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Fruits by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids

We are back with our next selection from Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids, this time we try out the Fruits range!

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A couple of weeks back, I reviewed the Cocktails Range from Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids which was fun as, not being a drinker, I was flying on the wing a bit and managed to learn a little about some classic drinks along the way. This time I am taking a look at the Fruits range and I’m on much safer ground as I love fruit flavours and I also eat a lot of the stuff too (remember to keep up your 5 a day folks!), so I know what things are meant to taste like! What makes fruit e-liquids so interesting is seeing how different mixers blend and match flavours, anyone can throw a few fruits together to make something perfectly vapable, but it takes a lot more skill and craftsmanship to really make recipes that stand out from the crowd.

As before, the presentation was beautiful. Once again, these came in a very posh presentation box which instantly makes a great impression. I love how there is an overarching style to all of Cotton & Cable’s products, but each range also has its own style. The cocktails were glitzy and glamourous whereas the fruits are fresh, clean, and light with vibrant colours that really match the flavours well. Details like that make a difference and proves there is truth in in the words of the first-century Roman gourmand Apicius, “We eat first with our eyes”. Great package design can really help build the anticipation up when it comes to reviewing e-liquids!

All the juices are 70VG 30PG with 50ml of liquids which allows space for your nic shots.

Fruits by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids fruity!

Asian Pear, Lychee and Raspberry

“A delectable blend of Asian pear infused with sweet exotic lychee and ripe raspberry, creating a smooth and delicious vape”

My expectations of this juice were instantly turned on their head. I expected a strong raspberry with pear and then a lychee chaser as that is just what I would get from the usual strengths of these fruits in most mixes that I have tried. So I was very surprised that the lychee was the strongest flavour. That certainly doesn’t mean that this is a mild and mellow mix, this is full of flavour that just happens to lead with lychee! Asian pear is an interesting one, sort of somewhere between a more traditional pear and an apple flavour and it really goes superbly with the lychee and the laid-back raspberry. In fact the raspberry is very subtle, but it leaves a delicious taste long after your last vape and it also keeps you coming back for more. But that lychee is the real star here, it is so real you can almost feel the texture of the freshly peeled fruit as you vape it.

Fruits by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids Asian Pear, Lychee and Raspberry

Cantaloupe, Mango and Papaya

“Featuring the luscious pairing of sweet juicy cantaloupe melon with ripe soft mango and fresh papaya, creating a mouth-watering tropical sensation”

As I have often said in my previous reviews, I love mango flavours when they are used well, and this one definitely falls into that camp. It is a very authentic, slightly under ripe mango so you get that lovely green flavour which I love as it makes things so much more interesting from a taste perspective. The papaya has a good tropical twang to it which both compliments and contrasts with the mango, again this is a very realistic flavour. Finally, there is the fresh, sweet melon which lightens the mix and adds a refreshing twist which stops things from getting too heavy which is one of my biggest complaints when it comes to some mango mixes. The three flavours are perfectly balanced to bring out the best of each of them whilst also allowing them all to shine on their own merits. It’s a little bottle of tropical heaven!

Fruits by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids Cantaloupe, Mango and Papaya

Cucumber, Lime and Mint

“A refreshing blend of sweet, but zesty lime delicately balanced with cucumber, further complemented by fresh mint to create a vaping sensation that is both unique and special”

There is always one flavour in any range that could go either way and this is the one in this box. I love lime and mint and I love cucumber, but I really wasn’t sure how they would work in combination. Cucumber as an e-liquid flavour has been a fairly recent revelation to me, it really is a fantastic addition if you want a light juice but don’t want something boring, and it works exactly like that here. You can definitely tell what it is, it is quite distinct, so if you are one of those strange people who doesn’t do salad stuff, you might want to miss this one. But for anyone else who fancies something a bit different, you should definitely give it a try. Surprisingly the mint is very subtle, just a sweet freshener of a flavour, and the lime gives it a slightly sharper texture. I really like this juice; I love it when the unexpected works as well as this does.

Fruits by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids Cucumber, Lime and Mint

Orange, Guava and Grapefruit

“A delicious combination of sweet, juicy orange balanced with tangy grapefruit and fresh succulent guava to create this tropical juice sensation that is hard to beat”

I could quite happily have this as an air freshener, it smells so good! Thankfully it also tastes as good as it smells. This is pure citrus heaven in a bottle. The grapefruit is wonderfully sharp and is the perfect counter flavour for the sweet orange. Bringing it together is the tropical guava which adds another interesting dimension to an already great flavour. Whilst I find it hard to pick a favourite in this selection of juices, I think this one just edges it for me, although it is close as it is a very strong range. But the combination of the two very different citrus flavours is just so well done and it is wonderfully juicy which just keeps me wanting more.

Fruits by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids Orange, Guava and Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry and Lime

“A mouth-watering fusion of fresh and zesty pink grapefruit with sweet juicy raspberries, finished off with sweet lime, resulting in an unforgettable taste sensation”

Now you’d think that this would be fairly similar to the Orange, Guava and Grapefruit juice seeing as it again has two different citrus flavours, but it is a very different juice. It still has that refreshing bite but is a much sweeter blend. The raspberry seems to highlight the sweeter notes in the pink grapefruit and the lime just provides a bridge between the big guns. If anything, I personally found it a little too sweet and the raspberry seemed to take on a bit of a floral note which I personally am not quite so keen on. But it also offers a good contrast in the range and makes sure there is something for everyone who likes fruit flavours across the spectrum of tastes.

Fruits by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry and Lime

Final Thoughts

This is another winning selection of juices with some really interesting and unique blends which once again shows the talent of the mixing team at Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids. Four out of the five could easily become all day vapes for me and I can definitely see the one I wasn’t so keen on will have its own following too (after all, as the saying goes, taste is very subjective!). Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids are fast becoming a UK brand to keep an eye on as they have some really interesting ideas and are not afraid of making bold choices when it comes to flavour matching.

If you fancy giving these a try, you can order them direct from Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids for £14.99 a bottle and this included a free nic shot. Don’t forget to use the code “POTV25” for a juicy discount!

Fruits by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids full range

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