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London based Perino have been around the scene for a fair while now, offering a range of very tasty liquids mixed to a 50/50 juice ratio, that have proved very popular since they first came to market, with a great range of a mix of different flavours offering quality across the board.

Perino’s juices are the result of extensive research by top mixologists, and they use the highest quality ingredients mixed in a London based laboratory, to produce creative and unique flavours. They ensure their liquids are pre steeped so they are ready to vape as soon as you open a bottle, to make sure you experience the flavour blends as they were intended.

Perino have come up with a new range of juices mixed to a 70vg 30pg ratio, available in 30ml bottles with strengths of nicotine free, 3mg and 6mg nicotine, and they have named it Future 70:Thirty. Blended to offer an extra layer of smoothness, and designed to be compatible with sub ohm tanks as well as drippers, four juices are initially on offer here- Breakfast Milk, Pears & Peaches, Pralines & Cream and Strawberry Cupcake. Let's see how this new range stacks up!

Breakfast Milk

Sweet and creamy cereal milk with hints of honey…


In my opinion, Breakfast Milk reminded me the most of drinking the milk left over from finishing a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. There's a subtle wheaty tone to it that is reminiscent of cereal itself, a background note of honey and plenty of creamy milk. It's a smooth flavour that doesn't get too overpowering or heavy, but one that can be enjoyed at any pace all day long. I've found that dripping Breakfast Milk seems to bring out even more creaminess to the vape, and a richer honey as well, it's a really pleasant vape to kick back and drip with!

Pears & Peaches

Poached pears and juicy peach with a light vanilla cream…

Now I've never got on with pear, it's unfortunately one of the few fruits that I actually do not like, so I admit to a sense of trepidation when trying this juice! The peach element I really liked, there's a tasty and sweet peach flavour reminiscent of tinned peaches that I enjoyed as a child for dessert, and a smooth cream in the background. Unfortunately for me the pear element to this juice I'll be honest and say I didn't get on with, it's a realistic pear but as I've mentioned that's a flavour I don't get on with, but I imagine many others out there will. Due to the pear, this one didn't appeal to me I'm afraid, but that's down to my own individual tastes!

Pralines & Cream

Crunchy praline pecan pieces with sweet vanilla ice cream…

Pralines & Cream is a vape with a kick to it, the nutty praline pecan pieces definitely add a sharp kick and some throat hit! The praline flavouring adds a really nice dry texture to the inhale, and the creamy vanilla balances this out on the exhale and adds a tasty smoothness. This blends together really well to make for a tasty vape, that's reminiscent of nutty ice cream.

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Strawberry Cupcake

A light fluffy cupcake with notes of sweet strawberries…

Strawberry Cupcake was my favourite from the Future 70:Thirty range, but then again I have a soft spot for strawberry cupcake vapes! This on is a real winner and amongst the best I have tried to date, a really smooth cupcake vape with a light cakey background and plenty of sweet strawberry flavour! I also get what seems to me like frosting in the background, which pardon the pun is the proverbial icing on the cake, and rounds off a vape I could happily call an all day vape. I've also got to mention that this performed superbly well no matter what atomiser I tried it on, from sub ohm tank, to RDA and RTA, and was even delicious on mesh too, with mesh bringing the best out of the strawberry!


Future 70:Thirty from Perino is a good line of juices, that have plenty of flavour and definitely a lot to offer on the vapour front. However I'll be frank and say that I didn't get on with Pears & Peaches, it didn't appeal to my palate, but that is down to individual taste rather than it being a bad juice, which it is not. The other three juices in the range I enjoyed immensely and I thought they were excellent, with Strawberry Cupcake my pick of the bunch, and I'd happily re order them again. 

Future 70:Thirty from Perino is definitely worth having a look at, there are some really nice flavours on offer in the range that have been mixed very well indeed, offering a smooth and tasty vape, and these work well no matter whether you use them in your sub ohm tank or RDA!

The Future 70:Thirty range can be purchased from Perino's website http://www.perinolondon.com/future.html, if you use the discount code POTV10 you will get 10% off all eliquids on site! 

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