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From small beginnings on the POTV forum, Dripworx have grown into a household name within the industry thanks to a range of superb premium e-liquids produced here in the UK, available at highly competitive prices. There’s a wide range of different e-liquids on offer within the range, designed to work best with sub ohm set ups in RDA’s, and they feature high VG blends for maximum smoothness and vapour.

Dripworx Universal Base Mix (or Unibase for short) is the latest range in the Dripworx stable, made up of some old Dripworx classics plus some new flavours too, consisting of 50ml of nicotine free eliquid and a 10ml nicotine shot. Simply dump in the nicotine shot, shake the bottle, and you have 60ml of e-liquid ready to vape. I tested a selection of the Dripworx Unibase range in the CSMNT RDA with a 0.2ohm staggered staple coil made by Smut on the POTV forum and here’s what I thought...


Twisty is our take on that famous ice lolly we all love here in the UK, get ready for the summer with this fruity creamy masterpiece.

Since I first encountered it back in October last year, Twisty has grown into a favourite for both myself and mrsdw1986! Since I first tried Twisty, I’ve encountered a fair few liquids that have tried to replicate the taste of a Twister ice lolly, but none have done it with the aplomb that Dripworx does. You get the tangy and sweet taste of lime, a delicious creamy undertone that nails the texture of ice cream, and it’s finished off with raspberry on the exhale. A lip smackingly delicious e-liquid!

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An exact copy of a dessert that has been in the Worx family for generations.

CRMBL - A selection of stewed winter berries, rhubarb and apples. Topped with a delicious crumble mix, a dash of sugar and baked until golden. None of this would be complete without a generous dollop of clotted cream, Blended into this recipe you will find notes of our famous #Cream base.

CRMBL is a new flavour from Dripworx, released with the Unibase line. A strong rhubarb is present on the inhale, however not overpoweringly so, with a hint of berry and apple in the background. I can detect a crumble undertone present throughout, with a tasty cream finish. It’s a flavour combination that works fantastically well, and brings back memories of a perfectly baked rhubarb crumble...

Milk and Cookies

Soft chewy chocolate chip cookies dunked in milk, the perfect balance between sweet and creamy.

Milk and Cookies had been described to me by Lee as being reminiscent of a Maryland Cookie, and I can’t argue with that description at all. A wave of cookie flavouring hits your tastebuds from the inhale, chocolate, rich cookie, a hint of coconut and a deliciously milky and creamy exhale rounds off the experience. A delightful vape that can be enjoyed any time of day!

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Big Cheese

Crunchy all butter biscuit base, filled to the brim with a rich white chocolate infused cream cheese filling, topped with fresh strawberries and a drizzle of strawberry coulis. Served with a side of our famous #CREAM base…

In my previous review of a selection of the Dripworx Gold Label eliquids, I said that Big Cheese was the best strawberry cheesecake e-liquid I have ever tried, and my opinion still hasn’t changed. The Unibase version retains the same excellent qualities from the Gold Label version, you’ll be treated to a sumptuous cheesecake base drizzled in delicious thick strawberry, delivered you your palate on a thick bed of cream. Vaping this in the CSMNT RDA at 0.2ohm just brings out the excellent flavour combinations present here even more. Best of all you can now get 60ml of this for a paltry £16!

Tabac Reserve

A perfect blend of medium to full bodied tobacco, back notes of single malt scotch whisky roll off the tongue on the exhale. The daddy of all tobacco vapes.

Normally I find that tobacco e-liquids are best enjoyed at lower wattages with builds in the 1-1.4ohm range, but Tabac Reserve is one that I found bucks the trend. It is an outstanding tobacco vape even with a 0.2ohm build, offering a deliciously robust tobacco experience. Tabac Reserve is an all day vape of mine, it’s an e-liquid I can wake up and vape first thing in the morning with my cup of tea, right through to last thing at night before bed. A superbly well rounded tobacco vape.


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Dripworx mixing facilities

A key concern with many vapers today is whether their e-liquids are produced in a clean room environment, and whether they are free from any nasties. Dripworx E-liquids are manufactured to ISO Class 5 standards, and are produced within a Purair laminar flow cabinet using a Camfil-Farr ULPA main filter.

The purest quality PG, VG and nicotine made in the EU is used with Dripworx E-liquids, and the best flavourings sourced from some of the largest and most respected vendors give Dripworx E-liquids their trademark flavour. All of their liquids are lab tested to ensure that they are safe, and all batches are quality control tested. Lee from Dripworx has actually shared some pictures of the Dripworx mixing facilities below.

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Dripworx are one of my go-to vendors because time and time again Dripworx provide absolute top quality e-liquid, backed up with superb service from Lee. The range of flavours that they currently have on offer is outstanding, and I have yet to try a Dripworx e-liquid that has disappointed me. They truly do offer one of the strongest ranges of e-liquids that I have tried to date.

Dripworx Unibase offers excellent value for money, whereby using the one shot format you can get 60ml of top quality premium e-liquid for just under £16. The Unibase kits have no compromise on the quality that Dripworx is well known for, and just like other Dripworx e-liquids these shine at high wattage with sub ohm set ups.

Dripworx Unibase is available from www.dripworx.co.uk.

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