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Fallstreak High VG

From the team behind the absolutely stellar Colonel Boom’s range comes Fallstreak High VG Eliquid

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Introduction to Fallstreak

From the team behind the absolutely stellar Colonel Boom’s range comes Fallstreak High VG Eliquid, whereas the Colonel Boom’s range was fruit based the Fallstreak range offers a smorgasboard of dessert based delights, and in high VG as well which is ideal for those intolerant to PG as well as satisfying the desires of cloud chasers at the same time.

Production of the Fallstreak Eliquid is done to the same exacting high standards used with the Colonel Boom’s range, which means a multi stage quality control process from production to bottling, only the highest grade traceable BP, USP or pharmaceutical vegetable glycerine, monopropylene glycol and nicotine along with the very best flavourings are used. Fallstreak Eliquid is created in a custom made cleanroom using HEPA filtration to clean the surrounding air, within an ISO Class 5 air purification system present and a double entry with its own dedicated purification and UV filtration unit. All of the range is tested by GC-MS to a detection level of 1 part per million on diketones such as diacetyl and acetyl propionyl as well as testing to a detection level of 10 parts per million on other lesser nasties. You can be assured you are getting some of the cleanest eliquid around, as PlumeBlu cut no corners whatsoever during the production process. 

All of the Fallstreak Eliquid range was supplied in 3mg Nicotine, at a mix ratio of 80VG/20PG. Currently the Silver Line is available, at a mix ratio of 80/20, however Gold (90/10) and Platinum (100% VG) are in development and available shortly! The Silver Line is available from PlumeBlu with POTV12 for 12% off and there is also a dedicated website for Fallstreak High VG Eliquid too!


"Unlike it’s namesake, Cirrus isn’t going to give wispy clouds... We took the finest lemon flavour we could, added a drizzle cake to it, whacked it all in a blender and then added the milk- lemon drizzle milkshake is totally the way forward!"

And wispy clouds it doesn’t give. Like the rest of the Fallstreak range, these are full flowing, rolling thunderclouds of outstanding flavour! Cloud chasing sessions have never been so tasty. The lemon present in Cirrus is just incredible, the right amount of sugar and zest to keep you hooked and wanting more, on the inhale you get more of a lemon meringue flavour and then an incredible milky, sugary, lemony note comes in on the exhale and carries you off on a cloud of milky, lemony goodness.

Not only is this the finest lemon flavour the Plume Blu team could find, it’s the finest lemon flavour you are ever likely to try as well. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and lemon drizzle milkshake is definitely the way forward!


"Having researched coffee vapes for a while but finding them either too strong, too sweet or lacking a bit of sugar we put our own together. Fresh ground coffee of light to medium strength, foamed milk and a double shot of vanilla syrup for balance and sweetness. Perfect!"

Anyone who knows me knows I am really not a fan of coffee vapes at all, I’m more than partial to a steaming mug of the stuff but barring darkchocachino from South Coast Vapes, I have not found a single satisfying coffee vape yet. Stratus fills that gap and more, becoming one of my all time favourite vapes, lovely fresh coffee grounds blended with lovely thick creamy milk and vanilla just rounding off a truly delightful vape.

Stratus went from being the juice I was least enthused about trying to my favourite juice from the entire range near enough instantly. If you are a coffee lover struggling to find that authentic coffee vape, look no further. Stratus is something truly epic. This is my morning wake n’ vape!


"Immerse yourself in our Cola Float flavour, with a powerful cola right at the forefront and a blend of vanilla plus ice cream in the rear, this will set your palate alight!"

Cola vapes have a reputation for tasting very artificial, or like bargain basement cola, Nimbus definitely cannot be categorized as such. Gorgeous sweet cola is the first taste you notice, with a blend of vanilla and ice cream in the background, just how you remember the taste of a real cola float to be like. A gorgeous sundae treat!

As you would have expected, the flavour profile is bang on the money, the sweetness of the Cola flavour perfectly balanced out by creamy vanilla and ice cream, a gorgeous refreshing treat for your palate.


"Unmistakeable watermelon blended with sweet honeydew that stimulates your whole palate and throughout the vape this delicious blend marries beautifully with a creamy dessert. As one of our silver line, you can expect a smooth inhale, great vapour production and a totally satisfying experience."

Cumulus is the juice that keeps your palate fresh whilst vaping your way through the Fallstreak range. Watermelon is a difficult flavour to nail down, too much of it in a juice and the vape ends up artificial and too full on, taking on almost a candied form, too little flavouring and you end up finding it difficult to even detect the watermelon flavour.

The mix of watermelon and honeydew is perfect in cumulus, neither too overpowering nor too weak, resulting in a very authentic watermelon and honeydew blend, smothered in delicious cream, it’s like sitting down dunking chunks of melon into a pot of fresh cream...


"Huge dollops of cloud coverage seem appropriate for Mammatus, a blend of of light and milky cream with a stunning sweet strawberry that is bright, bolshy and utterly refreshing. This is the new benchmark for a strawberry milkshake vape."

I’m not arguing with the description, Mammatus is the new benchmark for a strawberry milkshake vape. Mammatus was the liquid I heard mentioned at Vapefest more than any other juice, and the one that, when I first tried it, I had to go straight back to the Fallstreak stall to buy more. The benchmark has been set and it has been set very highly indeed, gorgeous authentic strawberry with the absolute perfect blend of sweetness and cream. Mammatus is simply stunning, and it’s just simply perfect for dripping. It’s the ideal dripping sauce!

Mammatus just rains outstanding flavour down onto your tastebuds. Let’s just say it ‘Whips’ another popular 80VG strawberry vape available, and takes the crown of king of the high VG strawberry vapes!


One thing that is evident, is that when the Colonel Boom’s team do a juice, they don’t just do it well, they do a spectacular job of it. The team behind Colonel Boom’s set the standard for fruit based vapes with the Colonel Boom’s range, now those dessert lovers who felt the Colonel Boom’s range was lacking in options for them have something that will be right up their street, and unlike anything they have ever tried. Don’t just take my word for it, at Vapefest where Fallstreak was launched there was many a happy vaper walking away from the Colonel Boom’s/Fallstreak stand, which was under siege over the 2 days Vapefest ran for, many vapers were spotted returning for two or even three visits (myself included) to stock up on more of this truly incredible line of juice!

You may have noticed that cleverly each juice is named after a different cloud type, and if your are chasing clouds you won’t be disappointed here, as with the high VG blend you’ll be blowing some serious clouds, and you will find these juices complement your cloud chasing sessions oh so well, in a way that most other juices just can’t stand up to. Flavour chasers shouldn’t be put off by the high VG blend either, as the Fallstreak range is one of the most flavourful lines of juice you are ever going to have the pleasure of trying. Now Fallstreak Eliquid is recommended for Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser use due to its high VG content, I did however find that it would wick fine in the Freemax Starre Pro tank and Billow V2 RTA.

Just like the Colonel Boom’s range, authenticity is the main theme with Fallstreak juices, and you will really struggle to find anything around that captures the true essence of the flavours contained within. Take Stratus for example, that has to be the most realistic coffee vape around, coffee vapes tend to be derided within the industry as Coffee is a very difficult flavour to reproduce, but the team here have really produced the absolute best Coffee vape you will try bar none, that is a spot on representation of something you would expect to be served at your local Costa…

Overall, the team behind have really outdone themselves with the Fallstreak range, if you thought things couldn’t get any better after Colonel Boom’s you are sorely mistaken, as the bar has been raised to the next level with Fallstreak High VG. Truly groundbreaking stuff, and not just one of the top high VG lines around, but one of the very best lines of juice you are ever going to have the pleasure of vaping.

Fallstreak have kindly given us one full set in 30ml bottles to give away to one lucky reader!  You can enter the competition here which will run until the 12th September.  Don't forget that these juices are available from PlumeBlu where POTV readers can get 12% off their order by using the code POTV12 at checkout.

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