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DVTCH Amsterdam

DVTCH Amsterdam are an E-Liquid company proudly based out of the well known 'City of Sin' in Holland, with a range of eight E-Liquids that are inspired by the various experiences you can find in Amsterdam!

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DVTCH Amsterdam are an E-Liquid company proudly based out of the well known 'City of Sin' in Holland, with a range of eight E-Liquids that are inspired by the various experiences you can find in Amsterdam!

Their mission is to spice things up within the industry, giving everyone a taste of DVTCH goodness. They have certainly begun to do this already with E-Liquids such as Space Cake - a take on the famous Coffee Shop staple, and Red Light District- based on the infamous District in Amsterdam!

The DVTCH Amsterdam team have won numerous awards for their E-Liquids, and have partnered up with a top US distributor to produce their e-liquids. DVTCH Amsterdam is available from SMKD in 50ml zero nicotine bottles, which you can add nicotine shots to if you so wish. I've been sent six of the DVTCH range to review by SMKD, so let's have a look at the experiences DVTCH Amsterdam has to offer...


Chloe, a university graduate who is a perfect mix of kinkiness and elegance, wrapped in a beautiful package with skills to match! Chloe possesses an enthusiastic love of life, a passion for adventure and a taste for luxury, balanced by a budding sense of maturity. Confidence is her strong suit.

On the inhale I get a delicious hit of sweet melon with a very thick honey undertone, with a touch of blueberry on the exhale. The flavour notes blend together exceptionally well, I particularly enjoyed the blend of melon and honey, and it isn't overpoweringly sweet or sickly either! All three of the flavour notes work together in perfect harmony, making for an E-Liquid that can easily be vaped all day long.


Megan is the girl you’ve been looking for, for a long time. DVTCH nationality and personality, but Asian by origin. The best of both worlds. Her Asian roots gave her her natural sex appeal, her dark eyes and her perfect body but it is her DVTCH nationality that gives her a fun, elegant and easy-going personality. What a combination!

A mangosteen definitely isn't to be confused with mango, mangosteen is a sweet and juicy fruit grown in tropical climates such as Southeast Asia, Southwest India, Puerto Rico and Florida for example. What you get here is a mouthwateringly sweet, citrus style inhale with a cooling menthol undertone which refreshes your tastebuds perfectly. This is the fist time I've experienced mangosteen in an E-Liquid, and it certainly won't be the last. This one really appeals to those that enjoy their sweet vapes!


    A high-class escort such as Scarlett is a true rarity, possessing a natural classic beauty and a level of sophistication that is hard to find. Scarlett will not only seduce your taste-buds but also your mind.

    Scarlett has a very juicy, peach filled inhale which blends in with a lemonade undertone, which also has the slightest touch of fizz too. It's a sweet and sharp vape, which is very refreshing indeed, and it is a nice easy going vape that isn't too heavy on the senses!

    Space Cake

    Amsterdam offers many pleasures for the senses, among them the best weed on the planet. We made it happen, the first of its kind, a freshly baked Space Cake with the best weed flavor you can imagine. A true ADV for all weed lovers. 

    Space Cake is the most controversial E-Liquid from DVTCH Amsterdam, and to get straight to the point- yes, this does have a frighteningly realistic cannabis taste to it, don't ask me how I know that! There's a thick and earthy taste to it, with a rich cake undertone, and it's a unique vape that I very much enjoyed.

    For those of you wondering, Space Cake doesn't contain any THC or CBD due to the extraction process, the weed flavor is extracted from organic terpenes. Its 100% organic, foodgrade quality and it won't get you high! Also, due to the extraction process, no two batches are the same so the taste is unique in each batch!

    Red Light District

    “The Red Light District vibe” converted into an awesome e-juice. A mix of red fruits (Raspberry, Red currant, blackberry, strawberry) blended with whipped cream and a hint of honey.

    Mysteriously sweet, various red fruits and thoughts of ..... But be aware! She will lure you into a new bottle before you know it.

    Red Light District has a very fruity inhale, packed with different berry flavours, I found that raspberry was the most dominant flavour on the inhale. The exhale is very smooth and creamy, with a very light hint of sweet honey, making for a very delicious and moreish sweet dessert styled vape!

    Tom Pouce

    Flaky light pastry covered with a thick layer of vanilla custard finished with sticky pink icing. Typical Dutch pastry.

    A tompouce, also known as tompoes (meaning 'Tom Cat') is an iconic Dutch pastry, which is extremely popular within the Netherlands. It typically consists of a smooth icing topping, with two layers of puff pastry, and a cream filling. Tom Pouce from DVTCH Amsterdam sticks very closely  to this, a light pastry background with plenty of delicious thick cream and a little sweetness to round it all off. This was my pick of the DVTCH Amsterdam range, in fact it has become one of my all time pastry styled vapes, I just couldn't put it down! Tom Pouce is also an award winning E-Liquid, picking up the Best Pastry Flavour award at Vape Jam 2017!


    The DVTCH Amsterdam range isn't all just clever branding and marketing, these E-Liquids are absolutely top drawer and up there with the most popular names around in terms of flavours and quality!

    The 85% VG ratio provides plenty of vapour, keeping even the hardiest cloud chaser happy, whilst still providing plenty of smooth and tasty flavour. The DVTCH Amsterdam range is one that I really enjoyed vaping, so much so that my review samples didn't last long at all, and it is one of my favourite E-Liquid ranges that I have tried so far in 2017!

    Many thanks to Abdul at SMKD for sending the DVTCH Amsterdam E-Liquid range in for review, these E-Liquids can be purchased from www.smkd.com. For wholesale enquiries, please contact SMKD Wholesale on [email protected] or 01274 270303.

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