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Uncle Junks Genius Juices specialise in providing unique and premium e liquid, with a range of creative flavours produced in sunny California from the finest ingredients in a clean room environment. Developed by a former two pack a day smoker of 35 years, funnily enough known as Uncle Junk, who set out to create his own juice line shortly after taking up vaping himself, after a few months of tinkering with different flavours and recipes along with a couple of trial runs amongst friends, the first four Uncle Junk’s flavours were born in 2012 and ready to be stocked by retailers in the US.

Uncle Junk’s E Liquid has been an extremely popular line of juices in the US recently, comprised of both the Original and Fog Cabin lines respectively, and is now making its way over to UK shores and retailers. In this review I am going to take a look at the Original line, comprised of six different liquids, and see whether these can set themselves apart from the rest of the US juices that have had a huge surge in popularity over here recently!

All juices were provided in 3mg nicotine and the mix ratio is not exact, but given as approximately 70/30 VG/PG. Uncle Junks is also provided in 0,6, 12, 18 and 24mg nicotine levels.

Hard Lemonade

You won’t find this refreshing vape with a kick at your corner lemonade stand—though it will satisfy your summertime thirst any time of the year.

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And extremely satisfying Hard Lemonade is. This is a true, ‘real’ lemonade vape, in the vein of the sweet, sharp and zesty homemade lemonade offerings, rather than in the vein of a Sprite as such. Get ready for an assault on your tastebuds as this is a very sharp lemonade vape, and not one for the feint hearted. There is definitely a pretty strong throat hit present as well, so if that is what you look for with your e liquid this won’t disappoint you at all. There is just a distinctive touch of fizz on the exhale, which really adds to the authenticity of the flavour from Hard Lemonade. Very satisfying stuff!

Monica's Eyes

“Monica” gave this juice a ten out of ten in its testing phase. Monica’s Eyes is a tasty mix of cantaloupe, kiwi, and other delicious fruits.

Well whoever “Monica” is was pretty much spot on with her scoring. Monica’s Eyes is an absolute fruit bonanza right up there with the very best fruit medley vapes around. It’s a delicious mix of mouthwatering tropical fruits, but at the same time is a very well balanced vape that doesn’t end up with one dominant flavour overpowering the others. Melon and Kiwi mix together beautifully with a wide range of different flavours, for me I also detected mixed berries, a little strawberry and perhaps a hint of Papaya in there, but who knows exactly what comprises Monica’s Eyes, all I know is that it is one hell of a fantastic vape!

Honey Do

Created by special request, “Honey Do” is unlike your typical honeydew e-juices. Uncle Junk’s version is a refreshing combination of honeydew melon along with other juicy summer melons. “Honey Do” is a perfect vape for those searching for a sweet and fruity e-juice.

Honey Do has to be one of the most authentic e-liquids I have ever had the pleasure of trying, close your eyes and you could very well be eating a honeydew melon itself. I detect a very slight hint of watermelon in the background, but sweet honeydew melon was the most predominant flavour present for me in Honey Do, an incredibly juicy and sweet honeydew melon at that! Honey Do was so tasty, I couldn’t help but come back for more over and over again, my review bottle didn’t last me the whole evening, I ended up going through the whole bottle in mere hours. Absolutely stellar work from the Uncle Junk’s team, this really is a top class, authentic tasting vape.

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Named after Uncle Junk’s daughter, Savannah is a simple yet savory blend of peaches and oranges, almost reminiscent of a 50/50 Orange Creamsicle bar.

Now I have never heard of an Orange Creamsicle bar, so I wouldn’t know how Savannah compares to this! What I do know however, is that unfortunately for me Savannah was the weakest tasting vape from the Uncle Junks range I am afraid. I picked up more cream than any peaches or oranges, with only a really faint hint of citrus and orange in the background that I could barely detect in an RDA or a tank. I tried Savannah through a few different atties but unfortunately the results were all the same for me!

Bettie White

One of our original flavors and still a best seller, Bettie White has a pomegranate base and subtle hints of apple. This e-liquid offers a full flavor that won’t wear out your taste buds.

Tangy pomegranate is the first and most noticeable flavour you experience with Bettie White, again as per the previous flavours in the Original range it’s a really authentic pomegranate that is balanced out by a crisp and sweet apple present on the exhale. It’s a nice and sweet vape, but not overpoweringly sweet, it’s easily something you could have as an all day vape without getting overwhelmed by the flavour, just a really well rounded and well balanced vape from the Uncle Junk’s team!

Jon Wayne

Jon Wayne is proof that a really good vape is worth the wait. Uncle Junk spent months perfecting this blend of savory and sweet tobacco flavors.


I’m a big tobacco vape lover, and a bit of a tobacco snob when it comes to it as well, Jon Wayne is thankfully more of a Rio Bravo than a Green Berets for me! For those not into the films, it’s a hit rather than a total turkey! The tobacco used gives more of a nod to a pipe tobacco, and it’s an RY4 blend where the tobacco takes a bit of a back seat, allowing a buttery smooth caramel and vanilla to come to the forefront and tobacco to hold everything together in the background. It’s a gorgeous evening vape and one I will be adding to my personal stash on a regular basis!


One thing I have to remark on was just how clean tasting and authentic the Uncle Junk’s juices were. Absolutely nothing tasted artificial or harsh whatsoever, just a smooth, authentic and clean vaping experience whilst vaping the Uncle Junk’s Original Range! Throat hit was present even at 3mg on the juices that it suited, such as Hard Lemonade and Jon Wayne, whereas I didn’t detect any throat hit on the others and to be honest I believe it would have ruined the experience had there been any. Vapour production was absolutely excellent for an ‘approximate’ 70/30 mix, I spent many a pleasurable night reviewing this juices blowing incredibly tasty clouds in my Mutation X V4!

There are some definite all day vape contenders here, the balance of each mix was absolutely spot on and the flavour combinations refreshing, unique and delightful. The Original Range is really going to appeal to the fruit lover, and if you are one of those I really would recommend the Uncle Junk’s range, John Wayne being the ideal evening change of pace after a day enjoying the fruity delights provided by Uncle Junks and his Genius E-Juice...

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