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Fruit Zilla Shortfills from Legion of Vapers

Legion of Vapers sent in their exclusive Fruit Zilla range of e-liquid....monster monster!

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Fruit Zilla is an exclusive range of e-liquids that you can only get from our friends at Legion of Vapers. Reading the blurb on their website, you can really tell how proud they are of this brand which meant it had a lot to live up to, you can promise the world, but words don’t mean a thing if you can’t back it up with a quality product. So my expectations were pretty high before I had even received my package of juice.

There are five flavours in the Fruit Zilla range, all fairly standard sounding but with a twist of fizz to mix things up a bit. I have tried a few different versions of fizzy e-liquid and each one has been different so I was looking forward to seeing how it would be handled this time round. The smell from each bottle was not giving any secrets away so it would be all down to the vape.

Each bottle contains 100ml of 70/30 VG/PG e-liquid with space for a couple of nic shots to bring it up to 120ml of 3mg juice. There is even a helpful note on the label letting you know how many nic shots you need, pretty common sense stuff but it is a useful reminder, especially if you are a new vaper who is not used to using shortfills. The labelling in general is very clear, containing all the information you need to know, and the general design is crisp and fresh looking with colour coded labels to separate the flavours.

Fruit Zilla Shortfills from Legion of Vapers

Blue Raspberry Fizz

“A mouth watering blue raspberry syrup with a satisfying fizz. These sweet blue raspberries have been hand picked from Western Alaska a rare find but one you will be delighted with. The flavour is immense and almost gives you a mix of a blue slush and sweet fruity e-liquid. Say hello to your new all day vape!”

Blue Raspberry is a huge flavour when it comes to vaping, it is everywhere and with good reason as raspberries are lush! But contrary to the elaborate description, there is actually no such fruit, it was a lab designed flavour which was made to help market the blue food colour. It worked as it is still used in things like boiled sweets and ice lollies to separate them visually from strawberry or other red flavours. But I am going off on a bit of a tangent. This time round the blue raspberry is strong and flavoursome with a nice balance of sweet and tangy, so it is everything you should expect from this flavour. The fizz gives things an almost sherbet taste and feel, and it works nicely. It doesn’t pop but it does have its own unique texture. This was a good start.

Fruit Zilla Shortfills Blue Raspberry Fizz

Cherry Fizz

“Fresh Amarena Cherries blended into a fine e-liquid with a touch of fizz- just enough to get your tongue twisting but not overly complicating the flavours. These candy like cherries will have you bouncing for days! Cherry flavours are one of the hardest to replicate but Fruit Zilla has done a splendid job!”

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying Amarena cherries so I can’t comment of how accurate the flavour is, but from what I can tell, this should be a berry that has been cooked with sugar to make a syrup which also preserves them, and I’d say that is what I got. This is a sweet but not overly sugary cherry flavour with a rich, warm syrup mixed with that sherbet fizz. It is definitely a cherry flavour rather than an authentic fruit, but it works well with the fizzy element. Cherry flavours are definitely getting better these days and this one worked well.

Fruit Zilla Shortfills Cherry Fizz

Green & Red Apple Fizz

“A mesmerising mix of both green apples and red apples. The combination of both sweet and sour make this a refreshing vape but super addictive so be careful! The green apple flavour has been taken from the well loved Granny Smiths which are known for their rich sour taste. The red apples are precisely the Honeycrisp Apples- known for their potent sweet flavour. The latter flavour is slightly more so that the sourness does not overpower the juice. Give this a shot for sure!”

Now there is definitely a theme in the descriptions which are very precise when it comes to the exact variety of fruit used, and sometimes that doesn’t translate to the flavour, but in this case, it is spot on. This smells fantastic and I was concerned that the vape wouldn’t live up to the promise, but this is a really good apple with all the crisp juicy flavour you could want. It is fresh, realistic, and delicious. This is up there with my favourite apple e-liquids.

Fruit Zilla Shortfills Green & Red Apple Fizz

Mango Fizz

“Perfectly ripe mangoes with a touch of fizz. Mango fans eat your heart out! These mangoes have been bought in from central Asia known for their perfect sweetness and pure taste. Be carful the smell of these will linger in your house for days to come!”

They are not wrong about the smell; you won’t need to worry about squirting air freshener around after chucking out some clouds with this as this smells lovely. The flavour is strong too, ripe but not too sweet as some mango flavours can be. This means it is an easy daily vape if you like tropical fruit flavours. The fizz gives things a bit of an almost citrus tang which cuts through and shakes things up a bit, it is a welcome twist which helps to make this a surprisingly refreshing vape.

Fruit Zilla Shortfills Mango Fizz

Mixed Berries Fizz

“A secret recipe of sweet and tartish mixed berries. Blended smartly to produce an outstanding e-liquid flavour with the slightest touch of fizz. Once again a pleasurable flavour which will be a hit with any fruit fan.”

That is an enigmatic description with a lot of room for interpretation, so I went in with no preconceived ideas and was rewarded with a general berry flavour. It has quite a floral flavour which is not really my thing, but it also has a nice depth which makes it feel nicely layered. This is the most sherbetty flavoured fizz which I really like, it is really nice to vape and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Fruit Zilla Shortfills Mixed Berry Fizz

Final Thoughts

Legion of Vapers are right to be proud of the Fruit Zilla range, it is full of flavour and there are no duds so if you like fruity flavours, you should be happy with any of these. On their own, these would be a very serviceable fruit range, but the citrus/sherbet fizz helps lift them up and sets them apart from other fruit flavours and it works really well. If you fancy giving these a try, you can get them exclusively from Legion of Vapers, the cost £14.99 and this includes nic shots if you need them.

Many thanks to Legion of Vapers for sending these in for review.

Fruit Zilla Shortfills Full range

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