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Heisenberg Limited Edition E-liquid by Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape are back with a bang with their fantastic Heisenberg Limited Edition e-liquids, but don't hang around as you are not going to want to miss out superb new flavours

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I have been vaping for a long time, in fact I am just coming up to my 11th vapeversary in a few days. So I’ve seen a lot of change, trends come, trends go, the world keeps on turning and vaping keeps evolving and changing. With the constant evolution, it really takes something special to break through in the first place, and to maintain real longevity is a feat very few products have managed. I can name loads of e-liquids which changed the shape of vaping, some massive names, but most are consigned to the hazy memories of us old hands. So, you know that Vampire Vape hit the jackpot when they released the original Heisenberg way back in 2014, it became an instant classic and really shook things up when the vape world was still obsessing over custards. Not only did the refreshing blast of berries and aniseed open up the possibilities for big flavours, it is still knocking it out the park today, winning awards such as the Vapearound Hall of Fame 2022. That is real staying power.

Vampire Vape are now celebrating 10 years in the business, and they are doing it in style with four new remixes of the classic Heisenberg flavour. This is a pretty bold move though, the original is such an in-your-face flavour that it must have been a challenge to come up with some equally strong flavours which not only taste great, but also complement the original recipe. But Vampire Vape know what they are doing and have really excelled with this new Heisenberg limited edition selection.

Another thing that sets these juices apart from the herd is the ratios used, these are 60PG/40VG (apart from the 3mg which is 50/50 PG/VG). This really helps the flavours but doesn’t diminish the clouds too much. It also means that you should be absolutely fine to use them in mtl and pod kits with no issue. In fact, these are really good in a pod, it is a match made in heaven. Finally, they also come in a good range of strengths, 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg, so that should keep most vapers happy. At the moment they are only available in 10ml bottles for £3.99 each, bit you can take advantage of the bundle deal which means you can get 4 bottles for £12, the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to the whole range!

Heisenberg Limited Edition E-liquid by Vampire Vape range

Heisenberg Orange

Heisenberg Orange mixes in a sweet and citrusy orange soda to the iconic Heisenberg flavour for a truly unique vaping experience.”

I was interested to see how this one balanced out as I was a little concerned that it might be a little harsh with the mix of citrus on top of aniseed, but this was unfounded as Vampire Vape have chosen a really sweet, juicy orange flavour and have made sure that the balance is perfect. It is one of those lip-smacking flavours that leaves a light sweetness after you put your mod down which makes you want to have more. The orange seems to build up too, so it is quite a multi layered flavour. This was the one I was less excited to try but it became one of the biggest surprises. 10ml is definitely not going to be enough of this so I will definitely be stocking up!

Heisenberg Limited Edition E-liquid by Vampire Vape Orange

Heisenberg Grape

"Heisenberg Grape amps up the fruit fusion in the Heisenberg mix for a sweet and moreish all-day vape."

Somehow this seemed right when I initially read the flavours of the new range, it was one of those moments when everything seems to fall into place with a strangely reassuring certainty, and the flavour didn’t disappoint. The grape is a bit stronger that the orange and all the flavours come together in unison which works well this time round. The grape brings out the richness in the berries more and it is a deeper flavour. It is just as I suspected, grape is just a perfect fit. I think this will be a fan favourite so you might want to get in there quick, limited editions don’t hang around forever you know!

Heisenberg Limited Edition E-liquid by Vampire Vape Grape

Heisenberg Cola

Heisenberg Cola is a delightfully refreshing blend of the award-winning Heisenberg and classic fizzy cola.”

It is quite mad just how different these four flavours are, you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into these as each one is pretty unique. The cola is a much darker affair, this is not some light fizzy pop, this is thick and syrupy and full of depth. The original recipe works to lift and lighten things and it does this very well. It is an intriguing mix. The thing that I really like is the feel of this one, it is full and smooth and really coats every part of your mouth. It is up there with the best cola flavours out there, and the Heisenberg twist gives it an edge of its own.

Heisenberg Limited Edition E-liquid by Vampire Vape Cola

Heisenberg Gum

Heisenberg Gum is the perfect sweet treat; Heisenberg is blended perfectly with a sweet and subtle hint of bubble gum.”

The final flavour in this fantastic foursome smells fantastic (not that the others smell bad, they all smell nice, but this edges it). The taste that follows it doesn’t disappoint either. Initially I thought it was a little bit floury tasting, but that makes way for a seriously lush gum which takes you from unwrapping a piece of branded gum, chewing those first moments where the flavour is at its strongest, and finally to the more mellow mid-level chew. The flavour develops, grows, and evolves in a really clever way. The Heisenberg base is the weakest here, you could almost forget it is there apart from a subtle freshness that adds to the texture without diminishing the gummy goodness.

Heisenberg Limited Edition E-liquid by Vampire Vape Gum

Final Thoughts

The Limited-edition Heisenberg flavours are a bit special. I admit when we were first approached to review them, I wasn’t that excited as I assumed they would be Heisenberg with a few drops of flavour, it sounded a bit of a lazy way to keep things alive. But I couldn’t have been any more wrong in my assumption if I tried, each of these e-liquids is a superb juice on its own merit, they are all quite different from each other and you can taste the amount of work that has gone into developing these. If you fancy giving them a try, I wouldn’t sleep on it as they won’t be for long, although hopefully these will be as big as they deserve to be and Vampire Vape may change their minds and add them to the permanent roster.

Many thanks to Vampire Vape for sending these in for review.

Heisenberg Limited Edition E-liquid by Vampire Vape Full Flavours

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