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Grey Haze Blends Short Fill/ QuickNic Ready E-Liquids

Grey Haze In House Blends are our very own big bottle e-liquids, available from 30ml right up to 120ml these e juices are brilliant value for money and taste absolutely delicious! With runaway best-selling E-Liquid flavours such as Custard, and Strawberry cream, you are sure to find your all day vape right here!

Grey Haze In House Blends are a large range of short fill cost effective E-Liquids. There is a large amount of different flavours available, so there will definitely be something to suit you. Any flavour in the range can be purchased in 30ml, 60ml or 120ml bottles.

The bottles are the typical PET variety with removable lids and child proof top caps. As far as the labels go the information is set out clearly, but nicotine strength and capacity are handwritten. Warnings are absent beyond a section stating that the juice is entirely nicotine free and as such they are fully compliant with the EU TPD regulations. If you have kids you’re going to be keeping all E-Liquids well out of reach whether they contain nicotine or not, so it isn’t a big deal. The juice is mixed to a 50VG/50PG ratio so they will work well with all atomizers.

As stated these are short fill bottles so you will need to add nicotine yourself. Fortunately a bottle of 18mg QuickNic (sold separately) will only set you back 99p. The lids are easy to remove but do make sure to take care when adding nicotine, ideally do this over the kitchen sink. Keep in mind the maximum achievable nicotine strength is 3mg.

Depending which bottle size you purchase you will need either one or two bottles. The guidelines are clearly stated on Grey Haze’s website.

We Vape
  • QuickNic Ratio Guide
  • 30ml requires 1/2 bottle of QuickNic.
  • 60ml requires 1x full bottle of QuickNic.
  • 120ml requires 2x full bottles of QuickNic.
  • The above will result in a 3mg formulation.
  • For further information please see here.

Pricing is very reasonable and is as follows:

  • 30ml- £.8.99.
  • 60ml- £16.99.
  • 120ml- £26.99.
  • 99p for a 10ml bottle of 18mg QuickNic.

I vaped all of these juices in my Titanium Mods Ukraine Achilles II RDA, fitted with a 1.0ohm coil which was wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton.


Custard flavoured e-liquid. Very popular in store! This one gets better with steeping!

I’ve actually purchased this custard on several occasions now and in my opinion it is an excellent flavour, especially when you consider the low price. There isn’t a great deal I can say about a custard E-Liquid beyond the fact that this tastes great and comes across as suitably home-made when you apply a generous amount of heat. It works equally well in an RTA or RDA.

The throat hit was mild when this juice is mixed to 3mg strength and vapour production is very satisfying.

Cotton & Cable

Strawberry Cream

A great mellow strawberry flavour! Not over powering or too sweet, just a great flavoured vape!

I generally find most strawberry flavours to be overly sweet whereas this particular flavour does things differently. What you get on the inhale is a very fresh and natural strawberry, the sweetness is certainly present but never overwhelms and suggests the nature of one you have just picked, rather than one which has been artificially sweetened. The cream is light and compliments the overall strawberry taste beautifully.

I found the throat hit to be mild when the juice was mixed to 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was really good.

Raspberry Ice

Icy raspberry! A great fruity flavour with a cool after taste.

If you’re looking for a cold fruity flavour this one will certainly deliver. On the inhale you get a light sweet raspberry which comes across as very natural. This is combined with quite an icy coldness. It isn’t as face freezing as a straight up menthol flavour but it certainly is a touch chilly.

Pure Eliquids

Personally I rather enjoyed it and found it highly refreshing. I wouldn’t want to vape it all day long but I feel it would be a great flavour to swap to when you fancy a change because it certainly cleans the palate, it could even also be useful when you have a cold.

With the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength I would say the throat hit was certainly medium on account of the coldness. Vapour production was very good for a 50/50 mix.

Lemon & Mint

One of our most popular flavours! A great citrus flavour, with a fresh minty after taste that will excite then cool your taste buds!

After trying this I can see why this is a very popular flavour. Personally I didn’t actually think lemon and mint would work that well as a vape but it certainly does. On the inhale you get an enchanting sweet lemon which then gives away to a pleasant cooling mint taste on the exhale, leaving just the right amount of sugary sweetness on the lips. The mint is certainly cold but not as unforgiving as some of the more potent menthols out there. I found this extremely thirst-quenching and it would make for a cracking great vape in hotter weather.

When mixed to 3mg strength the throat hit was medium. Vapour production was seriously good and seemed much higher than a 50/50 mix ratio.

The Electronic Cigarette Company


Custard flavoured e-liquid. Very popular in store! This one gets better with steeping!

This juice offers a scrumptious French vanilla flavour. It really was truly luscious and is suitably different to the Grey Haze Custard. For starters the flavour is a lot more potent, so if you love strong vanilla this is certainly a juice you should definitely try out!

I think what I loved the most about this juice was the wonderful richness. The throat hit was mild to medium in 3mg strength, and the vapour production was generous for a 50/50 mix.


If you’re looking for low cost E-Liquid then this range will suit you nicely. All of the flavours I tried were very enjoyable and represent great value for money!

Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. You can purchase all of these juices and many more flavours from Grey Haze. Remember to use code POTV10 at the checkout for 10% off your order - not to be used for the purchase of unlicensed nicotine containing products or their components.

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