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I first stumbled across South Coast Vapes, made by our very own South Coast Vaper, a long time forum stalwart and expert DIY’er, not long after I first joined the POTV forum, and I came across them thanks to MrTeaTime’s now infamous 40 page and counting thread on the forum entitled ‘Mothers Milk Killa’. Having previously been a big fan of Mothers Milk, but feeling like there was something missing from the juice, I had been on the lookout for a long time for a similar yet more well-rounded juice. A quick PM to Tom for some pricing, an instant reply, and my first order was in. My first order was small (because I was skint at the time!), and just consisted of Nipple Juice and Crackberry. Tom was kind enough to throw in a little bonus bottle of Darkchocachino unbeknownst to myself, which was an excellent touch. Cracking open the Nipple Juice first off to see what the growing hype (at the time) was about, I was hooked instantly.

Many orders later, and South Coast Vapes is still one of only a couple of vendors who get my business on a regular basis, because what Tom does, he does so well. Previously the South Coast Vapes range had only been available via PM to South Coast Vapes or through the Facebook page (as Tom had not been an official vendor on the forum), however we are delighted to announce that the site is now live along with Tom’s official vendor status on the forum!

The South Coast Vapes range is available in 60/40 VG/PG ratio, with nicotine strengths available in 3,6,12 and 18mg. Pricing (excluding postage) is £4.50 for 10ml and£12.75 for 30ml.  You can get a 10% discount using the code POTV10.

Here are my thoughts, based on the last couple of months spent vaping the South Coast Vapes range in various different set ups, and what I have got out of them.



Now, I’m not a fan of coffee vapes at all, and there is a chance I may have never tried this had Tom not kindly included a sample with my first order! At first, I will admit, I really wasn’t a fan. This however definitely grew on me. I put it away for a week or so, tried it in a new build in my Orchid V4 and I couldn’t put it down! Coffee based juices are a really difficult one to nail, quality ones are few and far between, but this has to be my favourite. Rich coffee on the inhale, followed by creaminess and a hint of chocolate in the background on the exhale, this really does become delightfully moreish. I know how hard Tom had to work to nail this, and it makes you really appreciate how hard Tom has worked to get the combination absolutely perfect, and the resulting vape is rich and layered, perfect with a steaming hot mug of the real thing!


A strawberry vape offering something completely different to the much vaunted Nipple Juice. This is full flavoured dessert strawberry with biscuit and smooth cinnamon. You get strawberry with biscuit on the inhale, and the strawberry is still present on the exhale along with cinnamon, and it’s one that stays on the tongue long after vaping it. It’s just perfect. The flavouring percentages are absolutely spot on, no flavour gets lost here, too much cinnamon can totally ruin a vape and it’s a big risk for a mixologist to take to use cinnamon in their mixes but as with all of his juice Tom simply nails it to perfection. Crackberry is in the same league as Digby’s Apple and Cinnamon, a dessert juice regarded by many as perfection, crack is in the name of this juice and it’s about as addictive as that!


Described as reminiscent of a Snickers Bar, with a light tobacco base, in a similar vein to the famous RY4. This is the best RY4 styled liquid I have ever tasted. Bold statement to make, but I really haven’t tried any other that is even in the same league as CYMore. The light tobacco forms the background nut styled flavour, and at the forefront you have rich caramel and what I think is a slight touch of vanilla as well, and as always the blend is perfect. Some RY4 flavours I found too rich when coming to the end of a tank, but I have never had this problem with CYMore. It’s CYMore indeed, because I am constantly reaching for more of this!


Now this is custard type juice like no other. A combination of traditional custard and Callipitter Chow, with a few other hints of magic, hence ‘Callicustard’ This instantly shot to the top of my list of favourite custards, it’s an absolute winner and offers something completely different from the usual Vanilla Custard juices that hit the market almost every day but to call it just a custard would do this a complete disservice. It’s a savoury/custard combo, and out of the many, many different juices I have tried I have never had a flavour like it, it is really difficult to pinpoint the flavours here but whatever is in there it just plain works. It’s a difficult one to put into words for a review, because every time I vape it I get something different, from toffee, to caramel, to popcorn to name a few all mixed with custard, and it is a complex, layered juice you really have to appreciate yourself.

Nipple Juice

Ah, the infamous Nipple Juice itself. Many of you would have already seen me championing this juice on the forum already, and for good reason, it’s incredible. Mothers Milk Killa indeed. I used to be a big fan of Mothers Milk but found the flavour sadly lacking in my set ups. Got my hands on Nipple Juice, and boom, ladies and gentlemen we have an absolute winner! This is strawberry dessert juice how it should be done. Waves of creamy and sweet strawberry on the inhale with a generous dollop of cream and strawberry on the exhale which kind of reminds me of my favourite sweet as a child, strawberry Chewits. The superlatives and praise are there in droves for this fantastic liquid and it really is one you will constantly be refilling your tank with, you simply cannot put this down. It dethrones all other strawberry juices in its way. The new king of Strawberry liquid is here! I tip my hat to you Tom, this is just an incredible juice and in 18 months of vaping my first true all day vape.


If you don’t believe me on just how good this juice line is, just check the aforementioned ‘Mothers Milk Killa’ thread on POTV, or the various excellent reviews posted in the reviews sub forum, or the vast amount of recommendations made for the juice on the forum. The praise for South Coast Vapes has grown and grown across the forum and from speaking to Tom on a regular basis he is swamped with orders, and for very good reason, he is knocking out top drawer juice on par with more expensive ‘premium’ juices, at sensible prices. The 60/40 blend used for the juices provides the perfect blend of flavour mixed with excellent flavourful cloud production, and compliments the flavour mix so well, in fact the balance is perfect. Tom really deserves the praise and the plaudits for how much hard work he puts in, his friendly and excellent customer service, low prices and rapid delivery. Not to mention his absolutely excellent, tasty and flavourful juices. All you want in a vendor and one the POTV community are proud to call its own. This is one talented mixologist, in my opinion the best emerging mixologist in the UK right now, and some absolute genius in a bottle in the South Coast Vapes line.

The juices for this review for South Coast Vapes I have bought and paid for myself, like all my previous orders through him!

You can order the juice from the new South Coast Vapes site - use the code POTV10 for 10% of all items.  South Coast Vapes are also offering two lucky winners the chance to bag the whole range!  If you have read the review then the answer should be easy - enter the competition here!

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 Dave Junglist
Article by Dave Junglist
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