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Element Emulsions

When junglist first told me he was sending up Element Emulsions I did start to wonder if we were moving into painting and decorating reviews. Joking aside I think it is important to note that while this is a new range the individual flavours are ones that you may have tried before. Element have decided to combine flavour profiles from their existing juices to create even more variations on a theme.

The juices comes in 10ml plastic bottles with child proof caps. All of the typical information you might expect is clearly marked as are the warnings. This range of juice is mixed to a ratio of 80VG/20PG so you can expect excellent cloud production!

All of the juice in this range was vaped in my Freemax Scylla which is currently fitted with a Ni200 coil. My device of choice was the iPV3-Li.

Fresh Squeeze + Crema

Fresh Squeeze is a real favourite of mine and it is a truly awesome fresh orange juice vape but what Element have done with this mix is to combine it with Crema which is a delicious creamy vanilla liquid. Initially I was unsure if the two juices would work that well together but how wrong I was. As opposed to fresh orange juice this one comes across as a tasty orange dessert. The orange is still quite potent but it is somewhat mellowed by the cream and vanilla and the result is a very luxurious and smooth vape!


All of the ingredients are truly excellent and are natural tasting and well balanced. Vapour production was great but quite typical of this mix ratio. Throat hit is mainly medium but on occasion the very potent orange does dominate a little resulting in a slight stronger throat hit.

Key Lime Cookie + Frost

This is a really great juice but not for the faint hearted. On the inhale you get an incredibly good Key Lime flavour that is very natural and this is combined with a subtle but distinct cookie taste. On the exhale you are greeted with a very cold menthol blast. Frosty is probably a very apt description and it may be too much for some people since it does tend to be the face freezing variety of menthol. Personally I like it even if it is a little like stuffing your mouth with half a packet of extra strong mints. I have had something of a cold recently and trust me when I say that this juice is absolutely perfect for when you need to clear your head!

If you love strong menthol then this will definitely appeal to you and the combined lime and cookie certainly do help to make it far more interesting.

Vapour production was excellent but quite typical of the mix ratio. Even in 3mg strength (typically vape 6mg) the throat hit is strong bordering on very strong due to the powerful menthol.

Limon + Watermelon Chill

To me this juice tastes a lot like lemon curd mixed with a watermelon menthol and although that might sound a little odd it really does work. Often on the inhale you get a delicious lemon flavour before noticing the chilly watermelon on the exhale but sometimes it is the other way around with the watermelon taking centre stage. Both flavours are very natural in taste and I cannot fault the high quality of the ingredients used.


The menthol accompanying the watermelon is rather cold but nowhere near as face freezing as the Key Lime Cookie + Frost. Vapour production was excellent. Throat hit is mainly medium but if you take very long inhales the menthol does tend to make it border on a strong hit.

Pink Lemonade + Key Lime

I wasn’t that keen on the original Pink Lemonade even though I know a lot of people love it. I appreciated how well it was mixed but the flavour didn’t really suit me. This new version is really nice and I definitely prefer it. I would describe it as very much like drinking a glass of traditional lemon and lime that you might order in a pub.

The strawberry/raspberry component in the lemonade is still present but it is not quite as noticeable due to the introduction of the zingy Key Lime. There is a slight amount of cooling present but it is nowhere near as cold as the Limon + Watermelon or the Key Lime Cookie + Frost.

Vapour production was excellent but once again typical of a high VG mix ratio. Throat hit was medium.

Strawberry + Banana Nut

Element Strawberry Whip was probably one of my favourite juices in their range and this juice mixes it with their Banana Nut flavour. Maybe it’s just my taste buds but I found I really didn’t notice that much strawberry when vaping it. The strawberry is certainly there but for me the banana nut is dominating a little too much.


Of course I didn’t really like Banana Nut when I tried it (I seldom like banana vapes) so that probably has a lot to do with it. Rest assured that the flavours are very good and taste natural but this juice really isn’t for me but keep in mind that it might be ideal for you.

Vapour production was great and I found the throat hit to be mild.  


While this new range from Element is more of a flavour fusion rather than something altogether different the results are very impressive! The mixes are of a very high quality and there is a good degree of diversity in the range which means something will definitely appeal to you. The 80VG mix ratio means you will get plenty of cloud production but remarkably the flavours have lost none of their potency which sometimes occurs with high VG mixes.

If you are already a fan of Element E-Liquids then you really should check these out! Many thanks to Element who sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. No sign of them on the Element Website yet but keep your eyes on it as they have two new ranges, Tonix and Far, being released soon as well.  Reviews for those two coming shortly too!

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