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Frugi All Natural Shortfills

Vape Green have sent us over the Frugi All Natural 100VG, big flavours, big clouds, and natural flavours all in one bottle!

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Frugi All Natural 100% VG Shortfills

Frugi All Natural 100% VG Shortfills


As much as we at Potv are all deeply passionate about vaping, sadly it isn’t for everyone. For some people, it is just too confusing, for others it can seem like too much effort. Then there are those who struggle with the e-liquid and this is often down to the PG (Propylene Glycol) which can cause irritation if you are unlucky enough to be sensitive to it. Most e-liquid contains PG though as it thins the juice out and carries the flavour well so this can create quite a problem.


I have previously reviewed other 100% VG ranges and there are often a few niggles. Some are so thick, you could almost cut them with a knife which means you have to carefully match it up with your tank or dripper. Then there is the texture of the vape which just doesn’t always feel right (this is more common with e-liquids that have been watered down to make them less viscous). But this biggest issue by a long way is the flavour. VG tends to be naturally sweet, but it just isn’t that great at carrying added flavours. So when Vape Green asked if we wanted to take a look at their new 100% VG line which uses all natural flavours, the Frugi All Natural range, I was sceptical but also intrigued. I also really wanted them to be a success as I personally know a few people who really want to quit smoking for health reasons but the e-liquid just doesn’t agree with them. I was really hoping this could finally be the juice to help them, this is personal!


Presentation wise, these look great and should really pop on any vape shop shelf with their vibrant colours and shiny highlights (I haven't edited the photos in any way other than a bit of cropping, they really are that bright). I am such a magpie, so I always gravitate to anything with a bit of bling. The graphics all feature the fruit you should be expecting to taste, but if you are still unclear, the flavour is also there under the title. Everything else you would expect to see is clearly printed out too so all good.


It will come as no surprise that this range really works best with a sub ohm set up. Whilst these are pretty thick e-liquids, it was surprisingly easy to squeeze out on to my coil. I used my Lost Vape Centaurus Solo RDA as it is one of my favourite drippers for both flavour and vapour production. Just for fun, I did run a tankful through my Dotmod with a 0.7 nautilus coil and it actually kept up pretty well, but you will get through coils faster thanks to the natural sweetness of the VG.

Frugi All Natural 100% VG Shortfills range




Raspberry Shortfill E-Liquid by Frugi All-Natural 50ml is a berry-tacular brew that frugivores will love. Enjoy the taste of ripe Raspberries bursting with juicy goodness and leave your taste buds feeling caressed!”


This is a smooth and mellow raspberry, similar to the flavour you would get in a raspberry yoghurt as opposed to a fresh berry. The sweetness is lovely, it just tickles the tastebuds teasingly and lingers after the exhale. I like sweet so this works for me. If you are used to PG based flavours, you will notice the lack of intensity, but I would class it as different rather than lacking anything. There is something there that sort of reminds me of incenses which is a bit odd, but it's not unpleasant. The smoothness also made a refreshing change, I could get used to VG e-liquid!

Frugi All Natural 100% VG Shortfills Raspberry


Mixed Berries


Mixed Berries Shortfill E-Liquid by Frugi All-Natural 50ml delivers an unforgettable vape flavour you won't want to put down. Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, oh my! Enjoy a harmonic balance of decadent berry flavours in this authentic-tasting brew, so natural you can actually taste the ripeness of the fruit!”


This one is your classic berry medley and is full of flavour. It actually surprised me how much they have managed to squeeze into it, it just bursts out, very impressive indeed. In fact, it is so flavoursome that I would not have guessed it had no PG in it apart from the smooth texture. That thick mouthfeel also means that you get a lingering taste way after you’ve put your mod down which just makes you want to pick it up and have another puff. I could happily vape this any day, it ticks all the boxes.

Frugi All Natural 100% VG Shortfills Mixed Berries




Apple Shortfill E-Liquid by Frugi All-Natural 50ml is a simple flavour on a mission to replace your go-to vape juice. Enjoy the juicy, moreish taste of punchy Green & Red Apples with every puff!”


Fresh, crisp, juicy, it’s an apple in a vape! This is a very authentic flavour; it really does taste like a fresh apple picked from the tree in late summer. It also has that slightly dry feeling you only get with a really fresh apple too. The natural VG sweetness really works well here too, and it generally just enhances the fruity flavour. This is another easy choice for an all-day vape and is one of the nicest apple flavours I’ve tried to date.

Frugi All Natural 100% VG Shortfills Apple


Blueberry Menthol


Blueberry Menthol Shortfill E-Liquid by Frugi All-Natural 50ml has luscious, sweet Blueberries to scratch your fruit itch, layered with a refreshing Menthol breeze to wash it all down. A harmonious flavour destined to keep you satisfied from the first puff of the day to the very last.”


Now we are at the tail end of things, and I must admit that I deliberately left the menthols for last as I’m not the biggest fan usually. So I loaded up my dripper, steadied my nerves, and took a nice big pull and….it’s actually really nice! The menthol is strong enough to taste and you get that signature clean flavour, but it is mellow enough for the blueberry to still be very evident. It is tricky to balance menthol flavours, but this is perfect for me. If you like "rip your face off" menthol, you may find it is too mild, it is all personal preference, but I could easily polish off this bottle, and I am sure I will very soon.

Frugi All Natural 100% VG Shortfills Blueberry Menthol


Peppermint Menthol


Peppermint Menthol Shortfill E-Liquid by Frugi All-Natural 50ml is a pure and sumptuous flavour you won't want to miss. Expect a double-blast of cooling freshness, with a base flavour of Peppermint and Menthol layered with sweet notes throughout for a deeply refreshing all-day mint flavour.”


Well this one cleared my sinuses out nicely; this is big on fresh flavour. It still manages to balance the menthol and the peppermint really well, and it is a second flavour which really hit the spot for me. It is a very natural and realistic peppermint and, once again, really works superbly with the natural sweetness of the juice. As much as I wouldn’t usually vape this kind of profile, if you like your mints and menthols, I reckon you should really enjoy this one.

Frugi All Natural 100% VG Shortfills Peppermint Menthol


Final Thoughts


I am happy to say that the Frugi All Natural 100% VG Range comfortably exceeded my expectations, whilst they may not be as in your face as some other e-liquid ranges, there is still more than enough flavour for most people, and it is the quality and balance that really jumps out. I would have no hesitation in recommending these to anyone looking for a non-PG alternative provided they have a sub ohm kit to use them with. As you would expect, these are a cloudchasers dream too, billowy vape clouds for days. As someone who usually vapes MTL when not reviewing e-liquid, I had great fun fogging out the front room. I am almost tempted to go out next the Flying Scotsman passes through town and challenging it to a fog out, I don’t think I’d win, but I’d give it a damn good try!


If these sound like a range you’d like to try, you can pick them up from Vape Green for £16.99 for 50ml, but if you like a good deal, they are currently in the 2 for £30 offer. You may also be thinking they sound great but you’d like to see more variety. Well worry not as we will be back soon with another selection of Frugi 100VG shortfills and I can’t wait to get stuck in as there are some really good sounding flavours to try there. Keep your eyes peeled!


Many thanks again to Vape Green for sending the Frugi All Natural VG Range in for review.

Frugi All Natural 100% VG Shortfills selection

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