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Grey Haze New Range E-Liquids

Grey Haze have been planning to revise their existing juices for some time and as such they have now released a brand new E-Liquid line that is produced entirely by them and at present consists of ten different flavours. All of the juice is made in the UK and uses only quality sourced ingredients.

The juice is currently available in 30ml size only. The bottles are made from opaque glass and feature child proof dropper top caps. The labels are minimalist in style but still colourful and eye-catching. All of the information is clearly presented and feature batch numbers, expiry date and ingredients along with the nicotine strength and warnings.

The juice is mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG so you will get very good cloud production and they are available in several nicotine strengths; 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. I received nine of the ten E-Liquids for review and vaped them in my CSMNT RDA which is currently fitted with a 0.6ohm dual coil build and wicked with Japanese cotton.


Mango & Mixed Fruits.

What you get with this juice is a very natural tasting mango which is not too sweet. Along with the mango are subtle hints of pineapple, papaya and perhaps a dash of lime with a touch of lychee which makes for a highly delicious and refreshing vape!

We Vape

I personally felt that this mix had an excellent flavour combination that was familiar but at the same time quite different to other tropical juices out there. Vapour production was excellent and I found the throat hit to be mild in 3mg strength.


Cereal & Milk

While I don’t personally enjoy eating actual cereal I have become quite partial to cereal style vapes and this one is certainly very good. On the inhale you get a slightly sugary sweet cereal combined with a creamy milk taste. After you exhale the taste of milk and sugar does tend to linger on your lips. This is a completely inoffensive and tasty milky cereal vape that is most enjoyable. Personally I could vape this one at any time of the day because I found myself refilling my dripper often!

Vapour production was seriously good and I found the throat hit to be mild in 3mg strength.

Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin

Pure Eliquids

On the inhale you get the taste of fresh muffin combined with a deliciously sweet and natural blueberry. The flavour is excellent and if you enjoy muffins you are likely to want to vape this all day long. The juice while somewhat sweet never becomes overwhelming or sickly. As muffin E-Liquids go this is a seriously good one and well worth trying out!

Vapour production was very good but typical of the mix ratio used. Unfortunately I cannot give you any indication of throat hit since I received this particular juice in 0mg. 

Apple Strudel

Apple Cinnamon Pastry

I am quite partial to Apple Strudel by Bunkr so I was looking forward to seeing how this one from Grey Haze compared. In actual fact it is quite different and very enjoyable but I wouldn’t really call it Apple Strudel. Unlike Bunkr which in my opinion absolutely nails the continental taste this one is much more like American apple pie to me and is a delicious combination of fresh sweet apple and cinnamon.

The pastry taste is excellent but once more tastes like a slightly sugary American variety however if you enjoy apple pie vapes then rest assured this one is extremely good and can be vaped all day long!

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Vapour production was once more decent but typical of the mix ratio used. I found the throat hit to be mild to medium in 3mg strength.


Grape, Blackcurrant & Raspberry

This is a really delicious flavour that is very enjoyable. On the inhale you get a really nice fruity blackcurrant that is natural and not overly sweet and this is combined with a lovely grape flavour. On the exhale you get even more of the grape taste along with a sweet raspberry that lingers on the lips. If you like fruity vapes then this one is well worth checking out!

Vapour production was very good and I found the throat hit to be mild in 3mg strength.


Winter Chocolate

Vape Club

Given the title you might assume this is an After Eight chocolate flavour and you would be absolutely right because it is quite uncanny how similar this is to that popular brannd of chocolates. I personally have to avoid buying After Eight chocolates or I end up scoffing the whole box right away so those of you out there with a similar addiction will really appreciate this E-Liquid. On the inhale you get a dark rich chocolate that is not at all bitter or synthetic and this is perfectly balanced with a clean and crisp mint. It is an excellent flavour for chocolate lovers but bear in mind it is a very dark liquid so it is likely to gunk coils fast and as such I would suggest you only use it in a dripper and not in a tank.

Once more vapour production was very good so I have absolutely no complaints in that department. I found the throat hit to be medium in 3mg strength due to the mint.

Strawberry Gum

Strawberry Bubble gum

Bubble gum, why did it have to be bubble gum? I hate bubble gum. Before opening the bottle I found myself wishing that that this particular flavour was actually strawberry and cream instead because I absolutely loathe bubble gum but I do have to keep in mind that a lot of people out there like it. So the question is does this actually taste like bubble gum? Thankfully it doesn’t and my taste buds really do appreciate the fact that Grey Haze haven’t actually nailed that artificial flavour which I find so repellent.

What you actually get with this juice is a sweet and delicious strawberry which remarkably is combined with a very creamy quality. It isn’t exactly strawberries and cream but I would say it is far more like strawberry Chewits than any form of bubble gum that I have ever had the misfortune to try. You know how bubble gum has that horrible odour (or nice smell if you are partial to it)? Well you won’t find any of that here so despite my initial misgivings I found this strawberry Chewit style vape to be highly enjoyable!

Premier Ecigs

Vapour production was very good but quite typical of the mix ratio used. The throat hit of this juice was a bit stronger and I would say it was medium in 3mg strength.


Rainbow Candy

Funnily enough with this juice I was expecting the flavour of Skittles but in actual fact there is only an ever so slight hint of those sweets. I would say in many ways the flavour you get from this particular juice is more like those fruit jellies that you can buy from the sweet shop.

You can pick out hints of various fruits in the mix such as lemon, strawberry, blackcurrant and lime and every now and then one of them will dominate the others before quickly fading away to be replaced with a different one the next time you inhale. It makes for a very refreshing and enjoyable vape and while it is sweet it never has that overly sweet and sickly American candy quality so it can be vaped all day long!

Vapour production was very good and I found the throat hit to be mild to medium in 3mg strength.


Tobacco Cream

Creamy Tobacco

This is the only tobacco flavour in this range and in my opinion it is a very good one. While the smell from the bottle really does seem like a Virginia tobacco I would say it is a mix of a Virginia and a Burley. The tobacco is distinct, flavoursome and has that leafy quality you would expect from a traditional hand rolling variety. In addition a subtle cream has been added to the mix and this does help to tone down the strong tobacco and makes for a very smooth vape.

If you like good quality tobacco E-Liquids then this one is certainly well worth trying out! Vapour production was excellent and I found the throat hit to be medium to strong in 3mg strength.


This is an excellent range of E-Liquid with a nice amount of variation so you are bound to find something that will appeal to you! All of the juices have very good flavours and excellent vapour production. The only flavour I did not receive was the Fresh Menthol but given the high standard of the other nine juices I would assume it is equally as good.

The juice is competitively priced at £12.99 for a 30ml bottle and do keep in mind you can get 10% off your order if you use code POTV10 at the checkout. Many thanks to Grey Haze who sent this range of juice to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you would like to order any of these juices you can get them from Grey Haze.



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