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Dunfords Eliquid

Dunford’s Liquids are a UK based artisan juice maker providing some really unique flavours. Run and mixed by vapers, Dunfords are also committed to providing quality UK juice free from diacetyl using only the highest quality ingredients and mixed in a sterile clean lab environment.

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Introduction to Dunfords Eliquids

Dunford’s Liquids are a UK based artisan juice maker providing some really unique flavours. Run and mixed by vapers, Dunford’s are also committed to providing quality UK juice free from diacetyl using only the highest quality ingredients and mixed in a sterile clean lab environment.

I will be having a look at the Dunford’s range below, all juices were 50/50 VG/PG and 6mg nicotine, purchased from their site, these have also been steeped as per the instructions on Dunford’s website to steep for a minimum of 6-7 days.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog is a raspberry and custard pastry vape with heavy cake undertones.

Well, dessert lovers are not going to be disappointed here (I certainly wasn’t), on the inhale you have a strong raspberry hit, but not chemically strong, I must stress that the raspberry here definitely is more of a natural raspberry than anything artificial. There is a lovely creamy custard carrying the raspberry flavouring onto your tastebuds but nothing is too heavy here, you can tell a lot of care and attention to detail has gone into French Bulldog, resulting in a hugely satisfying taste.

I felt the pastry tones gave more of a nod to a powdered doughnut, and took a bit of a backseat to the raspberry and custard on the inhale, and the cake was omnipresent on the exhale. Blended all together with the raspberry and custard you have a dessert lover’s dream vape. Really fantastic stuff.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear is one of our more mature flavours, with Canadian maple syrup, French vanilla, indulgent bittersweet chocolate and a subtle hint of pecans. It's a woody, nutty experience and it goes great with a coffee.

My first thoughts were that this tasted exactly like a Chomp chocolate bar with pecans, however adjusting the power up and down really brings out the different layers and textures in Grizzly Bear. It’s definitely temperature sensitive, and those that love layered and textured vapes are going to love this. It’s ambitious and layered, and the gamble pays off here with a fantastic blend that ranges from earthy nuttiness to thick luxurious chocolate and vanilla depending on how you set the power on your mod of choice.

Such an enjoyable vape, mixed to absolute perfection, the flavour profile chosen here just works so well. One of the best and most complex vapes I have had the pleasure of trying this year, I really highly recommend it, certainly one of the most unique I have ever tried, truly amazing work from the Dunfords team! This is one you definitely want to steep first or you are going to miss out on the genius at work here. One of my top 10 juices for 2015 so far.


Narwhal is an intense ice cold menthol vape with juicy purple grapes and mouthwatering watermelon. This liquid is great if you're suffering with vapers tongue.

Intense is definitely an apt description here for Narwhal! This is a very intense icy menthol based vape, the grape is really present on the inhale, it is reminiscent of an icy grape soda on the inhale, and on the exhale the watermelon becomes present, making this a really refreshing vape. The grape and watermelon blend together so well, and I would much rather be vaping a menthol fruit blend like Narwhal to stave off vapers tongue than your bog standard menthol!

It really is great for vapers tongue, as I test I vaped a single brand of custard continuously throughout the day until I couldn’t taste anything anymore. There are a fair few liquids out there I have tried that claim to help vapers tongue but in fact exacerbate the horrible affliction. Happy to take one for the team in the interests of science, I reached for the Narwhal and loaded it up in the Atlantis 2, had a good toot on it for an hour, and bang, my tastebuds were back to square one. In fact, I am making this part of my regular rotation to keep vapers tongue at bay! I’ll have to give myself vapers tongue more often if I get to cure myself with this…


Clownfish is a Tangerine and orange concoction with subtle hints of cream and a subtle fizz on the exhale.

Clownfish offers me a slight yet pleasing tangy fizz on the tongue on the exhale, balanced off very nicely with the merest hint of cream in the background. The tangerine is the most predominant flavour, and it really takes over on the inhale, the orange I didn’t really detect either on the inhale or on the exhale, however Clownfish danced and fizzed around on my tastebuds long after I had finished vaping it.

Clownfish is a delicious summer vape, light and refreshing, the fizz is a great touch on the exhale and makes Clownfish reminiscent of a tangy orange sweet, akin to something you might find in a bag of Haribo Tangfastics!


Dugong is a sugary sweet doughnut pumped full of thick vanilla custard and heavily coated in a rich strawberry glaze. 

I’ve been hankering for a decent doughnut vape for a while, so I was excited when Dugong landed through my letterbox! Needless to say, Dugong didn’t disappoint at all, and really sated my lust for a nice sugary, powdered doughnut vape, the addition of vanilla custard and strawberry making a truly excellent dessert vape, it’s full flavoured and rich, yet dangerously moreish, perhaps a little too heavy for me to have as an all day vape yet a sumptuous treat to visit from time to time.

Rather than one flavour taking centre stage over the others, you get a delicious mouthful of powdered sugary doughnut, with vanilla custard and icing strawberry all in one go, it’s as if you have taken a huge bite into the real thing, I even found myself licking my lips afterwards! 


Shorthorn is our take on the ever-popular custard. A luxuriously thick, creamy concoction with subtle tones of sticky brown sugar.

Ah, custard. Arguably the most popular e-liquid flavour, and it certainly is my flavour of choice. What self-respecting e-liquid range could truly be taken seriously without a custard in some form or another present?!

Dunford’s offering is a lighter custard vape, rather than going for vanilla custard like the rest of the dessert crowd, I got the feeling that they have gone down the route of trying to replicate fresh custard, with a twist of brown sugar. I certainly didn’t think it was too thick, far from it, I felt it was a little lighter than some of the more established custards out there. With the vape being a little lighter than traditional custards, and the sticky brown sugar, Shorthorn tends to lend itself more to a Crème brulee than a vanilla custard.

Shorthorn isn’t really doing anything different to what is already available in the custard market at present, but it is a very well rounded custard, and certainly one to consider.


Silverback is a rich creamy banana and chocolate vape, with hints of vanilla and brown sugar. We love this flavour and we're sure you will too.

One thing I have noticed is that Dunford’s do chocolate really, really well. I don’t know what magic they are doing, but it really works! Chocolate is such a difficult flavour to nail properly in mixes but in Silverback and also the previously mentioned Grizzly Bear, Dunfords really excel with chocolate mixes. Here they also excel with banana flavour too.

I must admit to a slight sense of trepidation when approaching Silverback, purely because I don’t seem to get on with e-liquids containing banana or chocolate. Banana flavour ones in my experience always end up tasting like the banana foam sweets you used to get for a penny from your newsagents (and I hated them as a kid!), and chocolate liquids seem to have either too much or too little chocolate flavouring.

My fist vape of Silverback blew away all fears I had about trying this juice. The banana, thankfully, was actually in line with the fruit rather than the foam sweet, the chocolate perfectly balanced, dark and bitter, providing the perfect background to the banana. The vanilla and brown sugar are hints in the blend, definitely there though, however I found they got lost at lower wattages.

Hats off to Dunfords, Silverback is a banana and chocolate juice I absolutely loved!


Massively impressed with the offerings from the Dunfords team here. They have flown under the radar a bit within the vaping world, I noticed that they have been trading online since June 2014 but I hadn’t heard of them until recently, and I am glad I did as every juice I tried from Dunford’s was absolutely fantastic and I could have no complaints about any of them. They are offering something a little different here, something that fans of complex vapes can really get their teeth into, or even the casual vaper looking to step outside their comfort zone will find a liquid to enjoy from the Dunford’s range. The flavour is not just the only impressive thing about the Dunfords range, for a 50/50 mix I have to say I was blowing some seriously thick clouds as well. I also thought their labels were pretty cool!

Dunfords are no longer offering the choice on their site of choosing your preferred mix ratio, however do not panic, as this only benefits vapers in the long run as the guys at Dunford’s will now be able to offer pre steeped juice as a result in the near future, so your Dunford’s purchases will be good to go on arrival.

I can highly recommend Dunfords Liquids, if you are thinking of popping an order in or are looking for some outstanding complex juices then look no further than these.

Dunfords will be at Vapefest this coming weekend so don't forget to look them up.  If you aren't going, you can purchase their eliquids from their site and POTV readers can get a 10% discount with the code POTV10. Visit Dunfords Eliquids here.

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