Phileas Fogg Hand Crafted Sub Juice review by dw1986

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Phileas Fogg Hand Crafted Sub Juice is are handcrafted in small batches by Stuart, a chef and passionate vaper, from top quality ingredients, that have been certified as being Diketone free. Stuart is committed to providing safe juices to vape, that don’t compromise on quality either. There are presently 6 flavours that make up the Phileas Fogg line up, with two available in their ‘ZERO HERO’ nicotine free range.

Phileas Fogg liquids are designed to work well across any type of atomiser that you use, from tank to Genesis atomiser, mouth to lung to direct lung hit, and they are designed to give you that same flavour punch that vaping e liquid in a sub ohm tank provides. Not to mention with the blend being 70VG 30PG, there’s plenty of vapour as well! Phileas Fogg Hand Crafted Sub Juice is available in 10ml and 30ml bottles, at extremely reasonable prices, with a 10ml bottle costing £3.99 and a 30ml bottle costing £8.99. Nicotine strengths are available in zero (with Baykwell and Etons Mess in the ZERO HERO range), 3mg and 6mg, Stuart from Phileas Fogg is also open to accommodating custom requests as well! Let’s have a look at what the range has got to offer...


Classic Almond sponge in a short crust pastry case, stuffed with Black & Morello cherries…

For me, the almond and pastry flavours almost remind me of marzipan - and these were the two most predominant flavours I got when vaping Baykwell in the EVL Reaper RTA. The cherry was light and authentic tasting, which to me is a good thing as I’m not the biggest fan of Cherry in general, but overall this did remind me a little of a Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell. I also gave Baykwell a try on mesh with the In’Ax MKIII, and this really bought out an authentic cherry from Baykwell, and the almond and pastry took a back seat. This made it more of a fruity vape and it was definitely one to enjoy throughout the day.

Botany Bay

Natural juicy watermelon, with complimentary undertones to really make it sing…

Botany Bay is one juice that is definitely very well suited to mesh. In fact, I enjoyed it so much on mesh in the In’Ax MKIII, I pretty much managed to vape the entire bottle just through this one tank! I used to spend a lot of time at the beaches in Botany Bay, close to Sydney, Australia, and this juice evoked memories of hot days spent basking in the sun there with it’s delicious watermelon blend and mixed fruity background. It is a refreshing and mouthwatering vape and one perfect for (one hopes) the oncoming hot summer weather!

Etons Mess

A delicate combination of fresh strawberry, sweetened whipped cream and caramelized meringue…

If you like fresh strawberries, then Eton’s Mess will be perfect for you, the inhale provided me with a wave of deliciously sweet fresh strawberries, which was amplified even further when vaped in a Genesis tank on mesh, that gives way to a smooth cream with a hint of meringue in the background. I found when vaping Etons Mess at what I would consider high wattage, so 40 watts plus, the meringue really became prominent, whereas when vaping at lower wattage and on mesh for example, the strawberries and cream are most dominant. The combination is delicious, and manages to stay full of flavour without tasting artificial or overpowering.

Karma Frappe

Just the right amount of Italian espresso coffee blended with caramel, heavy cream and something else that adds a delicious depth…

Now up until fairly recently I used to really dislike coffee vapes, not because I dislike coffee, far from it, I get through multiple cups a day, but because the vast majority save for one or two either tasted too artificial or were too heavy on flavouring. Recently I have discovered some excellent coffee juices, that are lighter and more realistic tasting, and Karma Frappe is one of those. It blends an authentic Italian espresso, that tastes almost like a rich coffee bean, and I picked up caramel and a creamy exhale, plus what tasted like a hint of chocolate! This is one I really enjoyed in a tank and an RDA, the complex flavour mix really does keep your tastebuds guessing.

Lemon Grab

Buttery biscuit base topped with a creamy citrus emulsion for a decadent vape with a crisp fresh edge…

Lemon Grab tasted to me like a freshly baked Lemon Biscuit, there is a sharp and zingy lemon on the inhale that nips at your tastebuds and gets your juices flowing, with a thick biscuit in the background. This all blends together to provide an excellent lemon biscuit vape, that is both mouthwatering and delicious. Lemon fans certainly wont be disappointed with what is on offer here!

Strudle Oodle

Lightly spiced apple and fruits of the forest in a caramelized puff pastry strudel, complemented with Chantilly Cream…

I do enjoy a good Apple Strudel, especially when complemented with a nice cup of coffee, and Strudle Oodle is a great Apple Strudel vape. I actually enjoyed dripping this in the Hellfire Predator whilst enjoying Karma Frappe in a tank at the same time, and when I had a hot steaming mug of coffee to hand, the experience was even better! I mainly get a baked apple on the inhale, with puff pastry and a hint of caramel in the background, with a light and creamy exhale. Strudle Oodle certainly has Oodles of flavour!


Phileas Fogg have a great line of juices that work very well no matter what you use them in, whether sub ohming in a tank or RDA, mouth to lung vaping or one of my own personal favourites, vaping with mesh. There are some excellent juices on offer in the range, that are made with care from Pharma grade ingredients, and certified as Diketone free, so that great tasting juice found here is also safe to vape as well, plus the pricing structure is spot on too.

The 70VG 30PG blend means you get very good vapour production, and these juices aren’t short on the flavour front either, being smooth and true to the descriptions provided on the site. Superbly, they were ready to vape when they arrived through my letterbox, no steeping was required. Stuart from Phileas Fogg is an active member of the POTV community that is extremely passionate about his vaping, and you can tell that his passion has been poured into the Phileas Fogg line of juices.

Phileas Fogg E Liquids are available from, you can get 20% off with the discount code FUTPD20 and 30% on orders over £30 with the code FUTPD30!