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Drip Code are one of the most popular E-Liquid manufacturers in Malaysia, and their range of E-Liquids has found its way over to UK stores. Find out what we thought of their liquids, plus enter our competition to have the chance at winning some for yourself!

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Founded in Malaysia in 2017, Drip Code is a premium hand-crafted E-Liquid brand that has steadily grown into one of the most popular E-Liquid brands in Malaysia!

Drip Code started off with only one range of E-Liquid, called the Black Series, however now they also boast the White Fruity Series and the White Creamy Series, all mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio using the finest quality ingredients. These are all now available in the UK in 50ml zero nicotine shortfill bottles, compatible with nicotine shots.

Black Series Code 16

A combination of Apple and Orange, Code 16 is a delightfully refreshing fruity vape flavour that is perfect for all day vaping...

This is one sweet smelling E-Liquid! When I popped the lid off I was greeted with a strong smell of both apple and orange, very pleasing indeed!

On the inhale I get a sour apple flavour, and the exhale brings a very sharp orange flavour, which lingers around on my taste buds. This is a very sharp and sweet E-Liquid, perfect for someone with a sweet tooth!

Black Series Code 47

Mango is great on its own but combined with Guava it is a delectable treat. Code 47 is a beautiful combination of sweet, juicy mango and crispy, fresh guava.

At present, Mango is one of my favourite fruit flavours to vape and some of the best E-Liquids that I have tried that contain Mango have come out of Malaysia!

Pleasingly, the inhale brings me plenty of authentic tasting Mango flavour, that really gets my mouth watering, and this is finished off perfectly with an undertone of Guava. Delicious stuff!

Black Series Code 73

Sweet grape combined with the floral flavours of Lychee perfectly blended to create Code 73- an exquisite vape juice perfect for all day vaping!

Unfortunately Code 73 was the only one in the Drip Code range that I personally didn't get on with, I'm not a huge fan of vaping Lychee and I couldn't get on with the mix of Grape and Lychee, finding it too heavy and sweet for my tastes I'm afraid!

White Fruity Series Code 12

Designed for those with a sweet tooth who love strawberry flavours, Code 12 is a tasty strawberry candy vape juice that is sweet and tangy in all the right ways...

This is definitely full-on, sweet strawberry candy! It reminded me somewhat of fizzy strawberry laces, even right down to the thick candied mouth feel at the end. It's a little too sweet for me to be an all day vape, but this would be perfect for someone that likes their sweet and sugary candied E-Liquids!

White Fruity Series Code 29

A delicious blend of sweet honeydew and juicy rockmelon, Code 29 is a sweet, refreshing flavour that stays delicious all day long. Perfect for all day vaping...

Now we are talking, melon E-Liquids are right up my street! I like them strong and sweet, and this is exactly what Code 29 delivers. There's a deliciously authentic taste of honeydew and rockmelon, with a sweet aftertaste to it. Lovely stuff!

White Creamy Series Code 55

If you are looking for a vape flavour to help you relax, Code 55 is your best bet. A smooth, creamy blend of banana and cream, Code 55 is a delectable banana smoothie E-Liquid...

I'm always a little apprehensive with E-Liquids containing banana, as I'm not a fan of artificial candied banana flavouring. Thankfully, Code 55 features authentic tasting banana mixed with plenty of thick cream in the background, which I found to be a truly delicious vape!

White Creamy Series 69

Theres nothing as classic as the combination of peanut butter and jelly (or jam). Code 69's sweet, fruity, nutty, creamy combination is perfect for in-between meal vaping...

I've saved my favourite from the Drip Code range until last! I absolutely love a good peanut butter E-Liquid, however good quality ones are few and far between, as peanut butter is a difficult one to get right.

Drip Code nail it with Code 69, which has plenty of creamy peanut butter and thick strawberry jam. I couldn't put this one down, it would definitely be an all day vape for me, fantastic stuff!


This is a range of E-Liquids that is absolutely perfect for someone who likes their flavours strong and sweet, and they really shine in an RDA with a sub ohm build. There's a great range of flavours to choose from here, and I particularly enjoyed the White Creamy Series!

Many thanks to Drip Code for sending their E-Liquids in for review, they are available for purchase on SMKDs website here www.smkd.com/collections/drip-code-50ml-shortfill - POTV readers can get a special 20% discount by using the code POTV20!  The team at Drip Code have also kindly given us three sets of the range to give away, to be in with a chance of winning click here!

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