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Froot E-liquid

Froot are an American e-liquid manufacturer that aim to provide clean eliquid without any gimmicks, mouthwatering freshly squeezed uncomplicated eliquid that tastes exactly how it should in the flavour description! Froot began as a response to over complicated eliquids hitting the market on a daily basis, and the Froot team felt that they needed to bring out eliquids that tasted exactly how they should do.

At present the Froot range consists of two eliquids, Razberi and Bango, which are mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio and available in nicotine strengths of zero, 3mg and 6mg. 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths are available in the UK in TPD compliant 10ml bottles, the nicotine free versions of Froot eliquids are available in 10ml bottles or 60ml glass dropper bottles.


Razberi is the authentic fruity taste of raspberries, a sharp flavour that transcends into a sweet, moreish raspberry juice, just like the real thing and totally tasty!


When opening my bottle of Razberi I knew I was in for a real treat, I was greeted with the sweet smell of raspberries emanating from the bottle. I actually grow raspberries at home and am very partial to the odd one or two, so to say I was looking forward to trying this would be an understatement! I wasn't to be left disappointed either, Razberi nails the taste of the real fruit better than any other raspberry flavoured eliquid I have tried previously, it even gets the texture and mouth feel spot on. The taste lingers around your mouth too, a perfect blend of sweetness and sharpness, and with the 70/30 VG/PG ratio there is plenty of vapour produced too. A real winner this one!


For the die hard banana based e-liquid fans, Bango will whisk you away to a tropical paradise, combining delicious ripe bananas with succulent mango, adding a refreshing twist to your experience...

The smell of Bango after opening the bottle is quite something else, there's nothing artificial about it, I can quite clearly pick up on the mango with the banana in the background. I half expected the mango to be the most dominant flavour here given the scent from the bottle, however the first flavour I picked up on was banana, and it wasn't artificial banana either but an authentic tasting one. The mango adds a sweet texture to the eliquid, and doesn't overpower the banana, the two flavours blend together superbly well making for a tasty and exotic vape!


I was massively impressed with how Froot have manage to nail down the flavours here, this is about as close as you get to the real thing in eliquid form, and is about as authentic as it gets! The 70/30 VG/PG ratio delivers plenty of vapour, making for great tasting eliquid that definitely isn't found lacking in the cloud department. It's just a shame that Froot don't have more flavours to try just yet, however I'm sure they have more in the pipeline, and I'll definitely look forward to trying out whatever comes out of the Froot stable next!

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Article by Dan Willis
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