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ELiquid France Sweet Cream

Sweet Cream is the latest range from ELiquid France offering five new flavours. Check out our review to find out more.

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ELiquid France Sweet Cream

Sweet Cream is the latest range from ELiquid France offering five new flavours. The juice comes in 20ml dropper bottles with child proof caps. The labels clearly state all important information such as mix ratio and nicotine strength as well as the typical warnings.  In addition the labels are colourful and eye catching.

The Sweet Cream range is mixed to a ratio of 50PG/50VG.

Eliquid France are a manufacturer of high quality e-liquids based in Western France. All of their juice complies with regulations set out by the European Parliament.

The ingredients used in their juices all come from high quality sources and audited suppliers.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, we use only the best suppliers for all components of our brand Eliquid France to ensure high quality and user safety.

Our e-liquids have safety data sheet (MSDS). We manufacture our e-liquid on our production site in western France.

For the manufacture of our e-liquid we use:

  • Propylene glycol (PG) USP grade (from France
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG) USP grade (from France food-grade aromas (from France)
  • High quality Food flavourings
  • USP grade nicotine (liquid and pure form, origin Germany)
  • PET bottles of (high quality plastic) a capacity of 5ml, 10ml or 30ml. They have a child safety, safety ring, a pipette and a touch triangle visually impaired
  • Our E-liquid’s contain no paraben diacetyl, ambrox, benzyl alcohol, or allergen.

I tried all five flavours in my Achilles II RDA using a 0.12 Ni200 coil which was wicked with Cotton Bacon. My device of choice was the Lavabox DNA 200.

No 7

Yogurt and blackberry

Now this one is nice, seriously nice! When you first vape it you get a most flavoursome blackberry that comes through as the dominating flavour but every now and then the creamy yogurt vies for centre stage. It’s a delicious combination and works exceedingly well. The flavours are very natural and while this juice does border more on a mild to medium throat hit it still makes for a very smooth vape! If you enjoy fruity vapes this is one to try.

Vapour production was good but normal for this mix ratio.

No 32

Peanut butter, cookie and whipped cream

Even though the order of the review might suggest otherwise I actually saved this one till last but there was a reason. I really hate peanut butter in fact I’ve hated it ever since I was a kid because the taste just makes me feel queasy so I was not looking forward to trying this juice. Now there are plenty of people out there that do enjoy peanut butter so I approached reviewing this juice with an open mind.

I removed the top and had a sniff of the bottle contents but surprisingly enough there wasn’t that really strong peanut smell so things immediately looked hopeful. When it came to vaping this juice it turns out I had nothing to worry about. To me this is a lot more like the peanut taste you get from M&M’s or Snicker bars and it is well balanced with a nice cookie flavour. This suited me much better because due to the cookie the peanut butter flavour doesn’t dominate the mix. It still has a strong peanut taste but it is not like that horrible stuff you get in jars and spread on bread which I was really thankful about. The whipped cream is very natural in taste and tends to be more of a background note but it does come through on occasion as you exhale.

If you love peanut flavours then you will go nutty (deliberately poor joke) about this! I personally found it to be mixed well and far more pleasant than I expected. It certainly wouldn’t be a juice I would choose to vape regularly but that’s purely due to my tastes. At the very least I enjoyed it.

Vapour production was good but again typical of this mix ratio. Throat hit with this juice tends to be medium in 6mg strength.

No 9

Donuts and chocolate

I have often have bad luck with doughnut flavoured e-liquids and quite a few have tried didn’t suit me but this is one I really enjoyed vaping a lot!

The doughnut flavour is spot on and exactly like the taste of the real thing. The chocolate is of the dark/plain variety and seems to switch from the foreground to the background when vaping so sometimes you get doughnut and then chocolate and other times chocolate then doughnut. This makes the juice interesting and at times I can pick up the taste of icing.

If you like doughnut flavours then you will really love this! No 9 is a very smooth vape and I found the throat hit to be mild. Vapour production was good but very typical of this mix ratio.

No 24

Mixture of cupcake, cheesecake with pecan nuts, caramel and cream

This is very interesting juice with a tasty variety of ingredients. The main flavour is definitely the cupcake/cheesecake mix balanced extremely well with cream and caramel. The pecan tends to come through on the exhale but sometimes it gets pushed to the background in favour of the caramel and cupcake taste. Overall I found this very enjoyable to vape all of the ingredients tasted very natural to me. The only difference is the caramel which is more of a Continental style (understandable considering this juices origins) rather than a Cadbury’s or Snicker bar caramel which you might be used to but it is still a very pleasant flavour and not at all sickly or overly sweet.

Vapour production is quite typical for a 50/50 mix and I found the throat hit to be somewhere between mild to medium in 6mg strength.

No 16

Peach and whipped cream

I love peach vapes and this one is really nice! It is different to other peach juices I have tried because it is more of natural and not overly sweet flavour. The actual sweetness in the mix seems to come through in the cream taste which is very flavoursome!

It is quite a potent flavour and in a dripper I find it does produce a medium to strong throat hit. Personally I like a strong throat hit but not everyone does so keep that in mind. I suspect that if this juice was used in a tank it would definitely mellow a little. I think that this juice is very well mixed and the ingredients are good but perhaps if there was some custard added it would make this juice even better and tone down the throat hit somewhat. Nevertheless it is still a most enjoyable juice if you like peach vapes!

Once again vapour production was typical of the mix.


Sweet Cream is a very pleasant range of e-liquid. The real highlights for me are the No 7, 9 and 24 which really stand out but all the flavours are mixed very well. The range has a nice variety so there should be at least something here that might tempt you!

Checking around for UK stockists the average price seems to be about £7.99 for a 20ml bottle which is very reasonable.

Many thanks to Ariane from ELiquid France who kindly submitted this juice to Planet of the Vapes for review. Information regarding all the Eliquid France juice ranges can be found here on their website.

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