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Formulated Vape Co

Formulated Vape Co is a range of four distinctly different E-Liquid flavours, with something for everyone!

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Formulated Vape Co are some of the most popular in-house E-Liquids at Vapour Depot, reformulated into something unique, yet still maintaing the flavour profiles that had made them so popular.

At present, there are four flavours that make up the Formulated Vape Co range, and they are also available as flavour concentrates too for those that mix their own! Formulated Vape Co E-Liquids are mixed to a 75/25 VG/PG ratio, and are available as 100ml zero nicotine shortfill bottles, or as 30ml shorty bottles, which we will look at in today's review. Free nicotine shots are also supplied!


A creamy traditional fudge, layered with cinnamon spices and sugary goodness. A soft, velvety texture and so mouth watering you won't be able to put it down...

Oh man, the flavour description alone for this E-Liquid got my mouth watering! I absolutely love fudge, and this E-Liquid offers a full-on, thick fudge taste, with a light cinnamon that blends in really well. I didn't find it to be too sweet either, but absolutely perfect for all day vaping!

Irish Charm

A bowl of lucky charms cereal, with extra marshmallows, covered in a cocktail of fresh milk and double cream...

I'm partial to a good cereal E-Liquid, and this is one of the better ones that I have tried. A marshmallow based cereal kicks off proceedings, before a very creamy milk kicks in leaving a thick aftertaste. Really good stuff!

King Cookie Dough

A crunchy, biscuity, cookie dough flavour. Half baked with a delicate layer of caramel cream. Good enough for royalty...

Now this is a cookie dough E-Liquid that certainly isn't short on flavour! There's a cookie dough flavour that is so thick you can almost chew on it, with a delicious and smooth caramel finish. This is one of the absolute best quality cookie dough E-Liquids that I have tried!

The Bluest Cranston

A fruit medley with emphasis on the blackcurrant. A combined anise and candy element, a little sweetness, rounded off with a cooling kick...

There's definitely an emphasis on the blackcurrant here, I found it to be far and away the most dominant flavour. In the background, I get a candied berry flavour, with anise, and a lovely cooling finish. A great vape for summer!


These are four very impressive E-Liquids, that I very much enjoyed vaping! The four flavours here directly appealed to my own tastes, and I found these liquids to be mixed very well indeed, with great tasting E-Liquid the result. Definitely worth giving these a try if you are looking for new, tasty E-Liquid!

Many thanks to Vapour Depot for sending the Formulated Vape Co range in for review, they can be purchased here!

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