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Fresco Fruits by Dispergo Vaping

Our first E-liquid review of the year and we start with a bang as we take a look at the Fresco Fruits Range from Dispergo Vaping

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First off, I need to apologise as this review has been a long time coming. I was originally sent this range whilst struggling with tooth trouble last year. I wound up having to have one of my wisdom teeth removed, but nothing is straight forward, and it turned in to a bit of a mammoth ordeal which ended up with me having four stitches and months of healing. One thing I discovered pretty quickly was that any e-liquid with cooling was a big no, I’d take a quick vape and would end up having to be peeled off the ceiling as soon as the cooling effect hit the extraction point, not fun! Then it all got infected again and that then set the healing back further and it ended up being several months before I could actually finish this review. But good things come to those who wait so hopefully it will have been worth it!

The Fresco Fruits range consists of five fruity flavours with a refreshingly cool twist. I am not a big fan of juices that hit with an arctic blast so I was a little unsure as to how much I would like these, but I was very happy to find out that it is more on the level of a cool breeze on a hot day rather than a smack in the face with a frozen fish. So if you are looking to get your tongue frozen, these might not be for you, but if you want delicious flavour with a subtle twist, these are well worth checking out.

As is the norm with Dispergo Vaping e-liquids, the presentation is great. The colours on the bottles really pop, and each flavour has vivid graphics showing what fruits you can expect. It is all very crisp, clean, and clear, pretty much just like the e-liquid inside. Speaking of clear, the bottles themselves are see through so you can see exactly how much juice you have left. Each bottle contains 100ml of 70VG/30PG e-liquid with space for you to add your nic shots, which are included in the price if you need them.

Fresco Fruits by Dispergo Vaping full range

Mango, Peach, and Apple

Mango, Peach and Pineapple Shortfill by Fresco Fruits is a tropical flavoured fresh e-liquid featuring juicy Mangoes complimented with soft fresh Peaches with a golden Pineapple twist. The flavour has a low-level cooling effect to give a very refreshing vape”

This is a strong start as I do love a decent mango, and I am equally keen on pineapple. Both of these flavours come through well, the mango is not too sweet, and the pineapple gives just the right amount of a kick. The peach is a lot more subtle but gives a smooth, almost syrupy sweetness and binds the two dominant flavours together. Beautifully blended, the slight hint of cooling helps to keep this strong flavour light and airy, and the combination makes for a great all day vape.

Fresco Fruits Mango, peach and apple

Raspberry and Apple

Raspberry and Apple by Fresco Fruits brings together an old classic flavour but better! with tangy, fresh, Hedgerow Raspberries and a sweet, wild, green Apple flavour and a gentle cooling effect, this flavour is perfect for a warm day,”

This is a tried and tested combination, but Dispergo always manage to take things up a level or ten! I am always blown away by their apple flavours, if only real apples tasted as good as this, crisp and juicy with a wonderfully crunchy bite. Pick an apple from a tree and you are getting close. Add in the tart, fresh raspberry, and you’ve got a winning combination. Plus you don’t have to spend ages picking seeds from your teeth!

Fresco Fruits Raspberry and Apple

Strawberry and Coconut

Fresco Fruits presents Strawberry & Coconut. This duo of flavours brings together two of our favourite flavours, featuring a ripe and fresh Strawberry with a light and creamy Coconut base with a gentle cooling effect for a truly refreshing all day vape.”

Out of all the range, this was the one I had a slight reservation about, coconut and cooling just seemed a bit iffy to me. But once I filled my tank up and got going, all doubts disappeared as this is a fantastic mix. I think having it sit around for longer than usual also worked in its favour as it developed a wonderfully rich and creamy feel. It is decadent and delicious, and my only complaint is that 100ml is just not enough!

Fresco Fruits Strawberry and Coconut

Blackcurrant, Apple, and Strawberry

Blackcurrant, Apple, and Strawberry by Fresco Fruits: Dark Blackcurrants with fresh Strawberries and a tangy green Apple and a gentle cooling effect to give a refreshing all day vape.”

There’s that apple again! No matter what it is paired with, it never loses its magic touch. This time the crisp freshness works to cut through the thick richness of the blackcurrant. This is a grownup flavour, full of dark temptation. Again, the strawberry is a bit more laid back, but you’d definitely miss it if it wasn’t there, and the cooling effect just lifts everything too. This could easily be too heavy, but the team at Dispergo know what they are doing.

Fresco Fruits Blackcurrant, Apple and Strawberry

Kiwi, Strawberry, and Watermelon

Kiwi, Strawberry & Watermelon by Fresco Fruits is a very smooth and refreshing flavour bringing together ripe Strawberries with sweet and juicy Watermelons combined with exotic Kiwi with a well balance vape. A mild cooling effect makes with flavour perfect for a hot day.”

This is the lightest of the range, definitely one I would chain vape all summer long. But even in the middle of winter, it is still very tasty. Kiwi and watermelon always work well together as do strawberry and kiwi, so pulling all three together is a bit of a no brainer really. This is light and easy going but with enough layering to keep things interesting. It also screams out for a drop of freshness which is handy seeing as it has the perfect amount mixed in.

Fresco Fruits Kiwi, Strawberry, and Watermelon

Final thoughts

Dispergo Vaping nail it yet again with the Fresco Fruits Range, I really don’t know how they keep doing it. Even combinations that shouldn’t really work end up being a heavenly vape. They are the masters of intense, complex flavours and the Fresco Fruits line is no exception. If you like your fruits to have a bit of oomph, you will love these flavours, and even if you think you don’t like cooled juices, give these a try as they might just change your mind.

To top things off, as if great flavour alone wasn’t enough, these are all just £13 a bottle or 2 for £20. To sweeten things even more, they are also covered by the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee so if you don’t like them, just drop them a message and you’ll be able to swap them for something else completely free of charge. Now that is great service!

Fresco Fruits by Dispergo Vaping with Lost Vape Centaurus

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