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Drip Drop Vapour TPD Compliant E-Liquids

Drip Drop Vapour are run by Samantha and Craig, a husband and wife team, who jointly own the business. Drip Drop Vapour was founded in April 2015 to offer top quality E-Liquid at very competitive prices.

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Drip Drop Vapour are run by Samantha and Craig, a husband and wife team, who jointly own the business. Drip Drop Vapour was founded in April 2015 to offer top quality E-Liquid at very competitive prices.

Drip Drop Vapour first began to sell their E-Liquids on eBay, and shortly afterwards they set up their own website. Growing in popularity, they used their own money to put 40 flavours through TPD testing, and their TPD compliant liquids are available on their website in strengths of zero, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg at the bargain price for £2 for 10ml!

They also have a comprehensive range of zero nicotine 100ml shortfill bottles, full of flavour and priced at £10 per bottle, with all of their E-Liquids designed, developed and manufactured in their own Lancashire based warehouse. They even run 2 high street stores too!

I recently reviewed a selection of the Drip Drop Vapour Shortfills, which you can read here, and in this review I will be looking at five of the TPD compliant E-Liquids that Drip Drop Vapour offer!

Strawberry Whip

A creamy strawberry whip flavour which is a delight...

Strawberry Whip is full of thick strawberry dessert flavour, with a milky and creamy undertone that definitely reminds of an old childhood dessert treat! I found that this was great in an RDA with a sub ohm build, and worked really well at high wattage.

Mango and Passion Fruit

A juicy mango and passionfruit E-Liquid

I do enjoy a good mango E-Liquid, and this one didn't disappoint! There's a very sweet and tangy mango on the inhale, followed up with a passionfruit note than blends in very well. A moreish E-Liquid indeed!

Peach, Lychee and Cream

A smooth, tasty and exotic vape

I get an artificial peach taste with this one, almost like a candied peach, and I must say I wasn't overly keen on that particular flavour note, however the lychee and cream balance it out pretty well. Unfortunately this particular E-Liquid wasn't one for me!

Blueberry Cheesecake

A subtle blueberry with a creamy cheesecake base...

I'm a little wary of E-Liquids containing blueberry, as I'm not overly keen on ones that have a strong blueberry note, however this particular E-Liquid has a nice and subtle blueberry mixed in with a very nice cheesecake base. I actually really enjoyed this E-Liquid, and got through my 10ml bottle pretty quickly!

Very Berry

The perfect ADV...similar to a well known dark fruit cider

I'm not sure this reminded me of a fruit cider, but as a sweet mixed berry E-Liquid instead. I got a mixture of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry from Very Berry, a really nice fruity combo, and a tasty sweet finish to it too!


As I have said in my previous review of the Drip Drop Vapour Shortfills range, E-Liquid doesn't have to cost a small fortune to be of good quality, and the E-Liquids that I have tried from Drip Drop Vapour definitely prove this!

At £2 for 10ml, these are amazingly well priced, and you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between these liquids and much higher priced ones. These are perfect for people who don't like to commit to buying big shortfill bottles, or who need higher nicotine strengths at a reasonable price!

Many thanks to Sam at Drip Drop Vapour for sending these E-Liquids in for review, they can be purchased here!

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