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Electric Dew offer a spin on some British classic tastes, expertly crafted by their team of knowledgeable mixologists with some impressive bottle labelling that has been inspired by 80’s rock and roll.

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Electric Dew was created in London by people who care what they vape. Our hand mixed, British made collection has been curated using only the finest ingredients to produce an electrifying vape...

Electric Dew Eliquid is hand blended to a 50/50 PG/VG ratio within a UK based high tech pharma grade SO9001, using natural flavourings, nicotine and the best quality PG and VG, to ensure Electric Dew Eliquids are always consistent, safe and of the highest possible quality. They also pride themselves on their liquids being free of Diacetyl and Acetoin, to ensure you have a clean as well as safe vape.

Electric Dew offer a spin on some British classic tastes, expertly crafted by their team of knowledgeable mixologists, that are available in 15ml bottles and in nicotine strengths of zero, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg, with some impressive bottle labelling that has been inspired by 80’s rock and roll. Does Electric Dew hit the high notes? Let's find out...   

Raspberry Rewire

A refreshing blend of English raspberries and a hint of fresh garden mint leaves. The fresh mint notes make this an excellent choice for the menthol fans, accented nicely with a not too sweet, natural Raspberry flavour…

Raspberry Rewire is a really unique vape, I can’t say I have yet to come across a Raspberry/Mint flavoured blend yet, but Electric Dew’s blend is definitely an intriguing one. You have a fresh raspberry inhale with mint, not a menthol mint either but actual mint leaf itself, which almost gives off a mojito vibe to Raspberry Rewire. These two flavour profiles blend together perfectly to create a really moreish vape!

Sundae Dew

Electric Dews signature flavour, Sundae Dew is their go-to dessert flavour. It's a well balanced mix of sweet ripe strawberries and clotted English cream. Add a dollop of fudge into that and you've got one of the best dessert liquids on the market…

If you like thick juices, Sundae Dew will be right up your street! There is thick, almost syrupy strawberry that is blended with clotted cream and a hint of fudge in the background. This is pretty much spot on how a sundae tastes like, minus the cooling taste of ice cream, but it is full on flavour and a very tasty dessert vape, one you can enjoy at any time of day and not have to worry about the calorie intake!


Want light refreshment that will keep you going from morning until night? This all day vape mixes crisp Bramley apple with sweet mango in a high voltage hit…

I’m a fan of Apple, it’s one of my favourite fruits, however good quality Apple flavouring in juices that I have tried has been hard to find. AM/PM has a great, authentic Apple inhale with plenty of bite to it, and this blends really well with an exotic juicy mango. It’s a tasty fruity blend that has a sharp twist to it, and lots of sweetness to delight your palate!

Triple C

Triple C pays homage to a classic British hard boiled sweet but with a slight twist. The tangy Rhubarb and Custard has an extra cream hit giving it a big creamy mouth feel. It's true to its heritage and another flavour we enjoy…

You can easily identify the Rhubarb and Custard sweet flavour in Triple C, Electric Dew have near enough managed to nail the flavour perfectly with Triple C! The exhale brings in a delightful light, creamy custard that coats your mouth with a thick and creamy texture, and makes for a very flavoursome and unique flavour profile. I did particularly enjoy how the candied Rhubarb and Custard gives way to the thick and creamy exhale, which gives added depth to this juice.

Bangin BC

Bangin BC is a banging mix of blueberries and whipped cream. The juice provides an excellent balance between the ripe, sweet blueberry and a delicious whipped double cream. A classic just got even better…

Banging BC offers blueberries on the inhale, but rather than an artificial or candied blueberry, it’s more of a take on the actual fruit itself, and perfectly sweet too. There's plenty of cream on offer, steadily becoming more prominent towards the exhale, and makes Bangin BC reminiscent of dunking freshly picked blueberries in a generous serving of cream!

The Flux

An excellent all day vape choice, The Flux eliquid is a refreshing blend of elderflower and zingy lime. It's reminiscent of a thirst quenching drink and we can't get enough of it. It's light on the palate and not too sweet…

The Flux is an eliquid take on Elderflower and Lime, a uniquely British summer drink. It’s the only Elderflower and Lime vape I have ever tried, and Electric Dew have pretty much nailed it to a T with a delightfully floral vape that gives way to a sharp yet tasty fruity lime flavour. As a summer refresher it is perfect, and it has that unique vibe about it that will keep you coming back for more!


Electric Dew offer some lovely tasting, rockin juice blends throughout their range, expertly mixed and packed with nice and tasty flavour blends! These juices are absolutely singing with flavour, featuring takes on contemporary summery British classic treats, that I’ve enjoyed vaping immensely in both RDA’s and tanks as well.

Given the scope of the quality on offer here, you’d be hard pressed not to find a juice from the Electric Dew range to like. These do genuinely provide a real treat for your tastebuds, at a really competitive price as well.

If you like the sound of these eliquids you can get them from Vape Superstore on their site here https://www.vapesuperstore.co.uk/brands/electric-dew-vapes - POTV readers can get a 10% discount using the code POTV10!

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