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Dripworx Gold Label Series

Born on the POTV forum itself, I first encountered Dripworx around a year ago now, when Lee was just getting started with the brand, and he asked me to sample a couple of juices that he had been working on. Suitably impressed, I’ve now sampled many of the juices Lee has developed over time and watched as Dripworx has grown into a recognizable brand name within the UK eliquid industry, with three distinct lines of juice offering something for everyone, and as well as being sold on the Dripworx website the juices are now supplied to a growing number of bricks and mortar shops both in the UK and the EU. Lee himself is a fan of sub ohm vaping in RDA’s, and the Dripworx juices are developed to perform best at low ohms and high heat, with max VG blends for plenty of satisfying flavour.

Dripworx juices are made from Pharma grade ingredients, with the best flavourings in the industry, using top quality UK made nicotine, and these are mixed by Lee himself in a clean environment with HEPA air filtration. All of the Dripworx juices have now been subjected to lab testing to ensure they are 100% diketone and diacetyl free, and all results are published on the Dripworx website for you to see.

Dripworx is one of the juice lines you will consistently see being praised by forum members on POTV, so let's have a look at a selection of five juices from the Max VG Dripworx Gold Label range...


Pure Eliquids

Lemonade meets berries, they fall madly in love. 9 months later, BerryAde is born.

Such a realistic flavour, Fresh raspberries, red currants and strawberries seamlessly blended with natural Sicilian lemon. A touch of fizz and were good to go.

BerryAde reminds me of one of those mixed fruit drinks, and it’s just as sweet and refreshing as one as well. It’s a fruit lovers dream, the most dominant flavours for me are the raspberry and strawberry, and it all gets rounded off with a lovely crisp lemon twist and a cheeky touch of fizz. It’s a masterful fruity vape, which manages to stay bursting with fruity flavour from the very start right through to the end.


Twisty is our take on that famous ice lolly we all love here in the UK, Get ready for the summer with this fruity creamy masterpiece.

We Vape

Twisty is an extremely clever vape, it manages to recreate the taste of that British summer favourite, a Twister Ice Lolly. Dripworx manage to reproduce the taste of a Twister to perfection, with tangy lime wrapped in a blanket of cream and a sweet raspberry at the centre. The first time I tried Twisty I couldn’t believe how well this had been done, and in eliquid format this truly is a remarkable vape. It’s sweet, layered and above all absolutely delicious!

Fromage Frais

Fromage Frais, it's not just a yogurt. Its creamy strawberry beyond belief.

Given the name I did go into trying Fromage Frais expecting a strawberry yoghurt vape, and there is a yoghurty hint to this, but what I mainly got from Fromage Frais was fresh strawberries wrapped in a mountain of delicious tasty cream. The strawberry is beautifully ripe and sweet, and it blends in with the creamy background perfectly, never once becoming too dominant over the cream. This really is spectacular stuff, a stunningly tasty vape!

Caramel Shortcake


Golden all butter shortcake, smothered with a gooey salted caramel topping with a generous helping of our famous #CREAM base. A trip down memory lane, wet your wicks and let the good times roll. pure indulgence in a bottle (without the calories).

Caramel Shortcake is phenomenally close to the real thing, and this juice is a personal favourite of mine that I have been enjoying for a long time now! A sumptuous salted caramel coats my tongue on the inhale, a thick and authentic buttery shortbread base comes in on the exhale adding a stunning level of realism to this vape, I rate this as one of the very best biscuit vapes around. The high VG mix complements it perfectly, and the #CREAM base makes it an oh so smooth vape as well!

Big Cheese

Crunchy all butter biscuit base, filled to the brim with a rich white chocolate infused cream cheese filling, topped with fresh strawberries and a drizzle of strawberry coulis. Served with a side of our famous #CREAM base.

I’ll say it now, Big Cheese is the best Cheesecake vape I’ve ever tried! The flavour profile is perfect, a rich and thick buttery background that almost feels like it crumbles onto your tongue, a fluffy and smooth cream that is present throughout the entire vape, and a mix of fresh and syrupy strawberries all rounded off with a mouthwatering sugary aftertaste. This is just a divine vape, one of the very best dessert vapes around!



We've got a long line of outstanding juice makers over on POTV and Dripworx are well and truly one of those, that is for sure! The Gold Label series really showcases Lee’s exceptional talent at mixing juices and offer a diverse range of flavours that possess the utmost quality. The Max VG blend offers smooth flavour and big cloud production, with no compromise on flavour. These juices have been designed to work best in RDAs at high power, and I really found that vaping them in my Goon RDA and Hellfire Havoc really brought out the best in these blends.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the countless praise on the POTV forum and beyond for these superb juices and the excellent customer service that Lee provides, I personally believe that the Gold Label series is one of the best ranges of juices that money can buy, and best of all the pricing of them won't break the bank either!

The Dripworx Gold Label range is available from www.dripworx.co.uk, and Lee from Dripworx has generously donated the five juices I reviewed above into a giveaway for POTV forum members, click here to find out how to win

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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