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Fixx-E Liquid

Fixx-E Liquid are an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in Southern California. They are the child company of the renowned E-Liquid company Tasty Cloud Vape Co.

The juice comes in 30ml glass bottles that feature child proof dropper top caps. The labels are both vivid and eye-catching and feature their trademark Fixx-E bike logo. All of the typical information is clearly marked along with warnings and batch number.

All of the juice in this range is mixed to 75VG/25PG and is available in a variety of nicotine strengths: 12, 6, 3, 1.5 and 0mg. I tried out all of these juices in my Achilles II RDA which is currently fitted with a 1.0ohm Stainless Steel coil and wicked with Japanese cotton. My device of choice on this occasion was the Volcano Lavabox DNA 200.

Lemon Cheesecrank

Perfectly creamy cheesecake with a sweet lemon drizzle and a delectable graham cracker crust.

With this juice you get a nice lemon drizzle cake flavour on the inhale but I found the graham cracker to be a little too dominant and it tends to overpower the mix. The juice certainly does have a pleasant creamy quality but I certainly wouldn’t describe it as tasting like cheesecake. If the graham cracker was toned down a little and the lemon flavour was a little stronger and slightly sharper then I probably would have got on well with this.

Of course if you like slightly creamy lemon vapes and plenty of graham cracker then you will probably love this!  Vapour production was good and the throat hit was mild.

Loop de Loop

Just like a spoonful of your favourite fruit cereal with ice cold milk.

When I first tried some of these cereal vapes that were based on Fruit Loops I can’t say I was a huge fan but over time and having tried a fair few of them now they have started to grow on me somewhat. This juice is blended especially well with a pleasant mixed fruit jelly taste on the inhale combined with a deliciously creamy milk.  It isn’t that easy to pick out specific fruit flavours but there is definitely lime, strawberry, blackcurrant and others in there. The fruit is very well balanced and while it is quite strong in taste it does not overpower the mix. The milk is especially well done and makes for a very creamy vape!

Vapour production was very good and the throat hit in 3mg strength was mild.


Milky Shake

A whirlwind of strawberry ice cream and milk blended fresh for you to enjoy. Just like the diner favourite!

This is a really nice juice and reminds me a little of cross between Milkman and Unicorn Milk. The milk taste is a lot like those old milk bottle sweets and there is a distinct sugary quality present. The strawberry ice cream flavour is very nice but not especially strong so tends to work mainly as a background note.  I actually found this juice really enjoyable and I could happily vape this one all day!

Vapour production was good and the throat hit was mild.

Peach Cruiser

A sweet and ripe peach purée paired with a smooth vanilla yogurt.

As you might know I am something of a fan of peach vapes and this juice certainly didn’t disappoint. On the inhale you get a superb fresh peach flavour that is very natural in taste. Subtlety balanced with the peach is a mild vanilla yoghurt that adds a deliciously creamy quality to the mix. In my opinion this juice is excellent and would make a great all day vape!


Vapour production was good and the throat hit was medium.


The centre of a cinnamon roll (which we all know is the best part). Soft, warm dough coated in cinnamon sugar and gooey, melted frosting. It's our best flavour yet.

Strangely enough I had just bought some cinnamon rolls the day before I tried this juice and I have to admit this mix is spot on! Every ingredient you would expect is present with the dough and sugary cinnamon being very noticeable on the inhale. The frosting tends to come through slightly on the exhale and compliments the overall flavour well!

This is seriously good and well worth trying out if you love cinnamon rolls. Vapour production was good and the throat hit was medium.


This is a very good range of American E-Liquid with some nice variation in flavours. While all of the juices were enjoyable there were some that really stood out to me namely Milky Shake, Spinnabun and Peach Cruiser but that is based purely on my personal taste.

Pure Eliquids

If you like the sound of any of these juices then do check them out! Many thanks to Vape Emporium who sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you would like to purchase any of these E-Liquids you can get them from Vape Emporium.

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