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IVG Juicy Range

IVG have sent us over their new Juicy range to check out, and they have really spoilt us by letting us try both the shortfills and the nic salts!

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Welcome to another Planet of the Vapes juice review, and this time we have a household name when it comes to e-liquid, IVG.

IVG (or I Vape Great) is a UK based company that has quite literally taken over the world. Starting back in 2016 in Preston, England, their success and customer base has seen them go global. They sell their products in over 100 countries and pretty much every hobbyist vapers has heard of them, and many will have already tried a bottle or two of their e-Liquids. Take a look at their website, and the reason why they are such a global powerhouse is easy to see, with links for sponsors, joining the IVG family and wholesale opportunities all there. They have had many different ranges over the past four years and they sell a huge selection of products from nic salt to different sub ohm ratio shortfills and e-liquids including the one we are going to look at today.

So it was my pleasure to be able to try new IVG Juicy Range, consisting of four different flavours that are available in both nic salt and shortfill form. I had the chance to experience both styles of these flavours so what I want to do is to talk about each one separately as my experiences varied quite a bit depending on vaping style. For this review, I settled on using the Falcon 2 for the shortfills and the Horizontech Magico for the nic salts. The Juicy Range of shortfills come in a 70/30 ratio, nicotine free, and the nic salts were 10mg 50/50. As always, what I was looking for was flavour, experience and value for money, so without further ado, this is the IVG Juicy Range.

IVG Juicy Range shortfills and Nic salts

Tropical Blast

"A complex merge of freshly squeezed and iced exotic fruits bringing you notes of sweet and sour kiwi followed by natural luscious red watermelons, rounded off with delicate amounts of sour green apples."


On first smell of this one, you can certainly pick up the mix of different tropical fruits in here. There isn’t one that really stands out but it almost becomes deceptive, it certainly smells like summer. On to the vape experience, and on the inhale you certainly get a lot of different fruits all blended together with a sweet, sharp tone on your tongue. There is a lot of different tones to take in on the inhale but there is a slight cool feeling whilst doing it, which isn’t too deep or too cold. Moving on to the exhale, and the mix of different fruits really blends together well with a rather sweet element and a consistent cool undertone. I didn’t really experience any sour notes, the flavour was very sweet. Using the different mix of fruits and leaving out the more typical ones, it certainly provides a different experience and although light in flavour compared to others, it feels refreshing and enjoyable.

Nic Salt

The flavour with the nic salt is rather similar to the shortfill and again, even from the mix of fruits, there isn’t any stand out flavour. The cool effect is still there, mild and enjoyable, but combined with this explosion of different fruit tones, it all balances out really well. There is a slight sour undertone after the exhale with the nic salt, but generally it is rather a similar experience. The 10mg makes it lovely and smooth with no harshness at all.

IVG Juicy Tropical

Pina Colada

"The ultimate Pina Colada cocktail, made with fresh pineapple juice blended with coconut milk topped with fresh cream and shaken with crushed ice. Leaving you with the most authentic Pina Colada drink, all in one vape."


The first thing that hits you with this flavour is the coconut mixed with the pineapple, there is no mistaking that this recipe is designed around the drink. It has a very sweet smell to it, but it is not overpowering. On the inhale, you get a lovely hit of a smooth, mild coconut, almost perfectly placed in the recipe. It is sweet and cool but not overpowering at all. Moving onto the exhale, and the pineapple comes through from sweet to fruity, again with a lovely mild, cool undertone to the flavour. The flavour again feels a little underpowered but it blends together well enough to give a lovely take on the cocktail. I just feel it would benefit from a bit more strength, but it still feels well balanced. It just needs that oomph to bring it out at higher wattages.

Nic Salt

The nic salt for Pina Colada, however, is a completely different ball game. Honestly, this is one of the nicest nic salts I have had the pleasure of trying, and what it is missing at the shortfill really shines in this version. Scent wise, it is very much the same as you would expect, but the flavour is much stronger and smoother which was a surprise to me. I got far more of the cream and milk elements come through on the start of the exhale, and there are nice even notes on the inhale which creates a lovely experience vaping a smooth yet fruity mix of flavours. It is creamy, sweet and not overly cool. I would highly recommend this one.

IVG Juicy Range Pina Colada

Berry Medley

"A unique medley of dark blackcurrants, packed with sour raspberries finished off with a green apple juice, the perfect summer concoction."


On the smell of this one, the first impression I get is Ribena. The blackcurrant is sweet and yet light which is very interesting indeed. Blackcurrant can be far too overpowering, so the fact it even smells like Ribena means IVG have not gone for the default overload style of recipe here. On to the inhale, and the blackcurrant is certainly there, strong but not overpowering, with notes of other fruits right there. It is difficult to pick them out on the inhale, but the flavour is light and smooth on the intake and with a milder sweetness compared to the previous ones so far. On to the exhale now, and the flavour comes alive a little bit more with raspberry and apple being much more noticeable, playing off the blackcurrant really well. The blackcurrant doesn’t go away, but the added fruits seem to make the flavour come to life a little and it creates a lovely sweet mix with a very slight tart aftertaste on the tongue. In my experience, this one was perfectly balanced with the slight cooling. 

Nic Salt

The nic salt for this flavour was again a similar experience. The blackcurrant is a little bit more rolled back, and the flavour doesn’t seem as smooth as the previous two, more akin to a simple fruit flavour. It is enjoyable, but it seems to lack that flavour strength to really make it pop at the lower wattage levels. The nic salt is much more of a fruit mix than the shortfill, the raspberry and apple is more noticeable which isn’t necessarily better, just different. A very pleasant, if not strong, flavour.

IVG Juicy Range Berry Medley

Forest Berries Ice

"A distinguished blend of natural dark blackberries with hints of blackcurrant and red currants brightened up with a sweet burst of red cherries."


I was curious going into this one whether it would be a similar flavour to the previous berry mix, so on first smell it was a surprise that the scent was quite different. You get cherry right away, almost medicinal in fragrance. On to the inhale, and this one you can certainly pick out a medley of different berries on the inhale and they blend together into a lovely sweet yet fruity flavour. The cherry is quite prominent, but the lighter red berry style seems to balance things out and stops it from being overpowering, which was a relief as it could easily have been too much. Moving on to the exhale, and the flavour again is just a lovely, sweet medley of different berry style fruits. The cherry almost rolls back to be taken over by the blackberry, raspberry and redcurrant that is in the mix. The cool aspect is still mild and light, sitting underneath the flavour, and overall it is a lovely fruity mix that isn't too strong, but is very enjoyable none the less.

Nic Salt

It seems like I am repeating myself, but the nic salt again is very similar to the shortfill with perhaps a more noticeable cherry on the exhale this time. It is more sweet than tart which helps it blend in with the other berry fruits, but it is slightly more obvious at the lower wattage. The nic salt version mirrors the shortfill for the most part and so it makes it a lovely alternative to vape at a lower power on the go if that is more your style.

IVG Juicy Range Forest Berries Ice


Honestly, the Juicy range of flavours by IVG is very enjoyable, especially the nic salt versions. It is a strange one for me to review the same recipe in two different forms because it feels like there should be more to say than simply repeating the experiences through different devices. I would probably say that the shortfills felt weaker compared to the nic salts, I certainly got more oomph from them at half the wattage, but then the lack of strength from the shortfill ties in to another positive thing, coil performance. The flavours all worked wonderful on both MTL and subOhm coils, and I didn’t notice any performance drop from either. The flavours are consistent and prominent with a lovely refreshing blend of different fruits to create something that really does stand out from most other fruit mixes. The final thing I look for, as previously mentioned, is value for money and to be honest, I cannot offer that due to the fact there is no set price on the website. But I have seen these flavours for less than a tenner for the shortfills, and at that price point, they are well worth picking up. The nic salts especially are wonderful flavours. If I had to chose one flavour over the rest from this range, the Pina Colada nic salt is one of the best I have ever tried hands down. Many thanks to IVG for sending them in for review.

IVG Juicy Range full range

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