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Although quite new to the scene, El Diablo Juices have already made a fantastic splash in the increasingly busy e-liquid market. Keen to find out what all the fuss was about I contacted them and they kindly sent through the full four flavour range for me to try.

About El Diablo

El Diablo Juices started at the end of 2014 and launched with four interesting and mind-blowing flavours. I spent a bit of time talking to the Owner Viki about the business and her inspirations and she said the following:

“I've always loved cooking and especially baking cakes. My dad is an incredible chef and he gave me a real love for experimenting with food. He taught me from a young age about, not only using the best ingredients, but putting a little bit of love into each meal.


For me personally, I wanted to create juices that gave vapers the same kind of sensory enjoyment as one may get from eating a freshly baked, buttercream laden cupcake. The mmmmm factor. Taste is obviously important here but so is the texture or "mouth feel" you get when vaping.”

Sounds good! If these liquids are half as good as the passion of their creator, we’re in for a treat… Let’s get to it!

The Range

The El Diablo range consists of four liquids that stand out from the crowd in more ways than one. The label artwork is not only colourful but unique and eye catching and each reflects the taste of the juice inside.

Four pleasant surprises awaited me, one each time I opened a bottle. The smells from these liquids are amazing! You can tell from a quick sniff of the bottle that these are no run-of-the-mill, hastily mixed liquids. These are indeed mixed with love, a great palette and a fair amount of skill too!

So, packaging? check! Smell? Check! Flavour? Let’s find out...



El Diablo describe this juice as “A delightfully wicked mix of blackcurrants and black raspberries, with undertones of sweet blackberry and juicy apple.” and they couldn’t have said it better.

This is a seriously refreshing liquid that remains moreish all the way through the bottle. I put this in a dripper initially and then found myself ripping through the bottle in a tank. Needless to say it didn’t last long and had me wanting more.

A nice throat hit and taste of blackcurrant on the inhale turns into a deep raspberry and blackcurrant fruitiness on the exhale. This liquid manages to retain some of the sharpness you get from eating the fresh tangy fruit and the tartness quickly gives way to a deep satisfying sweetness and “fruits-of-the-foresty” aftertaste. After moving into mainly dessert eliquids, Beelzebub has turned my head back to the wonders of fruit flavoured juices and the ability for a well balanced e-liquid not only to be satisfying but refreshing too. Fruit lovers will adore this one.

Sweet Voodoo

Similar to Beelzebub this liquid has a fruit base but with a much sweeter taste. Strawberries, cream and sugar blend into a sumptuous mix that won’t disappoint.

This liquid reminded me of the old-school strawberries and cream sweets (candy for our American friends), you know the ones I mean: you used to get them from the local newsagents when you were at school and it was guaranteed you’d eat too many of them and bounce off the walls for the next hour before sugar crashing and stropping your way through your afternoon lessons? Yep, them! Awesome flavour that easily whizzes me back to my childhood. but without the sugar induced high and dreaded but inevitable crash that followed.


Throat hit on this one is possibly slightly more than Beezlebub but well within a comfortable range, which allows the warmingly sweet, candy flavour to come through nicely. Definitely one for sweetie lovers not to miss!

Lime Cream Cupcake

Upon opening the bottle of Lime Cream Cupcake the smell of deep zesty lime hits you, with a hint of something else, something sweet and “cakey”. I found myself uttering a small “nom” under my breath and hurriedly filling my dripper.

If the smell was good the taste is another level of good! You can taste everything in this liquid and the name is bang on the money. The lime has a tangy zestiness, the cupcake tastes like, well, cupcake (but a well-made “buttercreamy” sort of cupcake) and the cream rounds the flavour off and brings all of the elements together in a flavour sensation. This is one of those liquids that I’ve been trying to work out how they get that level of sophisticated flavour packed in using only flavourings! Surely you must have found a way to extract a smell and flavour from a perfectly executed dessert and inject it somehow into this eliquid? It was only after re-studying the bottle I had some idea. The labels all feature a pentagram on the design and I can’t think of any other way to capture this much flavour without resorting to some excellent magick of the darkest kind! Spellbinding, eclectic and mystifyingly good.

Throat hit on this one is exactly what you’d want from a deep creamy cake flavour, not too strong. It’s there, for sure, but it doesn’t thump as strongly as the rest, although for me that’s a big plus. This flavour will definitely score highly for people that love their desserts and cakes. If you like lime, you’ll love this; if you don’t, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that actually, maybe, you do now.

If I had to find fault with this flavour it would be that my wife liked it so much that I went to fill my tank and found about 2ml left. I suppose that’s not a bad thing but it rankled me a little!


Passion Bomb

I have saved the best till last here. For me this flavour is the pick of the litter and oozes tropical class on every exhale. Passionfruit, dragonfruit, strawberry and a touch of apple all vie for your attention on inhale and blend into something very special on exhale. Sort of a tropically blended, high quality dessert that would do extremely well in a Michelin starred restaurant, and does extremely well with a large glass of sauvignon blanc.

I’m not too sure how to phrase this but it’s good, it’s daaaaamn good, and will leave you with the most amazing aftertaste of sweet but slightly tart passionfruit/dragonfruit goodness that will have you reaching back for the tank with one hand whilst perusing the holiday brochures with the other.

With a nice throat hit, Passion Bomb gives you a little thump but in a loving almost kinky, “come get some” kind of way that fits perfectly with the texture and flavour of this juice. Somehow remaining subtle, it demands you sit up and take notice of the steel drum band playing sweet calypsos on your taste buds whilst cracking the whip of quality across your quivering behind. OK, I’m taking the Passion Bomb name a bit too far here but it’s really very nice and more importantly, it’s a  fun liquid. You feel you can vape this one with a big smile on your face, not caring for the strange looks you get and secretly enjoying your own little slice of heaven.

This is one of those flavours that people smell in the air and want to try. Barely managing to keep enough from the gaping maws of my acquaintances to review, this bottle went VERY fast! The downside with this flavour is that it almost turned me into Gollum and found me crouched in a corner, stroking the bottle while repeating the mantra “my preciousssss...”, well ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but a slight one nonetheless. If the Lime Cream Cupcake is a flavour for dessert-heads, then Passion Bomb is for the serious lover of tropical flavours and high quality desserts.

So the question you’ve all been asking yourself has to be: Is Passion Bomb better than sex? Well, sadly no… if it is, you’re doing it wrong, but it’s damn close!

Pure Eliquids

Final Thoughts

Phew, what a ride! I have to say that I have enjoyed reviewing these liquids immensely and I’m off now to order some more! If you love fruit, cakes, desserts and tropical goodness there is most definitely something here for you and you’ll take extreme pleasure in finding out. I almost wish I could wipe the memories away and discover these again but the surprise when vaping these never gets old. You can feel the inspiration from juice developer Viki’s father (the chef) coming through here in the taste and dare I say, texture.

There is something both new and exciting here that I feel will have a brilliant effect on the eliquid market as well as people looking to start vaping. If everyone made liquids like this, I would spend my days happily steaming away like a hot shower with a supermodel on a frosty, winter morning (I do already but you know what I mean). You can taste the care and love in these, especially the Passion Bomb (hubba hubba!).

I found that a week of steeping sent these flavours interstellar, although they took me to the moon from the get go. You’ll probably find that you won’t make it a week but more than enough reason to order more, I say!

If you want to try these you can find them from the El Diablo online shop in 10ml bottles but worry not! I’ve been told that 30ml bottles will be available to purchase from the 15th February 2015.

Also, don’t forget that in partnership with this review, this week we will be running a competition to win the full range of these liquids for your very own, but due to the kindness of El Diablo Juices we have not one, but two complete ranges to give away, meaning there will be two lucky people able to try these amazing liquids out for themselves. (If I don’t get there first!)

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