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Glas Vapor E-liquids

Glas Vapor are an American company that began by developing the world’s most finely machined, and most coveted mechanical mod devices. With the same drive for excellence, they crafted a liquid worthy of carrying the Glas name. Glas E-Liquid possesses great elegance, with wonderful persistence on the finish, crafted through careful complexity and uncompromising perfection. Committed to quality with a focus on excellence, the Glas experience extends beyond the individual product, with a concierge experience focused on making every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better each and every day...that is what Glas is all about.

Every batch of Glas liquid is mixed to the highest standards for consistency and quality of flavour using the best flavourings and ingredients they can source to create the finest e-liquids available  on the market. Each one of their bespoke flavours have been crafted through a rigorous development process in order to birth truly unique flavour profiles. Great care and attention is placed on finding the best combination of ingredients to give you the best overall flavour. In order to deliver an e-liquid worthy of the Glas name an entirely new bottle had to be designed that offers additional room for a full 30ml or 15ml of liquid – unlike traditional bottles which need space for the dropper. This means Glas liquid delivers value in addition to quality.

Glas Vapor Eliquids are mixed to a 60VG 40PG ratio, with nicotine strengths available in zero, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. 15ml, 30ml and 100ml bottle sizes are available, with some of the classiest presentation you are likely to come across. Let’s see if the flavours of the juices match up to the outstanding presentation!


A sophisticated dessert blend of fruit cereal and macaroon, Pebbles boasts a powerful balance of creamy and fruit flavours with a sweet vanilla crisp on the exhale.

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As we all know, the cereal juice market is a crowded one indeed, and it takes something special to stand out from the rest. I’ve tried many cereal juices, and after working my way very quickly through a 30ml bottle of Pebbles I will safely say, this is by far and away the best one I have tried. You have the ubiquitous citrus cereal flavour, however there are little touches and flavour notes added here and there that just make Pebbles stand out from the rest for me. 

I pick up an almost wheaty note in the background alongside the dominant citrus cereal flavour on the inhale, which isn’t offensive at all, but lends authenticity to the liquid. On the exhale the macaroon flavour becomes more noticeable alongside a delicious milky cereal note, that really rounds Pebbles off in style.


Named after the centuries old traditional recipe, Pound Cake is marked by its creamy and balanced flavour. This liquid captures that same subtle taste; with notes of fresh citrus and vanilla on the inhale that are followed by hints of warm cake and lemon zest on the exhale.

Probably the closest cake we have to a Pound Cake over here would be Lemon Drizzle Cake, and Glas have certainly nailed this flavour, from the tangy citrus right down to the cake texture. The citrus on the inhale gives your tastebuds a real tang, and the vanilla counterbalances this and stops the citrus from becoming too overbearing. You get a real cake texture to this vape in the background, I almost pick up hints of cinnamon on the exhale, and a zesty lemon comes in on the exhale to round off a perfect cake vape. Absolutely exceptional stuff. 


A smooth and complex blend of strawberries and sweet cream.


Creamy strawberry vapes rank amongst my favourite vapes, and I thought I had tried the best until I tried Milk by Glas Vapor. It’s a realistic strawberry, with lashings and lashings of sweet cream on top. The strawberry inhale manages to taste like actual strawberry, without being overbearing or artificially sweet, and there is a generous helping of cream throughout, becoming more prominent on the exhale. Milk is really packed with flavour and for the strawberry lovers, this is a juice I highly recommend you try. It’s one of the best I have ever vaped!


Freshly-baked layers of buttery pastry meets a warm, sugar glaze, with hints of Madagascar vanilla—your favorite donut redefined.

Glazed to me is reminiscent of freshly baked warm doughnuts, I found this juice to work best at wattages between 40-50w in an RDA, where the vape is nice and warm. At that range, I found the warmth to add an extra depth to Glazed, meaning it is even more like a warm fresh baked glazed doughnut. There is delicious buttery pastry, that tastes just like the dough from a doughnut, and a layer of sweet glazing on top. The Madagascan vanilla comes in on the exhale and rounds off an absolutely stellar doughnut vape, that really is just like the real thing. 


Sweet, juicy guava, a medley of season-fresh berries and a splash of pink lemonade— a tropical paradise.

Guave is the newest juice from Glas Vapor, and it’s a summer blend of fresh fruits that is tasty enough to enjoy all year round. Fresh Guava forms the base of the liquid, and it is a distinct flavour throughout the vape, and you have a mix of different fruits, berries and even citrus and watermelon notes included in the mix. I managed to pick out citrus, strawberry, hints of watermelon in the background and also raspberries too, with a light pink lemonade exhale. It’s a fruit lovers dream and this juice shined through particularly on a mesh build in my Nextiny, which really bought out the best from this delicious fruit combination.


We had the opportunity to catch up with the Glas team at Vape Jam and were impressed with the passion and vision from these guys, as well as the industry and product knowledge they possessed. After testing their juices, we knew we had to get the range into review as these really did stand apart from the others on offer on that day! Their knowledge has been poured into crafting some of the finest juices I have ever tried, that have been expertly mixed and boast realism and smoothness in abundance. I will admit to being blown away by not just a single juice from the range, but all five I tried, and these juices are ones I will continue to order long into the future, such is the incredible quality and flavour on offer here. Their commitment to quality is also found within their presentation too, with some of the best looking and well presented juice bottles to be found within the Glas range. 

These may be available at a premium price but the quality of the Glas range of juices is quite unlike anything else you are likely to have tried. These stand head and shoulders above the vast majority of juices available today, and each one offers a beautiful taste experience that works incredibly well whether vaped in a tank or a dripper. The smoothness is sublime and the delicious flavour combinations definitely mean these juices absolutely shine in an RDA, where I believe you get the very best out of a range of world class liquids!

Glas will be at the Vaper Expo this weekend so if you are there do go and check them out, it will be worth it - or check out the Glas Vapor site for more info! 

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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