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Boosted E-Juice- as the name and logo implies, an Eliquid range based around the founder’s love of custom cars and drag racing! Cory Vigil is the brains behind the Boosted E Juice range, a veteran of the American vaping scene who has been vaping himself since 2008.

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Introduction to Boosted Ejuice

Boosted E-Juice, as the name and logo implies, is an Eliquid range based around the founder’s love of custom cars and drag racing! Cory Vigil is the brains behind the Boosted E Juice range, a veteran of the American vaping scene who has been vaping himself since 2008, coming from a culinary background Cory decided to give Eliquid mixing a try in 2013 and after sending out samples to a few friends the feedback Cory received encouraged him to take it a little further. Next thing Cory knew, he woke up to countless friend requests on Facebook and even a dedicated Boosted fan page, and demand since then has just grown and grown.

The exact flavour profiles are a secret, as is the VG/PG blend, but I have seen online the mix is around the 60/40 mark. The samples I received were in 3mg and provided in glass dropper bottles, however nicotine free, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths are available. Each flavour is available in 15, 30 and 120ml bottle sizes. Let's have a look at the Eliquid line that has taken the US by storm!!

Anti Lag is described online as having notes of Blueberry, Strawberry and Watermelon mixed with whipped cream and a hint of sweetener to make the ultimate fruit salad vape!

I definitely get the Strawberry and Watermelon notes, however I didn't really detect much in the way of any Blueberry. I did get what seemed like a hint of Orange and Citrus in the background on the inhale however along with the Strawberry and Watermelon! There’s a lovely smoothness to Anti Lag that is delivered by the Whipped Cream, the whipped cream also serves to bind the fruit flavours together and ensure that your tastebuds aren’t overpowered by the fruit blend. Theres the perfect amount of sweetener in the vape, just enough to delight your tastebuds without turning the vape sour! It’s almost like a sprinkling of sugar on a creamy fruit salad.

Blow Off Valve is a tropical medley of 9 different tropical fruits plus a secret blend of other flavours, touted as an experience akin to a rainbow melting onto your tastebuds!

Blow Off Valve has to be the most complex juice from the Boosted line in my opinion. According to the official site, there is at least 12 different prominent flavours discoverable in this juice! It’s one that seems to give me a different experience each time I try it, with a new flavour coming to prominence each and every time. Peach, Nectarine and Coconut seem to be the most prominent flavours for myself when I vape B.O.V at over 30 watts, under this the Peach, Nectarine and Coconut take a back seat and give way to Lemon, Lime, Strawberry, Pineapple and what seems to me like Blackcurrant! Those are the most noticeable flavours I have discovered from vaping B.O.V. It’s one of the top fruit flavours I have ever tried, I loved this vape!

Boosted is the juice that at first would appeal to me more than any other from the Boosted line, due to it being described as an old-skool Strawberry Milkshake vape, which is one of my favourite juice flavour profiles. It’s a full frontal, thick and very creamy Strawberry Milkshake, that tastes like the authentic Strawberry Milkshakes of old that were blended with Ice Cream and served ice cold. It’s very thick, very creamy, sweet and very authentic tasting. No complexity to Boosted, it’s just a straight up Strawberry Milkshake vape done to perfection and up there with the very best around.

I’d highly recommend Boosted to any Strawberry lover, this juice really is gorgeous.

Wastegate is touted as a Raspberry Cheesecake flavour, topped off with Raspberry Puree and a healthy scoop of sweet Vanilla Ice Cream.

Primarily I get a very authentic Raspberry Cheesecake flavour hitting my tastebuds first on the inhale, with a generous dollop of Raspberry Puree on the exhale finished off with what tastes more like a Vanilla Bean Ice Cream on the exhale, a rich vanilla detectable at higher wattage. I’ve also detected what seems like hints of Strawberry as well in Wastegate, but this has got to be one of the most authentic cheesecake vapes I have ever tried. Even the Raspberry Puree tasted thick and just like you would expect Raspberry Puree to taste like!


Boosted is a really fresh, exciting new line of juice, I was really impressed with the samples I received and couldn’t fault any of them. The flavour profiles were spot on and very tasty, and I feel that they would appeal to fruit and dessert lovers alike. I could also get some pretty big clouds with the Boosted line of juices too, that combined with the sweetness and smoothness of the juices suggests to me they may be slightly on the high VG side!

I loved the complexity of BOV, Anti-Lag and Wastegate, with new flavours and experiences being unlocked with those juices each time I used them in a different atomiser, or changed the build or power with my device. Boosted appealed to me massively as a lover of creamy strawberry juices and that is a juice I could easily have as an all day vape.

Boosted E-Juice is definitely a line of juices I would buy again!

Thanks to the team at Cloudz Vapour for sending these juices in to us to review - you can check them out on their website here, Boost your Vaping with Boosted Ejuice.

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