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DRPN Donuts Eliquid

No prizes for what DRPN Donuts specialize in...yep….you guessed it...baked doughnut goodness in E-Liquid form! DRPN Donuts currently offer three doughnut based E-Liquids, in the form of Strawberry Donut, Blueberry Donut and Bearclaw, which appeal to the doughnut and bakery lovers.

Each DRPN Donuts E-Juice is made with flavours that are "food-safe", manufactured in the U.S. and conform to current Food Industry standards. DRPN Donuts E-juices are blended with top quality VG and PG that have a purity of 99.7% and all products are USP Certified. DRPN Donuts use NicSelect nicotine which is made with one of the highest quality extracts and surpasses USP standards.

DRPN Donuts are available in a mix ratio of 60VG 40PG, in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. I tried these juices in the Aspire Cleito, Snapdragon RDA and the Rose V2-S, at wattage ranges from 15-70W. As an unashamed doughnut lover I’m always excited to try out doughnut based liquids, so let's see what DRPN Donuts have to offer!

Strawberry Donut

A Strawberry Frosted Donut with Sprinkles! As with the other flavours in the range with a 60% VG base, you can expect both excellent flavour and excellent vapour production.

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Rather than a frosted strawberry, I got a thick strawberry jam flavour from this on the inhale, mixed with a hint of sweetener, and a doughy powdered doughnut exhale, that in the Aspire Cleito at 45W combined to remind me of a doughnut containing a strawberry jam centre, rather than the Americanized strawberry frosted doughnut. It’s a really enjoyable vape, especially if strawberry vapes are your thing, as the doughnut base tends to take a back seat here and the strawberry takes prominence.

Blueberry Donut

A true Blueberry glazed donut with savoury goodness. With a 60% VG base you can expect both excellent flavour and excellent vapour production.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of blueberry vapes in the past, as I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that I find with most blueberry juices that the blueberry is either too artificial or too harsh, which is a shame as I do enjoy eating blueberries, but with Blueberry Donut from DRPN Donuts I’ve found a blueberry juice that I absolutely love, and if I was to pick my favourite out of these three juices, it would be this one. I found this most enjoyable being dripped in the Snapdragon RDA, and this to me tastes like ripe and juicy blueberries on the inhale, with a touch of sweet glazing, and the trademark DRPN Donut base coming through on the exhale. This really did taste like a true blueberry doughnut, and much like the blueberry doughnuts Krispy Kreme are famed for!


A Glazed Apple Pastry with a hint of Cinnamon. A 60% VG mix meaning both excellent vapour prouction and excellent flavour.

Bearclaws are an American delicacy that are very popular, down to their Danish pastry base with hints of almond, often mixed with cinnamon and apple. DRPN Donuts have really got this spot on, minus the almond, with the trademark doughnut base in the background and sweet apple mixed with a mild hint of cinnamon taking prominence. The sweet apple really is the most dominant flavour here, tasting like a baked apple with a hint of sweetener, the cinnamon toned down and providing more of a background flavour. I found Bearclaw to perform best in an RDA, which really brought out the best in the individual flavours present within this juice.

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If you love your doughnuts, then DRPN Donuts will be right up your street! These doughnuts are definitely best served warm, as I’ve found a wattage range of 40-60W to bring out the best from these liquids and truly enjoy a realistic doughnut experience. I do believe using them at lower wattage tends to bring out the doughnut element of the juices and not a lot else, ramping it up tends to bring out the strawberry/blueberry/cinnamon elements of these juices, and just makes for a more well-rounded representation of what these juices are trying to replicate, especially when vaping these in a rebuildable dripping atomizer.

Vapour production is very good from the 60VG mix and surprisingly there is a decent amount of throat hit too, which kind of took me aback at first, as I wasn’t expecting much in the way of throat hit. The packaging is fantastic as well, with some outstanding bottle labelling, and the bottles themselves presented in stylish individual boxes that give a very premium feel to these liquids.

At the 40-60W range, DRPN Donuts really do make for an excellent doughnut vape that is one of the closest to a real doughnut I have tried yet. If you do like a good, hearty doughnut, you’d be hard pressed to find a better e-liquid that replicates that classic doughy goodness!

Thanks to the team at DRPN Donuts for sending this juice in to us to try - you can buy the juice direct from them or contact them for wholesale enquiries - http://drpndonuts.co.uk/.

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