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Dr Fog’s - Cake Series

Dr Fog’s Cake Series is a range of E-liquids manufactured by Premium Liquid Labs Inc. who are a Canadian company. There are at present four flavours in this range and we were given them all when we met them at the Vaper Expo in Birmingham. This is a range of expertly produced cake flavours that will appeal to a great many vapers!

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Dr Fog’s - Cake Series

Premium Liquid Labs Inc. Founded in April of 2014 (creating Flavours since 2012), we are a unique Canadian E-liquid manufacturer, creating Premium Blends of the highest standard. We use quality ingredients, sourced from across the world, to create the best premium e liquid on the market. All of our flavours and blends are made from original recipes to produce our one of a kind Canadian E-liquid.

Dr Fog’s Cake Series is a range of E-liquids manufactured by Premium Liquid Labs Inc. who are a Canadian company. There are at present four flavours in this range and we were given them all when we met them at the Vaper Expo in Birmingham. 

The juice comes in TPD compliant 10ml PET bottles with child proof dropper caps. In addition the bottles are protected in cardboard packaging which also includes a user guide leaflet. We actually received all four flavours in cardboard sample box. The labels are stylish and distinct and feature all of the typical information you would expect along with clear warnings.

All the E-liquid in this range is mixed to 75VG/25PG so you can expect very good vapour production and is available in several nicotine strengths: 12mg, 6mg, 3mg, 1.5mg and 0mg.

All of Premium Labs juice is made in ISO 7 and ISO 8 certified facilities where only the best of ingredients are used. I tried out all of the juice in this range in my Hadaly RDA which is currently fitted with a 0.6ohm Clapton coil.

Caramel Cake Pop

The perfect bite of moist caramel cake.

This E-Liquid uses the same excellent caramel that can be found in Dr Fog’s Caramel Milk and it really is immensely good. On the inhale you get that satisfying, rich caramel flavour fused with an enchanting cake sponge that tastes exceptionally convincing. If I had to make a choice between this E-Liquid and the Caramel Milk I would have a very difficult time deciding between them. In my opinion anyone who is a serious caramel fan should definitely try both because they are excellent!

This is a great juice which can be pleasantly enjoyed all day long. I found the throat hit to be mild and the vapour production was splendid!

Pineapple Upsidedown Cake with Coconut Cream

Freshly baked pineapple upsidedown cake, served with a dollop of sweet coconut cream.

This is an absolutely gorgeous and very special E-Liquid. On the inhale you get a mouth-watering and highly natural, sweet pineapple that is expertly blended with a delicious cake base, before finally culminating in a delightful coconut cream on the exhale. It is as deliciously wondrous as it sounds and makes for a sublime vape experience! 

I felt the overall balance was perfect with no particular ingredient ever becoming too dominating and you can easily pick out all of the flavours in the mix. I could certainly see myself ordering a few bottles of this to keep for a special occasion. Do try it because it is quite exceptional!

I found the throat hit to be mild to medium in 3mg strength and the vapour production was tremendous!

Blueberry Cupcake

Blueberry cupcake with sweet creamy vanilla icing.

As you might know I do love blueberry vapes and this one is immensely enjoyable even though it is a little different to most. The main reason for this is because the blueberry while highly flavoursome, sweet, natural and delicious is very well balanced with the wonderful cupcake taste so you tend to get both flavours on the inhale.

In essence vaping this juice is like the sensation of biting into a lovely cupcake and then being rewarded with the taste of fruity blueberry, before finally getting a delightful taste of vanilla icing on the exhale. I found it really pleasant to vape and it made an agreeably, charming alternative to most blueberry E-Liquids which I have tried!

The throat hit was mild in 3mg strength and the vapour production was seriously good!

Vanilla Birthday Cake

The classic flavour of vanilla birthday cake with a hint of lemon, treat yourself as if it was your birthday!

What you get with this particular flavour is an excellent birthday style sponge cake. On the inhale you get a gentle, sweet vanilla masterfully blended and balanced with a tasty cake sponge and on the exhale you are rewarded with a subtle but flavoursome lemon which lingers ever so slightly on the lips.

It really is truly delicious and made up of very convincing ingredients, as such it can be happily enjoyed whenever you like, whether it’s actually your birthday or not!

I found the throat hit to be mild in 3mg strength and the vapour production was brilliant!


I found all of the E-Liquids in this range to be expertly produced cake flavours and I am sure they will appeal favourably to a great many vapers. The Pineapple Upsidedown cake was without a doubt my firm favourite but I thought every liquid on offer was extremely enjoyable in its own way and they all made excellent all day-vapes!

If you would like to purchase any of these superb E-Liquids you can get them directly from Premium Labs. The juice is priced at £5.99 for a 10ml bottle or as a special multi-pack of three 10ml bottles for £17.99.  If you are a vendor you can also make wholesale enquiries via the site.

Many thanks to Premium Labs who kindly sent this range of E-Liquids to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

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