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Indigéne Eliquid: Tamahaac Range

Indigéne Eliquid is a collaborative project between the makers of Manabush and The Druid's Brew Eliquid ranges. This joint venture sees two master masters teaming up - let's see if the results live up to our hopes!

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Indigéne Eliquid: Tamahaac Range

After the first flush of experimentation, vapers are often on the lookout for more grown-up brands that fall outside the fare generally on offer in the market. This vaper is perhaps less interested in immature branding and Indigéne exists to offer this vaper a choice of something a lot more thoughtful- quality flavours that are never boring or obsolete; that invite the user to sample the rest of the range and to engage with what Indigéne are doing in the long term.

Indigéne Eliquid is a collaborative project between the makers of Manabush and The Druid's Brew Eliquid ranges. I’m sure given their extremely popular following readers will be more than familiar with the delicious and meticulously crafted flavours such as Bread of Heaven, Snow Queen (covered here), Powwow Sauce, Coyote Coconut and Omusa.

This joint venture as stated on Indigéne’s website means that “working in a parallel partnership would generate a synergy of ideas”, or in other words with twice the expertise at work you can expect truly incredible results!

This starts with looking for the best flavour components the world has to offer, often wedding the complexity of tobaccos with an identifiable core to create something unique, subtle yet with wide appeal.

After quite literally spending hundreds of hours refining recipes for unique flavours that offered true character and complexity to the discerning vaper, the first fruits of these painstaking labours have now been released as the Tamahaac range. More flavours will follow in the future.

We were kindly sent these first two flavours to review. They feature fully TPD compliant packaging of a folded cardboard outer with the 10ml PET bottle securely held in between. The bottles are nicely labelled, feature an attractive eye-catching design and have child proof top caps. All warnings are clearly marked. The standard bottles are available in 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg strength.

For those of you who would prefer to order a larger amount, the juice can also be purchased in 3x 10ml or 6x 10ml multipacks. Alternatively Short Fill bottles are also available. You can purchase these in either 50ml or 100ml sizes and because they contain no nicotine are entirely TPD compliant. To achieve 3mg strength you will need to add a single 10ml bottle of the same flavour in 18mg nicotine strength for the 50ml short fill, and two bottles for the 100ml short fill. It is important that you stick to using Indigéne E-Liquids and not use QuickNic because that would lead to an imbalanced flavour.

In all cases the juice is mixed to a 50PG/50VG ratio so will work really well in any atomizer. I vaped both juices sent for review in my Titanium Mods Ukraine Achilles II RDA fitted with a 1.0ohm coil wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton.


Our core flavouring “Tamahaac Base” (a blend of tobaccos sweetened with fig) and other complimentary flavours - giving a well-rounded adult and pronounced flavour. A very adult and flavoursome all day vape.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Tamahaac before I vaped it. Reading through the description the inclusion of fig certainly seemed a little unusual to me, nevertheless I was very eager to sample it and when I did, it literally blew me away.

In my opinion Tamahaac is a pipe tobacco fan’s dream in E-Liquid form! It captures the essence of a traditional pipe experience without the health drawbacks, and makes for an absolutely awesome all day vape. What you notice on the inhale is a combination of tobaccos, at one level French Pipe and at another an aromatic Kentucky style that is full bodied, leafy, and just a touch smoky. On its own it would be truly fabulous but the addition of the fig to the mix is perfectly judged, and offers a subtle but delicious sweetness after each exhale that lingers on the lips.

I thought this was an absolutely divine juice and if you’re a tobacco E-Liquid fan you seriously need some of this marvellous nectar in your life. Don’t think about it, don’t question it, just buy it and enjoy Tamahaac vape heaven!

Vapour production was seriously good but exactly what you’d expect from a 50/50 mix. I found the throat hit to be mainly medium in 3mg strength since the sweet fig does counteract the strength of the tobacco to an extent.

Kona Paka

The core base is blended with a rich black Kona style coffee and sweetened with a slight hint of mocha caramel.

I’d often mentioned to Martyn from Manabush how I’d really love one of his excellent flavours combined with coffee. He assured me that he’d painstakingly tried it several times but simply couldn’t achieve a result which completely satisfied him. I’d almost given up hope, at least until now…

For Kona Paka is finally here at last! I’ll be honest I’ve tried a few coffee E-Liquids in my time, some of which were seriously good but everything else seems to pale in comparison for me to this stellar juice. This is the greatest coffee E-Liquid that I’ve always dreamed of!

On the inhale it offers a wonderful Kona coffee that really gives you that perfect caffeine fix. None of that mild coffee Latte rubbish where you can barely taste it, this is the strong coffee goodness some of us have been wanting for quite some time.

It is an absolutely wondrous coffee which ticks every box for me, and this is complimented in outstanding fashion with a slight hint of deliciously rich mocha caramel. It may be my imagination but I also get a few nutty notes in there too, but I think that is due to the juice featuring the Tamahaac base, which serves to provide even more layered depth to this amazing flavour. As a coffee vape fan this is definitely going to be one of my go to juices of all time and I assure you I will definitely buy this incredible flavour by the crate load, because it’s that good!

Vapour production was once more excellent but typical of the mix ratio used. The throat hit in 3mg nicotine strength was medium to strong.


As you can gather from my gushing praise, these juices are an outstanding first offering from Indigéne and while myself and I’m sure many others will be totally satisfied with just these two flavours, many more will be sure to come in the future. This company is certainly going to achieve great things and amass a huge following!

Many thanks to Martyn from Indigéne and Manabush who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

If you would like to purchase either of these juices or both, you can get them directly from Indigéne or from Manabush - available as nic containing juices or short fills. Remember to use code POTV12 for 12.5% off your order when shopping at Manabush.  A new flavour, Paraxu, has just been released too so we'll be covering that one very soon.  We have 120ml of Indigéne eliquid to give away here https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/competitions/win-indigene-eliquids.html.

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