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Ferocious Shortfills New Flavours

Vapoholic show their teeth with two great new Ferocious flavours

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It is nearly the weekend, and we are welcoming it, not with a whimper, but with a roar, and a Ferocious one at that thanks to our friends at Vapoholic who have sent another couple of brand new flavours for us to try out.

The Ferocious range is absolutely massive, if you look at the section on the Vapoholic website, you’ll see it covers six pages and includes everything fruity and desserty, along with some fresh menthols and a few surprises too. If you like sweet e-liquids which are packed with flavour, then go and take a look around as I am sure you will be spoilt for choice.

I’ve tried quite a few of the Ferocious e-liquids so far, and I can honestly say I haven’t had one that I haven’t loved. A few have even made it into my own personal top vapes list, and when you have been vaping for as long as I have, that is quite an achievement. I have now come to love it when Vapoholic announce there are new additions in the range.

As always with Vapoholic, you get to select your strength options, ranging from 0mg nic to 6mg, in either freebase or nic salt variations. My sweet spot is 6mg with old school freebase nic, so my bundle consisted of the e-liquid and four nic shots which are super easy to add thanks to the unique easy fill bottle tops which allow you to squeeze the shot directly into the e-liquid bottle without having to wrestle with cap removers or broken fingernails. 

These two new flavours are 70VG/30PG so will suit those who love big billowy clouds.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry Ice

Blueberry Sour Raspberry Ice - Juicy-tasting blueberries and tarty British raspberries have been carefully mixed by Ferocious to provide a powerful and fiendishly fruity all-day vape for 70/30 vapers”

I was expecting a classic blue raz flavour, but this is so much more, and is all the better for it. This is a big flavour, and it hits hard. The berries are very bold and are unapologetically so. It is rich, smooth and totally decadent. I actually thought there might be some blackcurrant or cherry on there are this is surprisingly rich and deep, but I think it is just the combination of a few very well selected blueberry and raspberry flavours. Now, if it was just the berries on their own, it might actually be a bit too rich as an all-day vape, but the ice really does its job here, cutting through with a fresh clean burst which transforms it into an easy to vape e-liquid which feels like a treat you can vape all the time.

Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola - Every puff is a mouthful of the well-loved, smooth flavour of classic cola combined with the rich sweetness of juicy cherries, reminding you of opening a cool can on a hot summer’s day. The production of vapour clouds from the 70% VG blend perfectly balances the cold cherry cola flavour”

I hate this e-liquid, not because it is a bad flavour, but because it is a delicious juice which has just made me crave a cold can of fizzy pop! OK, I don’t hate it, but it is so authentic that my mouth feels dry, and I could literally murder someone for a cold drink. The balance of cola and cherry is spot on, so you get the main flavour first and then the cherry merges in, just like it does with a main brand of drink. Cherry coke is my favourite variety of cola, and this is by far the best e-liquid representation of it that I’ve tried to date. I think once I’ve finished typing this, I’m going to have to put my shoes back on and take a wander down the shop, although I may well be disappointed that the can won’t actually taste as good as this e-liquid does!

Final Thoughts

Vapoholic have nailed it yet again, with two amazing additions to the Ferocious range. If you like berry based flavours, you need to add these to your juice stash, trust me, you will not be disappointed. The Cherry Cola in particular impressed me as it is a full on flavour, but it still manages to stay clean and isn’t hard on your coils. So many colas taste great at first but are so sweet that they rapidly turn into a burnt mess. Somehow, Vapoholic have managed to keep the flavour whilst also keeping things clean, that is impressive.

If you would like to try these new Ferocious flavours, head over to Vapoholic where you can pick them up for between £8.99 and £10.99 depending on which options you choose. The 6mg freebase versions reviewed here are £9.99 for the full kit so if you like huge flavour at a great price, you know what to do!

Many thanks for Vapoholic for sending the new Ferocious flavours in for review.

  • Big Flavour
  • Clean Vape
  • Great Prices
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