also didn’t appreciate the food colouring in this one and it already started to stain the seals in my tank after 2ml.

IVG Super Juice Midnight berry breeze

Whammmy Bar

"A sweet chew flavour teams electric raspberry with a fizzy sidekick, creating a flavour that’s out of this world!"


Yum! This was the pick of the bunch for me and made up for the previous menthol jobbie. I can’t put my finger on it as it’s not just a fizzy raspberry. The closest I can describe it is like half of one of the ‘Fruit Salad’ chews. I was quite getting the ‘fizzy’ but it all just worked for me. The inhale/exhale and aftertaste were all as pleasant as each other, a bit sweet but one I could use daily (ADV) and I carried on with this one well after the 10ml.

IVG Super Juice Whammmy bar


Overall I found the selected ‘Super Juice’ flavours pretty good. With the exception of the menthol one, I would happily rebuy and a couple will make it into my favourite ADV’s. For the money, they are good value but don’t taste like ‘budget juice’ but at the same time they don’t quite have that premium taste either. They are simply a good juice with pretty safe flavours that should appeal to most folks.

IVG Super Juice range

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 Si Davies
Article by Si Davies
Now into my 50's I smoked ciggies for most of my life, I used to smoke tailor mades for 20+ years then onto rollups for 15+ years, as much as I enjoyed smoking I was forced to quit after an operation, started vaping in 2017, managed to quit the ciggies in 4 days, plodded along vaping using local shop naff vape gear until I discovered POTV then learned so much and enjoy vaping far more than smoking.
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