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Fusions by Jack Rabbit Vapes E-liquid

If you like to mix things up a bit, you will love the Fusion range from Jack Rabbit Vapes!

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I don’t know about you but sometimes I find a few e-liquids which I think would make a winning combination when mixed together. It may seem a bit cheeky as I am not a professional juice maker and really these days, I prefer to leave the mixing to the experts, but it would appear I am not alone in this heresy, and the top team at Dispergo are, as ever, one step ahead of the curve and have taken it on themselves. By combining some of their classic recipes, they have come up with a really interesting selection of new flavours under the Fusion brand. The initial line-up has been taken from the Rachel Rabbit, Jack Rabbit, and the Cyber Rabbit ranges, and whilst there are only three flavours so far, they cover a wide range of tastes.

I was sent the 100ml shortfills which are all 70VG/30PG. The graphics are quite subtle but combine the difference brandings in an elegant way, new and yet familiar to Dispergo fans. As always, all the relevant warnings and information is clearly laid out. Nicshots are also included in the price too so you should be good to go as soon as they drop through your letterbox.

Fusions by Jack Rabbit Vapes E-liquids all day vape!

Cyber Queen

Cyber Queen is the Queen of all things fruity! This intense flavour combines the most popular Rachael Rabbit - Redcurrant Grape and Cherry which features, juicy Redcurrants with deep Grapes and tones of red Cherries with the Almighty Xenon Cyber Rabbit which contains a futuristic approach to fruity flavours with fresh Blueberries and sweet Pomegranates all with a touch of ice for a fresh all day vape.....Can your tastebuds handle it?”

The moment you open the bottle, you will be hit by the intense smell of all the fruits, and you really can smell each and everyone. Once loaded up, the flavour absolutely follows suit, and you are almost assaulted with a cacophony of fruity wonderfulness. As intense as it is, it manages to walk the very fine line and none of the flavours every threatens to become overpowering. I would say the signature of all Dispergo juices is their clever use of layering, I don’t think anyone does it better and this combination really does show that skill off, you get dark grapes, rich cherry, sharp redcurrant, smooth blueberry, all coming in waves but also blending together. The icy freshness stops everything from becoming too thick, personally I would prefer it dialled back a touch but that is purely my personal preference and also a result of circumstance. It appears that iced flavours are not a good plan after dental work as it stings a bit! But if you like a bit of a cool vape, you will definitely enjoy what they have done here.

Cyber Queen Fusions by Jack Rabbit Vapes E-liquids

King Cyber

King Cyber - The King of the range, featuring the Jack Rabbit favourite Rio - Pina Colada which contain sweet, tropical, Golden Pineapples with creamy Coconuts and fresh Mango notes complimented by the latest game changer in the Cyber Rabbit range, Radon with Juicy Cranberries with a sweet yet tangy Hedgerow Raspberry twist and a cold kick to finish this incredible burst of flavours.”

I love tropical flavours, so I was really hyped for this one, and it didn’t disappoint. It takes the already banging Rio to a whole new level. The exotic flavours are still the more dominant ones, but the tart cranberry and raspberry really livens things up. The mix of these with the smooth, luscious coconut is heavenly, and then the sweetness of the mango and pineapple counterbalances everything. This is an easy everyday juice for me, it ticks all the boxes and I really had trouble putting it down. I was surprised to see it has a “cold kick”, it is incredibly subtle especially after the Cyber Queen and is just a light twist rather than a feature element. It is just how I like my chill as often it is far too strong to the detriment of the rest of the flavours.

King Cyber Fusions by Jack Rabbit Vapes E-liquids

Double Jack

Double Jack combines the award winning, game changing Banoffee Pie created by Jack Rabbit back in 2016 with the most recent addition to the range the glorious Custard Doughnut. The flavour profile creates a very complex and deep flavour with luscious caramel notes with an authentic doughy Doughnut base. The flavour than adds dreamy velvety smooth vanilla Custard with hints of chopped Banana throughout. This is the ultimate Dessert flavour.”

When I originally reviewed the stand-alone Custard Doughnut, I was really impressed with how doughy it was. It is head and shoulders above any other doughnut flavoured e-liquids I have tried over the years, and mixing it with Banoffee Pie is inspired. This new take still has the full flavour of the doughnut, but the toffee really boosted the custard side of things. The banana is sweet but knows it isn’t the headliner. So often Banana takes over and it is easily for things to become sickly or artificial, but this is more like a real banana. I haven’t had a bowl of bananas and custard for years, but this took me right back. This is a very moreish combination and is going to get many dessert fans very excited.

Double Jack Fusions by Jack Rabbit Vapes E-liquids

Final thoughts

I have asked the team at Dispergo if they could mix up some really random and nasty flavours as I must sound like a broken record when it comes my love of everything they do. But I have a feeling they could even make a liver and bacon e-liquid taste amazing! I already loved all of the base juices, but cleverly tailoring the duets of e-liquids really ups the game and I am really looking forward to seeing what other pairings they come up with. One thing I can be sure of, it will always be interesting.

As with all Dispergo products, they are covered by the satisfaction guarantee so you can safely try a few and if for any reason you don’t like them, you can swap them out for something else completely free of charge. Personally, I can’t see why anyone would need to take them up on this offer, but it is good to know that you won’t get stuck with something you won’t use.

If you want to give these a try, you can order them direct for £18.99 for 100ml or £11.99 for 50ml. They also have a 2 for £20 deal if you want to mix things up a bit. If you live anywhere near Oxfordshire, I’d also highly recommend dropping into their shop and saying hello. Trust me when I say it is worth it just for the amazing smell that greets you when you walk through the door.

Fusions by Jack Rabbit Vapes E-liquids range

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